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SEO Pricing & Cost


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Pricing & Cost depends on the size of website, website complexity & competitiveness of keywords. At Organic SEO Ranks we provide affordable SEO services in respective of service, money & support.

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SEO Pricing & Cost

  1. 1. Affordable SEOServices
  2. 2. Our SEO Package is affordable than other SEO Agencies. Why?Organic SEO Ranks SEO package is more affordable thanother SEO agencies in respective of:MoneyServicesReport &Support
  3. 3. Respective of Money The average SEO services cost in other agencies - $ 380.48 permonth.our SEO cost - $200 per month. No extra setup fee. At our minimum cost we optimize at least 10 keywords butother agencies optimize average 5 keywords. When you no longer need SEO services for your business forany reason at all, I will stop billing you without delay.
  4. 4. Respective of Services We optimize 10 WebPages but other optimizes maximum 5WebPages. We provide comprehensive competitor analysis report in ourlowest package also. We always track your competitor’sperformance over the internet & make strategies according tothem. We provide website structure optimization in our lowestpackage as well. We provide map listing in very packages. We offer more link building activities than others.
  5. 5. Continue…. We write one article per monthfor free in very package. Blog Design & Development. We do offer very affordablemaintenance services forbusinesses wanting continuedmonitoring and rankings after thecontract is complete. Our SEO services are 100%Penguin & Panda Safe.
  6. 6. Respective of Report Provide ranking reports monthly basis. Send link building report twice a month. Send Consolidated report on monthly basis. Provide comprehensive Website Analytics report on monthlybasis & also recommend the area of improvement. We obey “time is money” theory. We send all reports on timeto the client. I don’t do any of the things anyone would consider shady orunethical in my service to my clients.
  7. 7. Respective of Support Our SEO team is continuously provides support service eitherby email, phone or chat. If client wants to hold their SEO services in between contractperiod, in this condition we will extend contract. Our monthly SEO Packages are flexible. Provide month to month SEO Trail Programs can be applies toany of our SEO packages. We also customize our package according to clientrequirement.
  8. 8.  If you are a business owner with the dedication and desire toachieve success in your SEO efforts, we can supply the serviceand the professionalism you will need to achieve higher searchrankings & traffic for your business. Our SEO Packages are intended to drive traffic to your localbusiness so be prepared to get more calls, emails, and sales.
  9. 9. Organic SEO Ranks Address: No. 9 3rd Floor, Pankaj Apartments, 5th Main, 12thBlock, 10th Cross,Kumara Park West (Next to BDA office)Bangalore- 560020 Phone: 080 23466234 | 080 65700640 Website – Email –
  10. 10. THANK YOU