[Challenge:Future] An Ironical Imbalance


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[Challenge:Future] An Ironical Imbalance

  1. 1. CF Challenge Future 2012 “ Facing an Ironical Imbalance” Problem Perceived: Psychological Misconceptions and Impacts due to Ironical Imbalance of Global Resources Solutions: My concept- GRASS
  2. 2. We are indeed blessed to be living in a habitable planet called Earth that has given us everything. We have developed so much over the years from Pushing carts at a time to now riding high-end SUV’s, from sending letters Through the postman to posting tweets for the entire world to see, we Indeed have come a very, very long way. However more so often, different regions of the world have been given Resources in a mode of imbalance. On the one extreme we have the most record number of obesity cases in the world, but the same world also boasts of having a record number of malnourished children. What an ironical situation that we are pushing ourselves into… Call God cynical, miserly or anything you want to but I believe in the following concept that I have personally experienced: “ Don’t blame anyone else for anything happening in YOUR life. You’re solely Responsible for your own GROWTH and DESTRUCTION as well!” An Irony Indeed…
  3. 3. Psychological Adversities And because of this instability and a lack of equilibrium, it leads to humans being affected psychologically. Having a keen intrigue towards psychology I have found out and realized That we are pushing the world to a brink wherein we are becoming more and more narcissist and selfish. Not only on an individual level but also at a national and even more so at a global level. And the rate at which this is happening is alarming… And this leads to the creation of superiority and inferiority complexes in different parts of the world! Spare a moment to think with a basic sense of logic, aren’t we Branded with a complex be it superior or inferior just by this simple case That follows in the next slide.
  4. 4. CASE STUDY Imagine you’re a citizen of country A that is relatively on the inferior list. You want to visit country B that is far better off than your own nation. Then you have another citizen from say country C who also wants to visit the same country B. And now country C is on the equal level as country B in terms of development or say even much developed. So it automatically makes them superior! Now if you actually notice the visa notifications for country B, you can blatantly see a wide array of different rules for citizens from country A and C respectively. The Country C Citizen can enter Country B without any hassle and stay there for a certain number of days for “free” without actually having to submit any documents. He maybe treated like a king because he is a passport holder of Country C that is doing very well and treated superior. But if you see the requirements for citizen A, then you may notice the following: Bank statements, Tax returns, Forms, Statements, Letters, and exorbitant fees!!! This ultimately discourages citizen to even visit country B. Now I just want to ask all of you, is citizen A in any way different way from citizen C just because he maybe different in color, race, or nationality. So what if his county is a bit impoverished, doesn’t he also deserve the same treatment meted out to citizen C. This is what when am saying that we are alienating ourselves from global unity.
  5. 5. ANALYSIS OF CASE STUDY Since the case was drawn from my personal experience, I can also draw Conclusions which would be deemed the most appropriate: The developed countries of the world all rely on skilled and talented Immigrants, yet the immigrants are still subjected to racial profiling and Other Forms of abuse. This is especially appalling to observe, what with a black being the President of one of the most developed countries of the world. The experience creates vested interests and thereby leads to carrying wrong Notions about the country in general. Alienating developing and “inferior” nations creates an irreparable gap between The developed and developing world.
  6. 6. SOLUTIONS TO CHANGE GLOBAL PERCEPTIONS AND MINDSETS # COMMON CURRENCY: I am not idealistic and do not wish to be so as well, but having one common currency throughout the entire world will help in elimination psychological orientations that leads to a loss of motivation and inspiration. By introducing a common currency around the entire world will help in eliminating Mindsets about investments by corporations in the developing world. This will Ultimately lead to increase in employment and making transfers between Countries more facile. An equal distribution of wealth will help eliminate any crimes and Corruption from taking place and this can happen with a global currency. The present economic downturn can also be avoided as there will no difference Between foreign exchange rates and help in people leading a better life. People Need not worry about stock market crashes and banks shutting shop as funds Can be secured owing to a global currency.
  7. 7. # QUALITY GENERAL EDUCATION: I do believe that terrorists are not bad by birth, they are pushed to the brink and indulge in violence due to their inability to secure a livelihood for themselves and Being misguided in the name of religion. To put an end to all this, I advocate a common education program, at least at the school level, should be taught around the world in unison. Children should know as much about the world more now at this juncture, than ever before. Each child should be taught about the culture, traditions, religions, languages and other important info about each and every country in the world. This will help in eliminating racial profiling and wipe away wrong notions that we may hold against a certain region or religion. According to me, each and every problem in the world, plaguing us at present are the result of illiteracy. Quality and well developed educational content should be provided to every child as this will help him in securing a livelihood in any part of the world and increase his awareness about the world and its countries and cultures.
  8. 8. # GLOBAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & SUSTAINABILITY: Its great to note that corporates have awakened to the concept of corporate social Responsibility. With the notion of making the world a better place to live and sustaining whatever we can for the future generations to thrive on our planet, corporates have to extned beyond their realms of CSR to a concept that I would like to christen, GRASS ( Global Responsibility and Social Sustainability). Corporations and multi-national companies shouldn't shy away from investing in promising startups from developing and impoverished nations. The companies and governments need to implement policies that clearly mentions the amount or percentage of profits that need to be invested in startups across the world. This will help in uplifting not just spirits but also empowering a society and nation altogether. Corporations shouldn’t view this a commercial transactions, and rather view it as a social undertaking that gives them emotional satisfaction. “ Its every duty of an individual to put back the equivalent, if not more, of what the world has given him!” -Anonymous
  9. 9. Education, Sustainability and Sensibility are the key in eliminating most of the problems that are plaguing the world now and will help in preventing any more from arising. EDUCATION SUSTAINA- BILITY SENSIBILITY UTOPIAN SOCIETY
  10. 10. Global diversity is definitely a thing to celebrate and nourish, but global animosity is the need of the hour. Thanks to Challenge Future for giving this wonderful chance to voice my opinion. Thanks to all readers who take time to go through my presentation and views. Namaste from India Adithya B Kumar