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Chakra Systems is a company of young talents ready to showcase themselves to the world.With fresh energy, fresh ideas, fresh zeal and never failing attitude and a smile, we are here to serve you to the optimum level of the essence of a Service Industry. We are into Outsourcing and IT and we specialize in Digital Marketing to showcase what we have in store for you or your company. Feel free to contact us back for more information.

Corporate Office:

No. 17, 2dn Floor, 1st Main, 6th Stage, 60 Ft W.O.C,Shivanagar, Rajajinagar
Bangalore- 560010
Phone: 080-23145914

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Marketing Strategy - Chakra Systems

  1. 1. Online Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. Affiliate
  3. 3. Diminishing gap b/w Males & Females Ratio in 2003 was 83:1771% of the population is 20+ years………….likely to be “Earning” population
  4. 4. Global Monthly Searches: The approximate 12-month average ofuser queries for the keyword on Google Search Network. This datais specific to your Keyword Match Type selection. Local Monthly Searches: If you specified a country or language for your search, this is the approximate 12-month average number of user queries for the keyword for those countries and languages. It is specific to your Keyword Match Type selection. Source: Google Adwords Keywords Tool
  5. 5. Source: Google Insights for Search
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  7. 7. WHY S E O?As simple as it is, business without advertisement is difficult to get success. Search EngineOptimization on its unique way provides you the best you can think of in terms ofadvertisement and marketing to get you the best for your line of business. Here are fewimportant factors each business entity or any website can benefit by default whileimplementing SEO.1. Worldwide reach.2. Reachable to Target audience/customers.3. Increased rankings in search engines.4. Online reputation5. Increased followers in Social platforms.6. Increased ROI.7. Affordable in comparison to other medium of advertisement.8. The most powerful way of marketing at the present.9. To make users get the appropriate information quicklyContact us back for more information related to the benefits. We will be more than happy towalk you through the exciting world of SEO
  8. 8. bonbonniere
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  10. 10.  Article Creation  On Page Optimization Article Optimization  Ranking Check Article Implementation  RSS Creation Article Submission  RSS Updation Competition Analysis  RSS Submission Directory Submission  Site Study E Book Creation &  XML Site Map - Creation andImplementation Submission E-Book Submission  Blog Section Creation Initial Site Activities  Blog Post Creation Link Building  Blog Optimization Link Building Validation  Blog Posting/Implementation Log File Analysis/ Traffic Analysis  Blog Submission weekly/ Monthly Activity Report  Internal Activity
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  19. 19. Why Chakra Systems?Organic: We at Chakra Systems follow quality rather than quantity, which does not apply onSEO as Google is smarter to track down any smart work to jeopardize yourbusiness/website. We have dedicated team to handle your needs doing all the manual workto bring organic breather to your website and business.Quality – Everything we do has to be of the highest quality, from the moment of firstcontact and throughout all the work we do with your business. Our aim is to provide youwith an unmatched marketing experience.Ethical – Our practices are fully compliant with Googles Guidelines, therefore ensuring yoursite is in the race to last and have a long successful future in the search engines.Transparency: We have the transparent visibility of our work on your website. This willprovide you the clarity of what is done, how its done and will end up boosting yourconfidence on US and the entire procedure which is designed to give you the best.Unbeatable price: With the quality we provide, we can confidently say our price range areunbeatable. We provide you the best ROI when it comes down to it.
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