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[Challenge:Future] Dearth of Intellectualism


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[Challenge:Future] Dearth of Intellectualism

  1. 1. Dearth of Intellectualism‘Nubi KayodeT. @NubiKayode F. Nubi Kayode G+. NUBI Kayode
  2. 2. One will agree that intellectualism over the centuries, from onegeneration to another has experienced a gradual decay. Nonetheless, in any society or civilization there is always an exemption – a constant k that show how other things have changed
  3. 3. Why do we experience this dearth inintellectualism?Is it that there is no room for furtherinnovation or breakthrough that willshake or mold the world such asEinstein’s e=mc2 or Newton’s discoveryof gravitational force?
  4. 4. Symptoms: Dearth of Intellectualism Lack of reading culture When last did you read a decent book that added knowledge to you – not an article from your iPad on the latest app upgrade or the fastest new car in town? Light-weight innovation Has the internet brought about a rush for only easy and fast path to innovation? An information age sees everyone wanting to be like Facebook and Google, leaving the labs empty
  5. 5. Symptoms (Contd.) Who are You? We’ve got growing population of people without a sense of history and cultural identity Where are you headed? “You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you are coming from”
  6. 6. Symptoms (Contd.) Parochial View . Linear Thinking . Bandwagon EffectThe world is a global village and it’s easy to be trendsetters, but then we neglect the side effects: very narrow outlook and tendency for easy replication, which in large scale causes stunted development and scarcity of innovation Poor Work Ethic Can this be attributed to the yarn to live life on the fast-lane? After all life is short and things are moving at the speed of light (or is it sound?) Or are we just lazy and don’t want to be as hardworking as we should be?
  7. 7. Who is Safe? Asia has tried to be the exception: • Retaining cultural identity – language, dressing, cuisine, art, arc hitecture, etc. • Quality work ethic in all spheres including education and industry It is evident that the world now looks to Asia for ‘how-to’ function as a country, community, company, institution – educational, financial, and even governmental; as they thrive in development – economy and innovation
  8. 8. What Action Steps? Do we go for an Asian World? Not all countries can be like China and other Asian countries as the system does not work for all countries but tweaking the variables and replicating models will do the trick Innovate . Evaluate . Replicate Asia has a diverse system of operations – from China to Korea and Singapore. Yet all have thrived for the same reasons.
  9. 9. Who are the players? ~ Individual ~ People have strife to know who they are – starting from where they come from via history, as this shapes the path. ~ Government ~ Investment in the area ofknowledge and capacity building.Set policies that will reward good work ethic and innovation ~ Industry ~ Create room for innovation based on research and aimed at development – without profit being the major drive
  10. 10. Dearth of Intellectualism – ‘Nubi KayodeWant to contribute your quota to savingthe world’s intellectualism from goinginto extinction?Hit the “Like This” Button.Also drop your comments, let’s discuss.