T O U G H               O V E R               T I M EUNPAVED ROADS                  LESS AGGREGATE, LESS RUTTINGPAVED ROAD...
TYPAR® – THE IDEAL GEOTEXTILETypar is a long lasting, durable                  • Lower construction cost fromnonwoven geot...
PAVED ROADS AND PARkING LOTSTypar provides a rugged separationand stabilization layer between theroad structure and the su...
EROSION CONTROLErosion control structures dissipate              • Prevents undermining of the armor                 • Eli...
RECREATIONAL FACILITIES                                                                                 From football fiel...
LANDSCAPING                                              Typar is ideally suited for landscaping     When roots are a prob...
GEOCELLS (CONTINUED)FLOOD AND WATER CONTROLLightweight and easy to build, butstrong, rugged and able to withstanddiffering...
TYPAR® GEOCELLS  Physical Properties                         Units              DT1                DC2             ECELL 2...
TYPAR® ENGLISH PROPERTIESPRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE                             3151         3201     3301      3341     3401...
TYPAR® METRIC PROPERTIESPRODUCT WIDTH GUIDEWidth (inches)*               3151   3201   3301   3341   3401   3501   3601   ...
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Typar Geotextiles Bro
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Typar Geotextiles Bro


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We are extreamly excited to represent a Tennessee made geotextile

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Typar Geotextiles Bro

  2. 2. TYPAR® – THE IDEAL GEOTEXTILETypar is a long lasting, durable • Lower construction cost fromnonwoven geotextile fabric for paved reduced aggregate base thicknessand unpaved roads and surfaces, • Reduction in construction timedrainage, waste handling systems, from reliable product quality anderosion control and landfills. ease of installationManufactured from high quality • Reduction in ongoingpolypropylene, Typar is a continuous maintenance costs throughfilament, heat bonded fabric with Typar’s proven performance,superior uniformity that separates, toughness and durability overreinforces and filters soil particles timewhile letting water pass freelythrough. Typar is available in a variety of widths and lengths and weights 2No matter what your needs, Typar ranging from 1.5 oz/yd to 2geotextiles offer an easy to install, 8 oz/yd . The requirements ofeconomical and proven alternative to AASHTO M288 are met by themore expensive and less effective following styles:construction materials and methods.Typar is a high quality geotextile that Class 3 – Typar 3401offers a number of benefits including: Class 2 – Typar 3501 Class 1 – Typar 3801 UNPAVED ROADS AND INDUSTRIAL YARDSUnpaved roads and yards built prone to cause severe damage. • Prevents intermixing of aggregatewithout an asphalt or concrete Greater thicknesses of aggregate base with underlying soilssurface course derive all structural are needed to support the loads. • Reduces the thickness of aggregatesupport from the aggregate base and Typar is vital to prevent intermixing requiredare generally used by heavy trucks of the aggregate into the subgrade • Eliminates the need for frequentand equipment that are soil which results in ruts and pot re-application of aggregate holes. Typar Geotextiles Without Typar, soil contaminates and weakens aggregate With Typar, aggregate won’t sink into base soil base resulting in failure of the road. but stays intact to support loads. 2
  3. 3. PAVED ROADS AND PARkING LOTSTypar provides a rugged separationand stabilization layer between theroad structure and the subgrade soils.The use of Typar in this applicationgoes back over 35 years, and isproven to be an exceptionally Typar Geotextiledurable geotextile. Pavement • Prevents mixing of the valuable road base aggregate with the ate underlying subgrade soils reg agg • Enhances drainage of the subgrade soils while preventing subg rade pumping of fine soil particles into soil the base aggregate sep arat ion • Reduces the required amount stab iliza of road base aggregate by tion sep arat preventing intermixing ion perm • Assures long term prevention ittiv ity of road base deterioration Typar stabilizes and preserves paved roads by providing a separation layer between the aggregate base and subgrade. SUBSURFACE DRAINSSubsurface drains require a properly layer around subsurface drains, • Prevents migration of subgrade soildesigned protective layer that allowing water to pass freely into particles into the drainprevents the movement of soil into and through to the drain. Typar • Enhances the naturala drain that would cause clogging Geotextiles also function similarly long-term development ofof the drainage system. Typar behind retaining walls and next a graded particle filtergeotextiles provide a uniform filter to pools. • Reduces construction time and cost • Eliminates the cost and difficulty of constructing an alternative graded aggregate filter • Easy to handle and install • Typar is available in a range of opening sizes to deal with most any soil Interceptor drain systems.3
  4. 4. EROSION CONTROLErosion control structures dissipate • Prevents undermining of the armor • Eliminates the difficulty andthe mechanical and hydraulic forces layer by soil movement uncertainty associated withthat cause erosion of the soil behind • Enhances drainage of the slope soils graded aggregate systemsthem. Typar geotextiles provide a without associated pumping or • Simplifies construction and reducesdependable filter and protection layer piping of fine soil particles construction time and costfor stream banks, shorelines, slopes,submerged foundations, retaining Typar Geotextilewalls, bulkheads and revetments. Rip-rapTypar is installed with a layer of Bedding layerbedding stone under armor stone(rip rap), gabions or pre-cast blocksystems.Bedding stones (Rip-rap) are neededto provide intimate contact (preventpiping), UV protection, protectionfrom armor stones and vandalism. Anchor trenches Stream bank erosion control. LANDFILLSTypar geotextiles serve a number geonet, and in landfill cover systems resistance properties when comparedof important functions in all types of as well as for temporary daily covers. to other geotextiles of the samelandfill and waste management Because Typar resists a wide range weight making it the economicalapplications. It is used as a protective of chemicals, it is frequently used in choice.layer to prevent geomembrane liner hazardous waste landfills which mustdamage, as a permeable separation meet stringent EPA regulations and • Provides a very effective andlayer to preserve drainage integrity FHWA drainage criteria. Typar has durable daily cover, easy to useand prevent clay intrusion into a particularly high strength and tear and store • Prevents damage to or abrading of the geomembrane during its deployment and the placement of overlying materials • High modulus protects drainage layers from soil intrusion • Small opening size prevents clay from passing into leachate collection and leak detection layers • Resists chemical attack • Assures long term tear resistance Typical hazardous waste landfill lining and cover system to meet EPA regulations. 4
  5. 5. RECREATIONAL FACILITIES From football fields, baseball parks and race tracks to golf courses, Typar geotextiles are needed to keep layers of the structure separate and prevent contamination of customized surfaces by underlying soils. Blanket and trench drain systems for recreational facilities often use Typar for economical reasons and for ease of installation permitting fast, simple construction. • Preserves the integrity of specialized surface materials • Enhances the natural long-term development of a graded particle filter • Eliminates the need for sacrificial layers and allowances in the structure • Simplifies construction and reduces construction time and cost WASTE HANDLING SYSTEMSOnsite waste water disposal orseptic systems serve approximatelyone-third of the households in theUnited States. Septic systems aredesigned to disperse large volumes ofliquid by percolation into the groundthrough large subsurface drainagesystems. Typar extends the systemlife significantly.• Prevents soil particles from clogging large drainage systems• Enhances the passing of liquid through the system• Unaffected by most chemicals• Simplifies construction of large drainage fields• Proven alternative to graded aggregate or sand filters which are more expensive and difficult to install Typar is a permeable barrier that separates soil from drainage material.5
  6. 6. LANDSCAPING Typar is ideally suited for landscaping When roots are a problem applications. Its permeability allows particularly in sidewalks, curbs and for fast drainage and the passage of drainage systems, Typar Biobarrier® air and fertilizers while its tight fiber root control system should be used structure minimizes penetration by which involves the controlled release weeds and roots and prevents of a herbicide from the Biobarrier® unwanted growth beneath the fabric system. fabric. Its small opening size prevents piping or erosion of subgrade soils. • Allows moisture, fertilizers and air Typar is generally placed over to reach soil for healthy plants natural soil and covered with a layer • Reduces weed germination Compared to the plastic film on the right, Typar’s porous structure allows of decorative stone, bark or mulch. • Prohibits weed growth water, nutrients and air to pass through Weed growth is inhibited in beneath fabric to plant roots landscaped beds and under decks. • Prevents uneven settling of patios Gravel and stone paths retain their • Durable, tear resistant, structure longer by separating cover won’t rot or mildew materials from subgrade soils. • Lightweight and easy to install • Assures long term minimal maintenance of the landscape GEOCELLSA Typar® Geocells unit, made of offer an excellent environment for • Cost efficient and project effectivetime-proven Typar® fabric, is a unique re-vegetation. The Typar Geocells • Lightweight, durable and easynew confinement system of heavy- system functions as a single unit, and to installduty geotextile fabric cells in a units can be interlocked without • Includes metal frame for easehoneycomb formation. The three- complicated joints. Built into self- of fillingdimensional cellular design allows supporting higher walls by stacking • UV stabilized for two years, longerfor custom sizes, configuration and one unit on another filled unit in a if coveredadaptability to a variety of terrains. vertical or setback fashion, the • Patch, reinforce or replace forThe hydraulic properties are resulting barrier is stable, strong easy repairinfluenced by the type and and durable. • Available in multiple sizescompaction of the fill material.Folded into an accordion shape foreasy transportation and construction,a Typar Geocells unit is expanded onsite and filled with a ballast materialsuch as sand, stones, all soil types,mulch or other material. It can also Cellular Confinement System 6
  7. 7. GEOCELLS (CONTINUED)FLOOD AND WATER CONTROLLightweight and easy to build, butstrong, rugged and able to withstanddiffering volumes of water, TyparGeocells units can be brought in byhand, on equipment or dropped fromhelicopters in emergency situations.Quicker to fill than sandbags, as wellas more durable and stable, thesystem has the strength and durabilityto last, but it is also easy to removefrom temporary situations.• Rapid Flood Control Barrier• Levee Construction, Raising and RepairCONSTRUCTION EROSION SOIL STABILIzATIONAND SEDIMENT CONTROL The Typar Geocells system is alsoThe heavy-duty geotextile fabric available in a low profile and flexibleconstruction of the Typar Geocells width, providing effective slope andsystem adapts to the terrain while infill protection by reinforcing,offering excellent structural strength restraining and confining soft soils. Asand durability. Water filters through a single or multi-layer cellularwhile the geotextile retains the vast confinement system, it is watermajority of fill material and soil permeable to meet a wide range ofparticles. structural and hydraulic requirements. A variety of infill materials can beThe easy-to-construct Typar Geocells used depending on the specificsystem is also well suited for irregular situation and, if desired, vegetationterrain, such as slopes, to reduce can be grown in suitableerosion and promote vegetation. fill material.• Mudslide/Debris Flow Barrier • Road Beds and Culverts• Erosion Control for Slopes and • Channel and Stream Banks Channels • Earth Retention, Slopes and Steep• Sediment Pond Berms and Embankments Check Dams • Dam Faces and Spillways• Filter Screen for Pond Spillways • Storm Water Containment or• Mulch Berm and Sediment Trap Diversion Filter Berm • Lagoons and Ponds• Silt Screen and Dewatering Filter • Landfill Linings and Covers7
  8. 8. TYPAR® GEOCELLS Physical Properties Units DT1 DC2 ECELL 250* ECELL 350* Cell Diameter mtr / in 0.6 / 24 0.5 / 20 0.25 / 10 0.35 / 14 Cell Depth mtr / in 0.5 / 20 0.5 / 20 0.15 / 6 0.15 / 6 Panel Length mtr / in 4.90 / 194 5.0 / 197 5.0 / 197 5.0 / 197 Panel Width mtr / in 0.6 / 24.0 1.35 / 54.0 7.0 / 275 7.0 / 275 Panel Coverage Area ft2 32 73 376 376 Panel Volume ft3 52 96 200 205 Cells in Length No. 8 8 34 24 Cells in Width No. 1 2 29 20 Color Tan Tan Dark Gray Dark Gray Panel Weight lbs 9.5 15 55 37 Panels Per Pallet No. 70 44 10 10 Data above based on nominal measurements * Additional sizes available upon request. The facts stated and the recommendations and suggestions herein are based upon experiments and information believed to be reliable. No guarantee is made of their accuracy, however, and Fiberweb, Inc. assumes no liability for product failure other than to supply replacement material for Fiberweb, Inc. products shown to be defective when delivered. Except as stated above, there are no warranties expressed or implied on merchantability, fitness or use, or otherwise. Fiberweb, Inc. shall not be liable for special, incidental and consequential damages. No statement contained herein shall be construed as an inducement to infringe existing patents or an endorsement of products of specific manufacture. 8
  9. 9. TYPAR® ENGLISH PROPERTIESPRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE 3151 3201 3301 3341 3401 3501 3601 3801Paved roads & parking lots ● ● ● ●Unpaved roads ● ● ● ●Industrial yards ● ● ● ●Subsurface drains ● ● ● ● ● ●Erosion control ● ● ● ● ●Landfills ● ● ● ● ●Recreational facilities ● ● ● ● ● ●Waste handling systems ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●Landscaping ● ● ● ● Typar also has many other unique related applications.9
  10. 10. TYPAR® METRIC PROPERTIESPRODUCT WIDTH GUIDEWidth (inches)* 3151 3201 3301 3341 3401 3501 3601 380136 ● ●48 ● ● ●60 ● ●75 ● ●108 ●151 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●187 ● ● ● ●*Available in other put-ups 10
  11. 11. Fiberweb, Inc. Distributed by:70 Old Hickory Blvd.Old Hickory, TN 37138-3651Toll Free: 800-321-6271Tel: 615-847-7000Fax: 615-847-7068www.typargeotextiles.comNote: Typar is manufactured from the highest quality polypropylene. During the manufacturing process a surface tension is formed on theproduct which, prior to contact with soil, will cause water to run off the fabric giving the appearance of water resistance. This is atemporary phenomenon which disappears when the fabric comes into contact with soil, and normal hydraulic properties will take effect.The information contained herein is offered free of charge and is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate. However, since the circumstancesand conditions under which such information and the products discussed therein can be used may vary and are beyond our control, wemake no warranty, expressed or implied, of merchantability, fitness or otherwise, or against patent infringement, and we accept no liability,with respect to or arising from use of such information or any such product.MADE IN THE USA©2011 Fiberweb, Inc.Boddingtons® and Typar® are registered trademarks of Fiberweb, Inc. GEO-042011Defencell™ is a trademark of Terram Ltd, an affiliate of Fiberweb, Inc. and J&S Franklin Ltd.