[Challenge:Future] ART for peace


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[Challenge:Future] ART for peace

  1. 1. Every tenth person in Georgia is internally displaced and wants to go back home ART FOR PEACE Status:Final submission Project Leader:Davit Mirvelashvili Target group: Internally displaced children in Georgia Team of 3 members 3 months of already done activities 60 children participated Future plans: 1 year project
  2. 2.  Team of 3 organizers,5 teachersand 5 volunteers visitedinternally displaced kids 4 times,organized 4 whole day ART lessons 60 kids were involved in the activity Up to 40 paintings were exhibited inTbilisi (capital of Georgia) Most paintings were sold and moneywas contributed to local library of IDP settlement
  3. 3. 2009 IDP settlement in Gori 2011 - IDP settlement in Tserovani
  4. 4. • Project team was teaching kids art work: painting, making sculptures, hand made jewelry. Kids were playing different warming up games, were working together• Project team has chosen Internally displaced kids because we have seen, sometimes tension between conflict affected kids arises in the settlement, They do not have resource to attend expensive art classes or express themselves in any other activity. during these days kids were working together in peace and harmony, they spent their energy in art, in positive emotions
  5. 5. • The project aimed to let kids find themselves in art, find talents in their personality, show public that they are very talented and they should be integrated in social life.• To count only hours spent on the ART lessons, volunteer teachers and organizers worked 40 hours. Plus team was preparing content and activities and organized 3 day exhibition in Tbilisi. ORGA team has involved different companies and organizations to support the project.
  6. 6. This action was effective as more children demanded to participate, and participants demanded to continue the project, this is why we have decided to find a way to involve more children and make longer ART school for different IDP settlements.
  7. 7. The project was inovative for Georgia, as there were no other projects that offered free art lessons to internallydisplaced kids. We have seen that this has worked out for Georgia.
  8. 8. A lot of internally displaced people suffer around the world. They wish to live in peace and harmony. ART brings harmony to this people, especially children. Wehope to enlarge this project first in a region of Caucasus, and than to spread the idea more widely
  9. 9. ART days ORGA Team Davit Mirvelashvili, Ilia state university , from Georgia Mirian Mamulashvili, University of Georgia, from Georgia Teona Dalakishvili, Ilia state university, from Georgia