[Challenge:Future] Edu-Peacepreneurship


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[Challenge:Future] Edu-Peacepreneurship

  1. 1. Your logo “Edu- Peacepreneurship” (Mutia Z. Salma, Abdullah Faqih, M. Luthfy Rizaldy Dwi Putra) Inspiring Youth Educators Team INDONESIA
  2. 2. Dream JobThe solution for the betterment Spreading peace by the faith And be independent by entrepreneurship Yes, being a Peacepreneur !  Bali Bomb in 2009 was shocking the world. Almost hundreds people injured, not only pysic but also mentally. Indeed the name of the religious entity had prespected as the icon of terrorism . But here, we look in another perspective and say that one of the main problem beyond, is in the social and economic matter. The gap between the have and the unfortunate may tends to trigger up to extreme activity. Our preposition is, by reducing the economic gap specifically on faith based community, will lead to more tollerant behavior which in turn will eradicate faith based terrorism.Inspiring Youth Educators Page 2
  3. 3. Peacepreneur + Education =Edu-Peacepreneurship “Pesantren” is the religious entity that  Entrepreneurship here is actually the spread in the way of education. It is the main pure value in the beginning of kind of local wisdom of Indonesia “Pesantren” operation, which is lately indigeneous education system. turns into practical politic of the actors inside. “Pesantren” works like boarding school, which is has the curriculum of  Here we bring back entrepreneurship religious and common knowladge by the nature of “pesantren” it self as the religious education entity.Insipiring Youth Educatorsr  Page 3
  4. 4. The TypicalWhat is edu-peacepreneur and who can involve The social entreprise of the entrepreneurship education towards the religious entity to eradicate the violance and terrorism perspective.. We use Social entrepreneurship in the intersection among education, Peace- entrepreneurship, and religious spirit. preneur Besides, it‟s a perpatuation way of local wisdom . We use the spirit of the youth. Recruit the potential youth who applicable within those values, and offer the scholarship from their effort toward living this consultant organization. Inspiring Youth Educators - Page 4
  5. 5. The MechanismWhere ,How , and with Whom will We WorkCurriculum Creating Religious Entrepre  Get down to the ground of each -neur “Pesantren”, Observing the condition, - actor looking for potency, and plan a strategic proper curriculum. EducatorEducating  Transfering the information of how the entrepreneurship work on the proper methodology and technology.Mentoring  Aplicating the knowladge that given Edu-Peacepreneur before, monitoring the process, while giving mentoring to the actors.Inspiring Youth Educators Page 5
  6. 6. The Prospect How is the Industrial prospect and the future will be  Social conciousness had been increasing today proven by the „trend‟ of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and fluorish of the social care communities. Social entreprises have a good prospect ahead.  This Social entreprise will develop bigger and bigger then spread into the smallest district in the country, by the establishment of the chapters or the functional offices  The number of “Pesantren” in 2009 was 25,785 with the 3,65 millions students Thus, this social entreprise will help inside (Religion Minister of Indonesia all the contributing people to solve Republic). The number sure increasing. their economical problem and lead to This going to make this social entreprise the more positive environtment. will existed long lasting. Inspiring Youth Educators Page 6
  7. 7. Education PathwayThe skill, competency, and experience needed  Empathy and passion  first of all, the people contribute here should have the good sense of empathy and passion in social work.  Critical Thinking  to develop the social conciousness we need to be critic to the sorrounding, break down the problems and find the solution.  Entrepreneural Skill  entrepreneur knowladge or material are important, but here the entrepreneural skill is more urgent.  This social entreprise can enter many sectors of entrepreneurship, whether it is agriculture, veterinery, etc. So here we need the expert in the specific fields.Inspiring Youth Educators Page 7
  8. 8. Education ProjectionWhat the education today should look like Lecturing & Exercising  the method Lecturing of lecturing is to transfer knowladge Class & and information, then it should be Project Exercising exercising in implementation. Project Oriented  this is the implementation. it will triggering the student to elaborate more about Presentation & seeking the solution of some Discussion problems. It also exercising their creative thinking. Presentation & Discussion  this is the evaluating part of the project had done. It needs student to be critical. http://teaching.uncc.eduInspiring Youth Educators Page 8
  9. 9. Outcome ExpectationThe impact of Edu-Peacepreneurship in 2022 Atleast 3,65 millions students (data 2009) and even more in 2022, will be ready to follow the world economic competition by the skill that developed before in “Pesantren” with Edu- Peacepreneurship method. Hope the alumnee will have the strong vision of human  This world slow but sure will being betterment, spread it arround and thus eradicate the be under peace and fullfil with bad estimated and extrimistic the educated people which idea of terrorism. are have good integrity.Inspirirng Youth Educators Page 9
  10. 10. “You can not teach man anything, you can only help him to find it within yourself " (Galileo Galilei) Email: IYEducators@gmail.comInspiring Youth Educators Page 10