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[Challenge:Future] Creating Leaders since Inception


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[Challenge:Future] Creating Leaders since Inception

  1. 1. Name: Jigar PanotYOUTHINK is a non-profit organization which, in partnership with adults empowers youthto create community change. We equip youth and their adult allies with the tools necessaryto make a difference in their communities and create change that will positively impactsociety and the environment.Name of the organization YOUTHINKLocation ChennaiNumber of people engaged in the organization 75
  2. 2. Selection of Events: Youthink creates eventsmeant to empower youth by developingleadership skills and positively impact thesociety.Helping Hand: A lot of people want topositively impact the society, but they lack theplatform where in they can share their ideasor ask for the support. Youthink motivatesand inspires tomorrow’s leaders by providingthe required resources. These resourcesenables youth to follow their passion andchange the society.VISIONProvide a platform and resources useful for creating social leaders
  3. 3. YOUTHINK STRUCTURE“Give me 100 EnergeticYoung Men and I shall transform India”- SwamiVivekanada
  4. 4. Uniqueness: Every small/big event organized byYouthink has one Super Coordinator, whohandles, manages and allocates responsibility to other leaders (our members are calledleaders) who acts as supportive agents.This is how we try to incorporate the leadership and managerial skills, realizing his/herpotential ability.ENGAGEINTERVENTIONDEVELOPMENTCOLLECTIVEEMPOWERMENTYOUTHINK CONTINUUM
  5. 5. Anti-SmokingCampaignSwitching off Lightson Earth Hour DayStop Before Line andSwitch Off Engine
  6. 6. SO FAR BIGGEST EVENT: ECO RALLYTarget Participants: school, college students,NGOs, youth led organizations.No. of Participants: 1500Impact:Created awareness and promotedusage of green products.Highlight:1. Entire event was covered by the media.2. 10 schools and colleges actively involved.3. More participants than expected.4. Organized by the leaders ofYouthink5. Each participant received a Certificate.
  7. 7. • People don’t know what they are capable of doing.ABILITY• The first step.INITIATIVE• What if I fail?FEAR OF FAILURETACKLINGTHE PROBLEMS• All kinds of support and a proper platform are needed for helping youth grow in anuncomfort environment.• A gentle push is the only needed thing. It will boost confidence and increaseefficiency.• Failure is the first step to success. Youthink is a platform which creates leaders. It givesthe opportunity to learn from the mistakes, modify and implement things again, withmore confidence.Youths are trained not to give up.PRESENTYOUTH GENERATION LACKS
  8. 8. TESTIMONIALSLeaders of Youthink will not winimmediately, but definitely.Shri. K Abdul Ghani, Social ActivistAll the very best in every futurechallenges to leaders of Youthink. Eachone of you is precious for the nation.Shrimathi. Nisha Thota, General Secretary,Youth ExNoRa InternationalTHE MEANINGFUL JOURNEY (IMPACT)Great stuff, simply awesome. TheYouthink team is wonderful, and hasgreat potential to transform the nation.Shri. V. Ponraj, Scientific Advisor to Dr. APJAbdul Kalam, Former President of India1. Compulsory usage of non–plastic materials during the events.2. Awareness was spread during the No–Smoking campaign. 20 people assured that they will neversmoke again.3. Planted 1000 saplings for a sustainable future.4. Rehabilitated 25 Rag pickers family and educated their girl child.5. So far, we have recycled 10 tonnes of garbage which might have gone in the landfill.6. We operate in a secret group, but one can still access information about all the events at are the Future of India.These 100 energetic, passionate andpatriotic youth will certainly ensure thatSwamiVivekanada’s dream come true.Shri. V. R. Hari Balaji, Consultant at UNICEF(Disaster Management)