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[Challenge:Future] "Art + (Homeless x Value) = Recycle of Humans and Wastes"


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[Challenge:Future] "Art + (Homeless x Value) = Recycle of Humans and Wastes"

  1. 3. Trashes are collected from factories, schools, houses, shops, streets.. Shelters are made with the volunteers and supervisors by using «tires, bottles, steel wires, sandbags, stones, stone dusts, cardboards, scrap materials (e.g; old car parts) How the shelters will be created ? Different artistic and architectural formed shelters will be located in the different areas of cities to create a city art and the bewarness.
  2. 4. Sample of a recycled shelter which is made for Haiti People after the earthquake; Building cost: 4.000 dollars for each shelter. * As «beforus» team we have contacted with the «Eartship» firm which builded these shelters. And we have also contacted with architects from Turkey ; Kerem Ozerler and Markus Wilsing.
  3. 5. what is the difference between the sample and what the beforus team presents? Haiti buildings are made for people who became homeless after the earthquake. However ; this time shelters will be created for homeless people who have never had a home before. Moreover, Beforus team aims to create a city art with artistic and arcitectural look and low cost. In addition to art ; it is aimed to regain these homeless people to a better life with education, psychological support, job opportunities..So system is based on giving them a chance standing on their own feet without the help of anyone.. Because after the personal development process ends homeless people who are placed to the shelters will leave their temporary home to begin their new and qualified life as a new person who has job and who is capable of paying his own rent and basic needs..
  4. 6. Do you wonder how these homeless people are going to be determined to be placed ? There will be a new employee position which is called «city observers».. Observers will travel around the city and will collect data about the people who are observed and who are assumed that they are homeless. According to the observers’ reports homeless people will be choosen and an offer will be presented them. If the homeless person accepts the offer; he/she starts to his new life by taking a easy step.. Moreover; Homeless people who heard about the opportunity can submit by their own by going any governmental point such as; police center, post offices, hospitals or «beforus» points which are going to be created. And after making a background research about the one who applied, the decision of placing into o shelter will be made.
  5. 7. What are in the shelters? * Mini kitchen * Bed * Mini bathroom * HD screen: for video calls (to be able to contact 7/24 and to be able to give eduacation/support online as well), for watching beneficial movies which are listed by the system. * Camera (which is out side of the shelter and connected to the Beforus’ center) * Fingerprint entrance (to prevent the other people’ entrance who wants the take advantage of the shelters)
  6. 8. What the system offers for personal development ? * Orientation; to make them learn what are they going to come across and what should they do into the time that is decided for them * Education; reading, writing, general knowledge infos (cultures, religions, technology, etc.)- daily news, history,basic math., geography. * Socializing; sports matches organizations (e.g. Football), painting days , music sessions. , workshops such as producing eco frendly things... * Psychological Support; They will be seeing a psychiatrist to overcome their previous bad life experiences, attitudes and addictions. * Health Support; They will have regular health controls and free medication.
  7. 9. How the system finance itself ? Homeless people will be responsible from social missions and and a job as the part of their education and socializing needs. They will get a salary from their job and portion of their salary will be taken by the system to provide opportunities that the system offers. (so to provide self-financing of the system.)
  8. 10. <ul><li>Examples of jobs that a homeless can do in his education period ; </li></ul><ul><li>Human power required production factories. (e.g; in a ceramic factory can be the one who collects the broken ceramics and who checks and classifys the ceramics which comes out from the owen according to their shapes and colors.) </li></ul><ul><li>They can work in the market to organize the shelves and to collect the market cars. </li></ul><ul><li>They can work in the cinema as the employee who starts and ends the movie in the right hours... </li></ul>
  9. 11. When the homeless people’ psychological and educational supports ends, which means; when they are ready they will move out from the shelters as a happy person who have friends, who is noticable and respected by others. According to their desires, hobbies and abilities which are observed during the support period ; they will be placed in a real job before leaving the shelter.
  10. 12. «