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Blue Factory S16 Paris - english version


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Dive among Blue Factory ESCP Europe startups - Paris Season 16 !

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Blue Factory S16 Paris - english version

  1. 1. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 PARIS - SEASON 16
  2. 2. splash
  3. 3. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 2 SOCIAL INNOVATION Our Entrepreneurs are as passionate as they are engaged and give particular attention to creating economic, social, and environmental balance in their projects. COLLABORATION More than just a program, the Blue Factory is a collective adventure. We invite you to grow in the spirit of sharing, mutual aid, and co- acceleration. COMMUNITY The community of ESCP Europe, together with its students, teachers, professors, alumni, and ChaireEEE partners, work together to provide support for Blue Factory entrepreneurs. EUROPE Paris, Madrid, Berlin, London, Turin, Warsaw: Europe is our playground. The Blue Factory our philosophy
  4. 4. BLUE FACTORY / 20163 2015 A Blue year our program The Campus Open Space, meeting rooms, library, and a restaurant! The ESCP Europe campus is open to you. Community You will be placed at the heart of a lively community of alumni, business heros, previous Blue Factory participants, and the Entrepreneural Chair of ESCP Europe. Cabinet Meeting Each week, you will work with an expert to help accelerate your project according to your needs. Europe Explore the European market by working from the Madrid Blue Factory and the Berlin Blue Factory. Made in ESCP Europe Take on the ESCP Europe entrepreneurs before a panel of important journalists, investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs. Blue Taste Benefit from direct feedback from hundreds of beta-users provided to test your project.
  5. 5. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 4 The Blue Factory in 2016 a few key stats This Season’s Startups Season 16’s 9 projects represent diverse markets: education, employment, the web, tourism, and mutual aid. They have a few things in common: their association and training from ESCP Europe, legal status, and a true desire to work together to accelerate the projects they are passionate about.
  6. 6. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 Colibou P.9 Bubble VR P.11 TicTacTrip P.13 Wenabi P.15 Kiddizy P.17 Mummies & Babies P.19 Immobay P.21 HDM Beauty P.23 Hivency P.25 8 The Blue’s 9 Startups there are two pages on each Startup in this booklet.
  7. 7. BLUE FACTORY / 20169
  8. 8. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 10
  9. 9. BLUE FACTORY / 201611
  10. 10. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 12
  11. 11. BLUE FACTORY / 201613 The first European intermodal comparator ! Just for you, we combine train, bus, carpooling and flight
  12. 12. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 14 Thanks to the intermodality, be sure you’ll find the right trip algorithms to find the best rides combine train, carpooling and bus a desktop & mobile website !" best prices# $
  13. 13. BLUE FACTORY / 201615 Solidarity social network
  14. 14. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 16 Solidarity social network Emmanuel BENTEJAC Thomas SOUCAILLE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Bring visibility to your organization and find volunteers easily. INDIVIDUALS Engage with the causes you’re passionate about in just a few clicks and share your experience! BUSINESSES Engage your employees. Inspire through sharing your corporate philanthropy. Organize meaningful and powerful team building events.
  15. 15. BLUE FACTORY / 201617
  16. 16. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 18
  17. 17. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 collaborative« Personnal Shopping » platform for baby ready-to-wear (0-2 years) 19
  18. 18. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 20 Fill out you’re your baby style profile by completinga quick questionnaire, creatingyour moodboard and defining how much you want to spend 1 Receive a shipment of a selection of styles handpicked by our personnal stylist (mix of new and second hand clothes) 2 Try everything on your baby in the comfort of your home Buy whatyou like, return the rest and tell us whatyou think to improve our selections 3 Whenever you want we offer to rebuy all the Mummies &Babies clothes at an attractive price with vouchers 4 Mummies & Babies is collaborative baby ready-to-wear consumption plateform personnalized to Mummies’ taste, budget and lifestyle
  19. 19. BLUE FACTORY / 201621 Auction website for real estate deals!
  20. 20. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 22 Benjamin(ChouraquiBrian(Laleye 06(12(96(47(31 Guillaume(Boucheron Service that enables real estate agents to provide the best deals for both sellers and buyers (price & guarantee) Rating of the best deal for the seller Price = Market Value for the buyer Transaction: Fast, transparent & secured Auction website for real estate deals! ? !
  21. 21. BLUE FACTORY / 201623
  22. 22. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 24
  23. 23. BLUE FACTORY / 201625 Web influence automatisation Matching platform between brands and web influencers Hivency
  24. 24. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 26 1 2 3 4 A brand shows products/services to offer Our influencers tell us if they are interested If the brand accepts, they get the product/service for free and they share it on their social network The brand gets more notoriety and increases its sales
  25. 25. BLUE FACTORY / 201627 Support Us How you can help Blue Angel Areyouaseasonedentrpreneur? Do you enjoy consulting new businesses? Become a Blue Angel and coach one of our startups for a year! Blue Shot We welcome your helping hand in the form of discounts on your product, entrance to your event, or space in your office. Blue Fox Expert in finance, marketing, HR, web development or logistics? Become a Blue Fox and help resolve issues as they arise in the startups! Blue Wave By becoming a long-term partner, you allow Blue Factory to financially grow its developmental projects. Are you ready to take the plunge? write us at:
  26. 26. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 28 Enhance Your Start-up How to apply Eligibility Criteria > You present a project that you are passionate about and concerned about its economic, social and environmental impact. > At least one member of your team is currently a student or an alumni of ESCP Europe. > The by-laws of your organization have been / will be deposited before the end of the year. Commitments > You commit to follow the direction and activities of the Blue Factory throughout the year. > You have a sincere desire to discover, share, learn, receive instruction, and give back. You have a strong desire to expand your business. Visit for more information about how to get involved in the next season of projects!
  27. 27. BLUE FACTORY / 201629 Previous Participants and many more! Season 14 Season 15
  28. 28. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 30 Season 13 Season 12
  29. 29. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 Other Seasons 31 And still more to come!
  30. 30. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 32 The Club Chaireeee Club Chaireeee SWING THE COMMUNITY! EUROPE INVESTMENT EXPERTISE PLACES The Club Chaireeee Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, an expert, or passionate about entrepreneurship, we would be very happpy to count you among the members of the Club Chaireeee and to create the future of entrepreneurship at ESCP Europe at your side! Write to:
  31. 31. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 AND A TEAM Jacqueline Sylvain Martin Amaury Maëva Rébécca Mariluz Nicolas Margaux Pierre Alexandre Xavier René Christophe 33 ESCP Europe programs Envents and community The Blue Factory is part of the Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP Europe, which trains and accompanies the entrepreneurs of tomorrow by helping them in: The Blue and the ChaireEEE how it works 4 PILLARS Academic research Startups sublimation
  32. 32. BLUE FACTORY / 2016 W 34 Write to the director of The Blue Factory On Facebook : Factory ESCP/ On Twitter : @BlueFactory_ On our website : Follow us The Blue Factory on the go
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