[Challenge:Future] EYES and EARS


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[Challenge:Future] EYES and EARS

  1. 1. E Y E S & A R S Make your job search a COMMUNITY MATTER. .
  2. 2. The unemployment crisis is an incredibly complex matter. However, one element stroke me as part of the problem – the way we relate to information . We live in the „age of information‟ and the EU still claims that we are doing something wrong because the “networks are insufficiently interconnected”, thu s information is not circulating appropriately. CONTEXT  In the EU zone 19.5 million people are currently unemployed. Among them more than 5 millions are young persons.  The EU has committed itself to foster a smart, inclusive and sustainable economy by 2020. Two main obstacles stand on the way, though: 1) insufficiently interconnected networks 2) the lack of an efficient employment service network
  3. 3. CONTEXT These days job hunting is literally this: a hunt. Competition has probably never been so intense.  In a the typical day a job hunter spends hours and hours browsing companies websites and job search engines. How many jobs does he/she normally goes through? Sometimes 20 ads before finding the one that could be a good fit.  What about the other 19 discarded ads? Nothing much happens…aside from the fact that our seeker thinks that job n.5 would really suit Marta, a friend who is also looking for a job. We have access to more information than we can individually use. How many friends like marta do we have? What about all the time and Information we burn for a single good match?
  4. 4. EYES AND EARS is a social platform for the job seeking community. Here anyone’s job hunt becomes a community matter. The community actively contributes by sharing and connecting the seeker to relevant, tailored to fit information. PROPOSAL
  5. 5. KEYPRINCIPLES COLLABORATION NOT COMPETITION members share their eyes and ears with the community .  Members share what they see/read (on line) and what they hear (word of mouth, from acquaintances, neighbours and relatives ).  The community contribution comes to no cost: each member shares what information (and time) in excess they have gathered during they own job hunt. They act when they think a job ad could be of interest for a friend  The community acts as a proverbial net: it scans the sea of information giving the individual seeker access to new resources, data and people.  There is not wasted time or information. Information is better distributed.
  6. 6. KEYPRINCIPLES INFORMATION FOR A FRIEND Holds A DIFFERENT VALUE AND RELEVANCE  Information is shared with a specific purpose: connecting a very specific individual to a specific piece of information.  Participants consider each other as friends. Exchange happens among friends: for its very nature, friendship entails a superior knowledge of each others‟ likes and dislikes, preferences, job aspirations. ( some participants will be friends in real life; however, EYES and EARS aims to provide a relaxed, stress free space where to build good conversations and robust relationships). Demand and offer is not longer mediated through abstract keywords: knowledge of the other determines what kind of info is shared.
  7. 7. KEYPRINCIPLES YOU ARE NOT ALONE  Job hunting can be a very stressful experience also because people normally carry it out alone, isolated from the rest of the world. EYES and EARS would offer a space where job hunting is a shared experience and where it is possible to receive tangible help from peers.
  8. 8. Thank you and happy Challenge:Future credits (image)www.fronetics.com EUROPE 2020 http://ec.europa.eu/europe2020