[Challenge:Future] 2030-(ENERGY)E=mc2 DISASTER


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[Challenge:Future] 2030-(ENERGY)E=mc2 DISASTER

  2. 2. ENERGY DISASTER:-  Worlds current population- 7 billion.  The worlds population current growth rate is about 1.14%.  Population- 8.2 billion by 2030.  Electricity demand is increasing twice as fast as overall energy use and is likely to rise 76% to 2030.  Oil consupmtion-8 million barrels.  On 2030, 100 million barrels per day.  But, Oil will run out before 2030.
  3. 3. ENEGY CRISISIN 2008:- IN 2030:-
  4. 4. • PRIOR HISTORY:-PROBLEMS:-  In the 1970s, a 5% reduction in productionIncreasing energy price. of oil caused the price increase of moreRush for more polluting than 400%.fossil fuel thereby • EXPECTED TIME FRAME:-increasing carbon footprint  EXPERTS HAVE PREDICTED THAT THE OILand global warming. RESERVES WILL RUN OUT ON OR BEEFOREAlready, 2000-09 is the 2030.-”PEAK OIL THEORY”.hottest decade world hasseen • ALTERNATIVE SOURCES:-Damage to oil based  Nuclear energy and renewable energy willindustrial economies be major source of energy.(>50% together).(middle east countries).  But uranium is also not abundant andHuge loss to oil extremely toxic to mine and to use.dependent industrial  Maintenance and disposal issues.sectors like:-  Nuclear disaster can occur due to• Farming. war, natural calamity, terrorism.•Automobiles.  Not safe.•Polymers and metals.•Manufacturing sector.
  5. 5. DECENTRALISATION OF ENERGY About 13% of the energy is lost on transmission. 31% more fuel(coal) has to be burned to meet the energy loss due to transmission. Billions of dollars for constrcution of grids,power stations,pylons,wires,transformers and other Infrastructures also increases the energy price. Experts have suggested that future economy will revolve around electricity than oil.PREPAREDNESS FOR ENERGY DISASTER:- The main goal of this idea is to empower people to produce their own energy rather than government or an external agency. The various sources of energy which could be easily captured and used are disscussed.
  6. 6. Make it count!!!!!• Solution and plan:- Energy saving acts like transportation through public vehicles or switching off air coolers, lights are not used in our day-to- day life because our of negligence and a disbelief about the commitment of our fellow human beings. But when you make people to produce and manage their own energy , people will understand the value of every watt they produce and will start to use if efficiently.fig1
  7. 7. HOME AS POWER STATION-PART1 Roof tops can be made of smart (piezo-electric and bi-metallic strips), so every day due to the change in temperature the material strains and the roof can change to a "Parabolic dish" shape during morning to receive more solar energy and during night it can bend in the opposite way of a inverted dish (IGLOO)shape to maintain the temperature as in an igloo. Every time it changes shape you can generate energy from piezo- materials.(fig1) Roof tops ,car panels and windows(transparent) can be made of solar cells. Your garden can have a mini-windmill. Shoes, Carpets, Mats , furniture, Beds, floor, tooth brushes and vibrating apparatus like Washing machine, Air-cooler, Automobile engines can be made of piezo-materials.(fig2) Lights and bulbs can be covered with a housing of a transparent solar cell to recover energy from the fluorescent light. Speed brakers can be made to generate power by using the weight of the automobile by constructing a system similar regenerative suspension (shock absorber)as shown.(fig3&4)
  8. 8. HOME AS POWER STATION -PART2 fig2 The unwanted heat generated from your laptop,computer, refrigerator can be converted into energy using thermo-electric effect. Automobiles of the future will run on PMF(pulverised metal fuels)i.e nano sized metal fuels, which is both economical and eco-friendly and 5 times more efficient than conventional gasoline. These fuels require only one time investment. Seats can be made of eco-friendly smart materials to generate energy from our body heat and during our respiration through seat belts(PIEZO). Engines can be made of piezo materials to damp the vibration and reduce the noise and to generate energy from it. Derive energy from water during is flow from the tank to tap or during raining. Smarter use of available materials- More items should be brought out into a single product(eg-cell phone).Like that our refrigerator can be a mirror, locker, LCD television..etc. So that less energy consumption overall. Our street lights can be replaced by trees with lights on its side as a branch which is a fine example of smarter use of available materials.
  9. 9. IDEA:- • Major consumer of oil fuel isREGENRATIVE SHOCKABSORBERS:- automobiles, It could be made sustainable by use of regenerative shock absorbers. • My idea is to use a simple crank and a rack and pinion arrangement to convert the wasted energy as heat. • The obtained energy can be used for domestic usage in home. • Similar system can be used in furniture to create energy when people sit over it. • The energy tapped from the various sources can be stored in a main grid in your home and can be used later. • Self-sufficiency can be obtained • Greener,cleaner,safer enrgy.
  10. 10. Innovaton involvedEven though solar cells, piezo ,thermo-electric electric materials are present for many decades the idea involves the active participation of every component. The use of bi-metallic strips along with piezoelectric materials for energy has been proposed for the first time.Regenerative shock absorbers using crank method AND and the use of piezo for generating energy from seat belts has been proposed for the first time.REFERENCES:-• www.global-economic-symposium.org/solutions/the-global-environment/the-energy-crisis-and-climate- change• www.freeworldacademy.com/globalleader/trends• http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthnews/6269455/Era-of-cheap-easy-oil-is-over-warns-study.html• http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/world-oil-supplies-are-set-to-run-out-faster-than-expected- warn-scientists-453068.html• http://www.treehugger.com/2008/06/22-week/• Annual Energy Outlook 2010, With Projections to 2035• http://www.transverter.com/smart.html• Wikipedia-Piezoelectric materials . -Thermoelectric effect - pulverised metal fuel• -REGENERATIVE SHOCK ABSORBERS-HYDRULIC AND MAGNETIC