[Challenge:Future] Counseling Centre for Unemployed Immigrant Youth


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[Challenge:Future] Counseling Centre for Unemployed Immigrant Youth

  1. 1. Empowering unemployed immigrant youth in The free state of Thuringia Team: Nawbawagan Country: Germany School: Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt
  2. 2. Problem Statement:Youth unemployment in the Free State of Thuringia is aserious problem. The rate of youth unemployment issignificantly higher compared to the National youthunemployment rate in the Federal Republic of Germany.According to our research (interviews and quantitativesurvey), particularly, non-native population of Thuringiaare among the most vulnerable. As the consequence ofbeing socially excluded, they confront many challengesin being employed and sustaining a tenure.
  3. 3. Lack of education and language barrierCauses of the problem Discrimination (religious, racial, gender, ethnic, etc.) Low participation in vocational training programs Inadequate labor market integration programs Legal barriers (Work permit, Resident status, etc.) Lack of support for self employment, esp. financial and legal Universal policies, which does not consider need of different subgroups
  4. 4. Increased dependency on social financial assistance and incentivize to endorse shadow economy, hence impose financial costs on individuals, society and the country.Consequences Seeking opportunities in other federal states and another countries. Increased tension in the society i.e. natives and non-natives. Poverty and homelessness. Psychiatric and psychological illnesses, e.g. drugs, narcotics, alcoholism, depression, anxiety etc. Increased rate of crimes (theft, robbery etc.) organized crime (gangs, murders, drug trafficking etc.) and radicalization.
  5. 5. The SolutionCounselling Centre for Unemployed Immigrant Youth Establishment of an institution in the city of Erfurt (Capital of Thuringia). The institution’s main goal is to help and provide assistance to the target group (unemployed immigrant youth) in terms of eradicating the cause(s) (affecting the individual) and prevent the escalation of undesired consequences. This centre will cooperate with public and non- governmental organizations who deal with language, vocational training, and job agencies.
  6. 6. ..the processIdentify unemployed youth, make a database, identify the causesfor their unemployment. Collect data about all educationalcenters, vocational training programs and other institutions.Determine possible assistance’ relevance with the client.Study each client’s case individually. Find the causes andpossible solutions. Consult with the individual and discuss allthe options. Lobby for immigrant rights, and fosterunderstanding between different cultures.Assist the individual in approaching the institutions, whichare able to help. Ensure that he/she is provided with properhelp. Follow up the case on timely bases.
  7. 7. Logic Model (Value Chain) Unemployed immigrant youth Employing agencies  The “Centre” itself Institutions (Educational, vocational  Skilled, aware and educated youth training, etc.)  Well connected institutions and agencies Infrastructure, human resources and finance  Well-compiled and valuable database Inputs Outputs Process Outcome  Gathering information  Decreased unemployment rate  Counseling the client  Social inclusion  Linking the client with relevant agencies and  Harmony in society institutions  Decreased crime rate and mental  Lobby for immigrant rights, and promote cultural illnesses dialogue  Economic prosperity  Timely follow-up
  8. 8. Timeline* Each cell indicates one week
  9. 9. Performance measurement Assessing the employment status of consulted group Evaluating the level of awareness among the consulted group Impartial external consultancy that assesses and optimizes the Centre’s performance – if required
  10. 10. Resources Allocation and staffing Staff consists of counselors, registrar and data manager Rented office and stationary IT equipment and database software Risk ManagementRisk: The only unlikely risk is not securing financialresources.Counter-solution: Establish a volunteer group ofstudents from Uni-Erfurt, and provide counselingservices for free