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Easy Way to Learn Pay Per Click


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Organic SEO Ranks shares PPC tutorial for beginner. We are explaining easy way to learn pay per click marketing method through chart process. We are a leading internet marketing company. We offer a SEO, SEM, SMO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, web design & development services to grow business.

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Easy Way to Learn Pay Per Click

  1. 1. Easy Way to Learn Pay Per Click(PPC)Grow Your Business with Us!!!
  2. 2. Pay PerClickSet UpPlanDesignDevelopmentExecutionMeasurementOptimization
  3. 3. Plan Includes….•What is the business trying to achieve?•Sell Products•Generate Leads•Get Contact Info through Mail.Business Objective•Age & Sex•Geographical Location•Type of CustomerTarget Audience•Any products or ranges you wish to focus on?•What products or ranges do you get the best return on?•Any special offers or campaigns you wish to run at the moment?•Wants to add Call to Action PointMain Products orServicesCompetitionBudget•Who is your strongest competitors online•Why he is strongest competitors?•Find out competitors strength.
  4. 4. Design Includes…Set Up AccountKeyword ResearchCompetitor Keyword AnalysisCampaign SetupBid Setup
  5. 5. Development Includes…Create Final List of KeywordsAds Writing & GroupingCreate Landing Pages based on ads GroupAds Testing & Landing Page TestingAdd Tracking Code on the Landing Page
  6. 6. Execution Includes…Launching CampaignCampaign TargetingBid Management
  7. 7. Measurement Includes…To check the performance of KeywordsTo check performance of every ad copy and Ad group.To check the performance of each and every Landing Pages.Quality Score MeasurementROI Calculations
  8. 8. Optimization Includes…Bid OptimizationAd Copy OptimizationKeyword OptimizationLanding Page OptimizationAgain Measure Success Rate of AdsExpand Your Campaign
  9. 9. Organic SEO Ranks Offers….Organic SEO Ranks is leading internet marketingcompany. We offer: Search Engine Optimization Paid Marketing Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing Social Media Marketing Online Reputation Management Website Design & Development E-commerce Website Development Logo Design
  10. 10. Please Contact At:info@organicseoranks.comVisit Us At:-www.organicseoranks.comThank You!!!