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Improbable: an art-thinking bootcamp to create and leverage disruption


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Improbable: an art-thinking bootcamp to create and leverage disruption

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Improbable: an art-thinking bootcamp to create and leverage disruption

  1. 1. I MP ROB A BLE An Art-Thinking Bootcamp to create and leverage disruption AN EXECUTIVE PROGRAM @ ESCP EUROPE IMPROBABLE THE CHAIR OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP
  2. 2. W ith a 10:1 participant/teacher ratio, you will learn agile methods to create art pieces that help you and your company to rethink radically your environment, client relations and organizational culture. This method produces improbable propositions that enable to leverage disruption. To achieve that, you and your team will go outside your comfort zone, hit the ground deviating objects, interviewing experts and observing situations to challenge the status quo. You will work in one of our creative studios based in Paris, Berlin or Madrid to construct and deconstruct your prototype, develop critical perspectives and question the way you frame problems. Implementing this Art-Thinking Method you have learned in this workshop is our top priority. From your pieces of art, we will help you develop real innovative projects and provide post-program coaching so you can successfully execute innovation in your own organization. KEY BENEFITS The Improbable Art-Thinking Boot Camp will help you: — Develop entrepreneurial leadership to empower your colleagues and partners — Increase your ability to build new inspiring visions — Master agile methods of creation to deal with uncertainty and risks — Learn how to use diversity and improbable encounters to develop your network — Connect your passion and convictions with a project which creates value for your organization — Leverage failure to be creative and resilient — Challenge status quo and explore new disruptive avenues for your organization Improbable is an Art-Thinking Boot Camp of 3 days which offers a dynamic mix of conferences, exploration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and hands-on teamwork. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Improbable is for open-minded and action-oriented executives who want to create and leverage disruption in their organizations. It is particularly relevant and designed for: managers in charge of strategy, intrapreneurs, heads of innovation, heads of marketing or communication, business developers and R&D people. P R O G R A M At the heart of Improbable is the creation of a piece of art that gives you the opportunity to learn by doing. “Steal” from others to create unique propositions. — DEVIATE 02 Challenge existing rules and values as well as unlearn your taken-for- granted expertise and deconstruct your work to improve it. — DESTROY 04 Accept criticism and alternative views to learn from others. — DIALOGUE 05 Engage in gift- giving practices which foster new and unusual partnerships. — DONATE 01 Follow a journey without a clear goal but which will eventually make a lot of sense. — DRIFT 03 SAMPLE DAILY SCHEDULE — Breakfast Buffet — Morning Session I — Morning Session II — Lunch Buffet — Afternoon Session — Late Afternoon — Evening Cocktail with Mamie Foodie (a very creative catering company) Destroy: The Art-Thinking Method & challenges of disruptive dynamics Donate & Drift: Create value for your project through the barter workshop with Mamie Foodie Dialogue: The value of gift-giving (conference) + peer feedback (workshop) Deviate: First draft of your piece of art through deviations (workshop) Reception and networking with participants, artists and entrepreneurs O V E R V I E W Every piece of art tackles a real-world challenge that your company faces. You and your team will collaborate to address this issue through the Art-Thinking Method which involves 5 main activities. You will:
  3. 3. SYLVAIN BUREAU Sylvain, the Scientific Director of the Chair of Entrepreneurship, Normalien and PhD from Ecole Polytechnique, conducts research on disruptive dynamics and the use of gift practices in the sharing economy. Sylvain develops his expertise through international collaborations (he was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and City University of New York), immersions in entrepreneurial ecosystems (in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Shanghai, Silicon Valley…), and active engagement in the growth of startups and innovative projects managed by large corporations. PIERRE TECTIN Pierre is an artist who combines objects and drawings. A graduate from the design school ESAD of Reims and of the Beaux-Arts of Paris, he has presented his work in various galleries and exhibitions (Galerie Frédéric Lacroix, Paris, Galerie Immanence, Paris, Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven PB…). Beyond his artistic activity, he is highly involved in an association (Curry Vavart) supporting creative activities through the management of spaces like the Villa Belleville in Paris. T he Chair of Entrepreneurship offers executives a unique experience to immerse themselves in an intensive, challenging as well as caring learning environment. We enable a “hands-on” approach to learn by impacting the world right here, right now. Our programs are project-based to solve issues that matter to you. Taught by ESCP Europe’s renowned faculty and supplemented by a passionate community of young millennials, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors, researchers, artists and designers, participants acquire the knowledge, attitudes and methods to disrupt their world and transform their passions into value for their organizations. Since 2007, we have trained 7800 students and 1000 intrapreneurs, gathered 30 000 participants during our events in 6 main European cities (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, London, Torino and Warsaw) and supported the creation of 600 startups. EXPERIENCE THE CHAIR OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP FACULTY DIRECTORS C O M M U N I T Y THEY DID IMPROBABLE Since 2011, more than 150 pieces of work have been created as part of the Improbable seminar by 465 students, 204 senior managers and 86 entrepreneurs. The Art-Thinking Method is spreading and practiced in Germany, Spain, Finland and the United-Kingdom. “What did we learn in this seminar? The courage to deconstruct our own work, to accept failure and start over to improve the solution.” — GUILLAUME, Executive from SACEM “A revelation about the world of art – and above all a revelation about innovation and entrepreneurship.” — OLIVIER, Intrapreneur “Amazing experience. I understood what it means to go outside the box and challenge our routines.” — LAURENT, Executive from Orange Business Services “An impressive wake- up call! A very intense experience that lasts and which allows us to fully understand creative practices.” — CÉLINE, Entrepreneur “ Photo © Christophe Di Pascale
  4. 4. THE CHAIR OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP Want more information? Interest in a cusstomized session for your company? Please contact Sybille, our Improbable Program Coordinator 3300 € excl. tax per person EXPERIENCE THE NEXT SESSION JULY 4, 5 & 6 2017