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Challenge future project 668


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Challenge future project 668

  1. 1. Contact us! Welcome to… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn group LinkedIn Company page Website Project 668 @Project668 Project 668 Project668 Project 668 - professional development group for current and former trainees of the EU institutions
  2. 2. Participation in social networks among young people in the EU
  3. 3. Youth unemployment rate in the EU (Aug ‘13) Source: Eurostat
  4. 4. Number of members on Project 668 facebook page (for specific countries) Country Number of fans Albania 13 Austria 15 Bosnia and Hercegovina / Bulgaria 24 Croatia 13 Germany 90 Hungary 15 Italy 87 Kosovo / Latvia 11 Macedonia / Montenegro / Portugal 53 Romania 57 Serbia 8 Slovakia 18 Spain 92 Slovenia 8 The Czech Republic 18
  5. 5. Once upon a time… Project 668 was founded in April 2012 and had its launch event in June 2012 where speakers of other organizations in Brussels were present too.
  6. 6. Our purpose Youth unemployment is omnipresent in the EU. Everyone knows at least one unemployed young person or is one himself. Young people suffer and are desperately looking for a job, a purpose. We believe that Project 668 is a way of fighting youth unemployment, our way. EU Trainees have a specific profile and Project 668 is a platform that offers them tools and advice on how to find a job – and purpose.
  7. 7. We are building a community on social media channels…
  8. 8. …and during events.
  9. 9. We are the team behind Project 668 We speak 14 languages. We come from 9 different countries. We live and work in 5 different countries. We use online communication tools to organize our work. We believe in Sharing is Caring. We want to fight youth unemployment. We are current and former EU trainees. We enjoy working together. We are a team.
  10. 10. I just wanted you to know that ESN offered me the job and I accepted it. Thanks to Project 668 for posting the opportunity! Remarkable and friendly services, thanks to Project 668 we have now a skilled and motivated young professional! And that was no easy task as we were looking for specific language skills. Project 668 helped me to find a job advertisement for which I was called for an interview and finally hired. I think this type of network can ease job market deficiencies by sharing information and minimising the costs to access it. I think it is important for the network to be as horizontal as possible. Feedback