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Future tenses: Simple future vs. Future intention


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Future tenses: Simple future vs. Future intention

  1. 1. Future tenses time expressions Past Future Yesterday Tomorrow Yesterday morning, Tomorrow morning, afternoon, evening. afternoon, evening. Last night Tomorrow night Last week, last (day Next week, next (day of the week), month, of the week), month, spring, summer, fall, spring, summer, fall, winter, year, etc. winter, year, etc. …. ago In ….
  2. 2. 3 ways to express future actions Simple future: Will + verb in simple form Future intention: Be going to + verb in simple form Present progressive: To be + -ing
  3. 3. When to use each one? Present Will Be going to prog.Predictions about YES YESthe futurePrevious plans YES YESSudden decisions YES
  4. 4. In this presentation: We are going to cover the structure of the simple future (will) and the future intention (be going to).
  5. 5. Will: Affirmative Verb in Subject Will simple form I will play You will study He, She, It will work We will eat You will try They will cook What will you do tomorrow?
  6. 6. Will: Negative Verb in Subject Will Not simple form I will not play You will not study He, She, It will not work We will not eat You will not try They will not cook Will not = Won’t
  7. 7. Will: Questions Verb in Will Subject simple form Will I play? Will you study? Will he, she, it work? Will we eat? Will you try? Will they cook? Yes, I will No, I won´t
  8. 8. Be going to: Affirmative Subject to be going infinitive I am going to play You are going to studyHe, She, It is going to work We are going to eat You are going to try They are going to cook What are you going to do tomorrow?
  9. 9. Be going to: NegativeSubj. to be not going infinitive I You to play He to study amShe to work is not going It to eat are We to try You to cookThey
  10. 10. Be going to: Yes/No questions To be Subj. going infinitive ? I you to play? he to study? Am she to work? Is going it to eat? Are we to try? you to cook? they No, he isn’t : Yes, he is Yes, we are No, we aren’t
  11. 11. Be going to: Information questionsQuestion To Subj. going infinitive ? word be I you to play? What he to study? am Where she to work? is going When it to eat? are Why we to try? you to cook? they