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Presentacion de sql


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MySql server, presentacion para charlas

Published in: Education
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Presentacion de sql

  1. 1. CREATE_TABLE JUGADORES(ID_J int(10) not null,Nombre varchar2(20) not null,Apellido varchar2(20) not null,ID_J primary key,CONSTRAINT ID_J pk Primary Key(ID_J)); CREATE_TABLE ENTRENADORES ( ID_E int(10) not null, Nombre varchar2(20) not null, Apellido varchar2(20) not null, ID_E primary key, ID_J REFERENCES table_jugadores( ID_J), CONSTRAINT ID_E pk Primary Key (ID_E), CONSTRAINT ID_J fk Foreign Key (ID_E), ); Agustín González A.
  2. 2. CREATE_TABLE PARTIDOS(ID_P int (10) not null,Fecha DATE not null,Duracion int (5)not null,ID_P primary key,CONSTRAINT ID_P pk Primary Key (ID_P),); CREATE_TABLE ESTADIOS ( ID_estadio int(10) not null, Nombre varchar2(20) not null, Ubicación varchar2(25) ID_estadio primary key , ID_P REFERENCES table_partidos( ID_P), CONSTRAINT ID_estadio pk Primary Key (ID_estadio), ); Agustín González A.
  3. 3. CREATE_TABLE AFICIONADOS(ID_A int (10) not null,Nombre varchar2(15) not null,Equipo var char2(15) not null,ID_A primary key,CONSTRAINT ID_A pk Primary Key (ID_A),); Agustín González A.