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M098 outcomes and assessment matrix


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Published in: Technology, Education
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M098 outcomes and assessment matrix

  1. 1. Montana State University Billings Mod Mod Mod Mod ModM098 Outcomes A B C D EPerform arithmetic operations with real numbers. x xSimplify linear and polynomial expressions. x xSet up, solve application problems using ratios and proportions x xSolve linear equations in one and two variables. x x xSolve absolute value equations. x xSolve and graph linear inequalities in one or two variables x x xGraph linear equations in two variables. x xDetermine the equation of a line. x xDetermine the equation of a parallel/ perpendicular line. x XRecognize functions and state the domain and range. x xEvaluate functions. x xPerform operations on functions. x xFactor polynomial expressions. x xSimplify rational expressions. x xSolve rational equations. x xSolve a system of two equations with two unknowns. x xSimplify radical expressions x xUse the rules of exponents with integer and rational exponents. x x xSolve radical equations. x xSimplify complex number expressions. x xSolve quadratic equations. x xGraph quadratic functions. x xSolve a formula for a variable. x x