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Oracle Open World Presentation 2012


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Oracle OpenWorld Presentation 2012

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Oracle Open World Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Spartan Engineering - From Excel to Excellence Divyesh Muni Nishnaat Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Overview• Background• Challenges Faced• Steps taken to overcome the challenges• The evaluation process• Oracle Product Deployment• Impact of adopting OBA• Achieving Excellence• Lessons learnt• Consulting Partner
  3. 3. Organization BackgroundSpartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd (Spartan), established in 1971 is one ofIndia’s fastest growing construction equipment manufacturing companies. It’srange of products and services include: – Bar cutting & bending machines – Multi Function Hoists – Rope Suspended Platforms – Tower Cranes – Technical consultancy – Leasing of machinery – Continuous after sales serviceThe organization has grown from a USD 1 million company to a USD 17.5 Millionenterprise in the last eight years is keen to adopt industry best practices andyearns to be a USD 200 Million diversified group by 2025.Currently two manufacturing centres and seven sales and service centres expectedto increase exponentially.
  4. 4. Challenges Faced• Disparate application systems and data repositories• Data Duplication and Data inaccuracy• Poor internal controls• Lack of interdepartmental integration• Excel based reporting systems• End user resistance• Change Management• Family Run business growing at exponential pace. Absence of in-house capabilities to comprehend, manage and adapt to the project dynamics.• Multiple Locations
  5. 5. Steps taken to overcome the challenges• Appoint Process Consultant – Nishnaat Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – Process Reengineering – Channelise the implementation, – Advice Spartan leadership on the do’s and donts, – Project Management – Manage the softer aspects of the ERP Implementation etc• Develop a Long Term Roadmap for Successful Oracle EBS Adaptation, listing business impact, projected benefits and responsibilities• Listing of Business Requirements to be addressed by the Application System• Identifying critical areas to be addressed and long pending issues. – Sub-contract Manufacturing – De-kitting Process – Return to Vendor• Development of an RFP to be circulated among shortlisted products and their implementation partners
  6. 6. Evaluation Process• Evaluation of responses received to the RFP• Product and Implementation Partner Evaluation• Product Finalization - Oracle EBS 12.1.3• Implementation Partner Finalization• Contracting
  7. 7. Oracle Product Deployment• Establishing Project Goals• Project Management• Oracle EBS ver 12.1.3 modules – Order management – Discrete Manufacturing – Purchasing – Financials – Tele Sales – Field Service – Service Contracts• Adopting Oracle’s EBS deployment methodology• Identifying, configuring and implementing Oracle Solution for addressing critical areas and long pending issues• Project Duration – 5 months
  8. 8. Impact of adapting OBAAdopted Oracle Business Accelerators (OBA) for the implementation• Easy-to-use implementation solution• Incorporated industry best practices business flows• Enabled the OBA Certified implementation consultants to easily map the business to Oracle EBS• Oracle EBS could easily be deployed• Reduction in the implementation time and cost
  9. 9. Impact of adapting OBA Traditional Oracle EBS Implementation Cycle As-Is To Be Cutover Business Process Solution Build CRP UAT Data Migration and Process Definition Go-Live Study Timeline Implementation with OBA + appLOAD OBA Data Cutover Collection CRP UAT Data and And Tool Migration Go-Live Run Timeline9
  10. 10. Achieving Excellence• Single information repository organization wide• Inter departmental integration• Increased speed of response• Streamlining of business processes• Enhanced internal controls• Continuous support from Chain-Sys• Adhering to the ERP Roadmap
  11. 11. Lessons Learnt• Top Management Commitment key to project success• Reduction in implementation schedules by deploying OBA• Devise and adhere to the ERP roadmap• Effective project communication• Link EBS Adoption to employee performance management system• The EBS Implementation is a good opportunity for the organization to revisit existing business processes• A Process Consultant plays an effective role in Business Process Re- Engineering, assisting the organization in preparing for the EBS Implementation and for managing the softer aspects of the implementation• Seek services of a knowledgeable and committed Implementation Partner
  12. 12. Consulting Partner – Chain-Sys India Pvt. Ltd.• Reputed implementation partner• Simplicity• Industry knowledge• Top Management Support and commitment to success of the project• OBA Experience• Demonstrated ability to address issues faced by Spartan• Great people to work with