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0 overview of our redesign

  1. 1. Overview of our Course RedesignMontana State University BillingsChairsty Stewart, Assistant Director (cstewart@msubillings.edu)Vivian Zabrocki, Math Instructor (vzabrocki@msubillings.edu)Fall 2011Basics: We have 4 instructors and a section coordinator (who is also an instructor) that are responsiblefor a class of approximately 110 students. Students are placed into this course based on their COMPASSscore (Alg 16 – 50). During the semester, we usually have 3 classrooms available with computers, 1 or 2without computers and a lab with 40 computers. Since the inception of this course, we typically haveMOST students testing into Module A (see below) which is the beginning module, even though a lot ofthe students should be able to test out of that material based on their COMPASS score.Days 1 – 4 of Class: Students begin with an overview/explanation of the course and then they enroll intoMathXL. They begin taking a series of pre-tests (designed by us, based on our module tests) to help usfurther determine their placement (they have already been placed via COMPASS into either Introductoryor Intermediate Algebra) into one of four modules. After the 4 days, we sort them based on pre-testscores into the appropriate module. We usually have multiple groups of students testing into Module Athat are further divided based on their performance on the pre-tests (low, medium and high classes), asmall group that tests into Module B and one or two that will test into C and D.Time Block 1 (Days 5 – 19 of Class): Students begin attending the assigned module and ENROLL IN ANEW COURSE in MathXL. During this 15 day time block, instructors mix lecture with brain-based learningactivities and other strategies to teach the concepts to the students. Classes are 60 minutes long. Ifthere is time remaining at the end of the class, students are urged to use their time completing theirMathXL homework. Students have homework for each section in MathXL and quizzes after 2 -3 sections.Students MUST score 100% on their homework assignments (3 attempts) and 80% or better on theirquizzes (2 attempts). In order to take the module test (paper-pencil) on the 15th day of the time block,students MUST have completed ALL their MathXL assignments up to the required standard. Studentsmust also score 80% or better on the module test in order to progress to the next module. If they don’ttake the test or get the required score, they repeat the module.Time Block 2 (15 days): If students pass the test, they move to the next module and ENROLL IN A NEWCOURSE in MathXL. If they don’t pass, they also ENROLL IN A NEW COURSE in MathXL and REPEAT ALLthe assignments. Class is as stated above.There are a total of 4 time blocks, 4 modules and a final exam. Each time a new time block starts,students need to enroll in a new MathXL course.