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[Challenge:Future] BOOKS for YOUTH


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[Challenge:Future] BOOKS for YOUTH

  1. 1. BOOKS for YOUTHTEAM MEBERS: Ana Gabršček, Tina Pogorelčnik
  2. 2. CALL FOR ACTION! Team leader: Tina PogorelčnikImpacted underprivileged group of youth: immigrants, physically disabled, adopted children, orphansNumber of people in the team: 2 Number of youth impacted: all schollars (age 9/10)
  3. 3. We live in a very intollerant environment.It is not a friendly place for deprivileged youth.Not every young person has equal options for personal development, education and social inclusion.And we have a perfect idea how to improve their position in our society.We are students of Speech and Deaf Therapy (Tina) and Public Relations (Ana). Our study courses have combined excellently creating this project. We believe our idea is very good and (even though it has not been put into practice yet) will help many children to understand the their deprivileged friends.
  4. 4. IDEA Our idea is to write books for chilren in which real stories and experiences will be described. We want to write it in a special way: in books the ‘different’world of deprivileged people will be described as the ‘ordinary’ one, and the world ofundeprivileged will be something ‘different’. Ilustrations in the books will be made bydeprivileged children themselves– we will organise a competitiontenders to choose the best ones. These books would be of best efficiency if they would be included in ‘Bralna značka’ project, and that is what we will try for.
  5. 5. TARGET GROUP First target group of the project are children at the age of 9/10, who will read stories and get to know deprivileged’s point of view, and the second (even more important) target group are ALL DEPRIVILEGED PEOPLE, because children (and their parents) will eventually see them as equal members of society.
  6. 6. GOAL: Our project bases on the idea, that children have to understand diversity of all people and not to see it as something bad or even something, that has to be discriminated. Therefore we want to show them(through reading books) that we all are, in our special way, different. Children will stop differentiate between ‘normal’ and ‘different’ people.
  7. 7. This project and all already published presentations of projects have been an ispiration for usto start thinking about making our idea come true. Even though we had our doubts in the beginning, we are now fully convinced that the project can (and will) be realised and can play an important role in children’s development and lives in general.
  8. 8. Relevancy and efficiencyRELEVANT because it teaches children to be tollerant.EFFICIENT because it offers along term solution- it ‘raises’children to bebetter adults.
  9. 9. BRAND NEW!! Books with Our project, similar content have however,already been published, wants to offer but their target group these stories to childrenwere adults or teenagers. at the age of 9/1 with a lot of picture and colouruful, interesting narrating style (stories told from diprivileged’s point of view).
  10. 10. LET’S GO GLOBAL!This project is made to go global! Our first step is to include books into slovenian project ‘Bralna značka’.But that is not all: if books could be properly translated (and we believe they could), they could be read by all the children in our target group, no matter where they are from.Diversity is an adventage from now on!
  11. 11. Tina Pogorelčnik,Speech and Language Therapy,Faculty of EducationAna Gabršček,Public Relations,Faculty of Social SciencesUniversity in LjubljanaSLOVENIJA