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[Challenge:Future] Center for Students' Employment


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[Challenge:Future] Center for Students' Employment

  1. 1.  ProjectName: Employment Center for Students Team Name: Change Makers 2013 Country: Georgia
  2. 2.  Young people in Georgia lack sufficient skills that are required for any kind of job. This includes: speaking, writing, research skills Lack of practical knowledge leads to unemployment Universities mainly offer theoretical knowledge and lack to provide practical experiences
  3. 3.  Economic development is an important problem in Georgia which causes high rate of unemployment among youth Companies prefer to hire more experienced people than young graduates who lack skills and experience
  4. 4.  Lack of information-students lack many sources to get information about new jobs, career development opportunities, trainings/conferences, etc Young people living in regions face greater problem as they have very limited access to internet, thus do not get information on youth events
  5. 5.  Creating Students’ Employment Center which will help students to develop practical skills, including speaking, writing, research skills. Students’ Employment Center will hold workshops on speaking and writing techniques, presentation skills development, etc.
  6. 6.  Students’ Employment Center will organize trainings/seminars on leadership development, project management, time management, etc. Conferences/roundtables on profession related topics. For example, Business Simulation Games for Business and Economics students
  7. 7.  Students’ Employment Center will also organize career fairs where Center will invite business companies, NGOs, etc. During career fairs students will have opportunity to get employed In the long run, Students’ Employment Centers will open in different regions of Georgia
  8. 8.  Students’ Employment Center will have students to develop practical skills and find jobs Hours spent on the project: 3-4 hours per week Reach of unemployed people:20-25 unemployed people per one conference/workshop Young people involvement-30 young people per conference/workshop