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Know more about CommonFloor

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  1. 1. CommonFloorIndia’s Largest Online Application forCommunication and Management inApartment/Residential Communities
  2. 2. WHAT is CommonFloorCommonFloor is an online application that provides feature rich and privateportal for your residential community (Apartment Complex, Gated Layout, Villasor a Colony), to help you have a better and effective information sharing amongall members.Services used by 25,000 apartment communities in over 100 cities in India including:Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, andAhmedabad. Also present in US, UK, UAE and Singapore.Mission: To provide our users the best practice of Management & Communication across all societies in the form of a technology platform To provide our customers utmost hassle free community living with our specially designed tool and applications.
  3. 3. Communicationo Effective and timely communication through SMS & Email notificationo Library: Stores documents, photos and articleso Online Notice board: members can view important notices on their account pageo In and around: Search local classifieds, find places of interest and can also order foodo Can even communicate with other communities regarding social issues.
  4. 4. ManagementBetter communication with Community membersTracking and managing issues and complaintsMaintenance and Accounting duesVendor Management
  5. 5. Data Security & Privacyo Our Privacy Policy says “We don’t sell, rent, or share your personally identifiable information to any third parties.”o Password protected access to community.o Data secured over SSL.o Stringent & Strict User Verification.o Encrypted Data Storage.o Private information (email & mobile no) is only shared with the moderator/committee members.
  6. 6. WHY CommonFloor For ResidentsOnline Ask Residents Library In & Around Help Desknotice board &Discussions For Owner AssociationCommunication Admin Issues & Maintenance Member Property Online Resources Complaint Manager & Vendor Inbox & Accounting Database Tracker Staff Management Dues access
  7. 7. Online notice boardNow the Notice Board walks to youOnline Notice board: members can view important noticeson their account page.Official announcements on the portal, by e-mail, SMS
  8. 8. All Rights Confidential
  9. 9. EventsAll Rights Confidential
  10. 10. Ask &DiscussionsMembers can ask a QueryCan Start a discussion in the forumCan view current topicCreate a poll ( Secret ballot)
  11. 11. Member Database ResidentsResidents Directory: List of all property owners and tenantsGroups: Can create subgroups of owners/residents to connect for a specific need Find neighbours sharing common interests
  12. 12. All Rights
  13. 13. All Rights
  14. 14. LibraryStore and share Articles, Documents and InformationGet Expert Advice: Legal, Interior Design, ParentingArticles on Property Tax, Khata Transfer, etc.Photo gallery: create and share photo albums
  15. 15. All Rights
  16. 16. In & AroundClassifieds: Search ClassifiedsServices: Home Delivery ServicesWeekend Guide: Offers, Events, Movies from the localityFind direction, nearby placesFind Tenants and Buyers
  17. 17. All Rights
  18. 18. Help DeskAll Complaints, Issues and Suggestions at One Place Central Repository of issues Track Progress and Enable CollaborationMaintenance Dues & Reminders Safe Repository of Maintenance Dues Notification, Payment Status & Reminders Reporting & Archiving
  19. 19. All Rights Confidential
  20. 20. CommunicationFast & Effective CommunicationSend Free SMS Notification to the residentsEmails/SMS to selected blocks, owners, tenants,association membersOnline Notice board
  21. 21. Inform members Confidential All Rights
  22. 22. Issues & Complaint Admin Tracker Inbox1. Can be accessed from anywhere: Filing, tracking and updating the same becomes very convenient. - Transparency: Issue handling is very transparent, all the open issues are visible along with the concerned authority to handle it. - Decision making: You can create a poll along with an issue to get people’s opinion on the same and hence decide future course of action. - Property Manager overview: You can keep track of how issues are handled by the property manager and the turn around time for the same.2. Admin Inbox : other than issues or complaints if a residing member wants to convey a message to the admin, these messages will be stored inside the ADMIN INBOX.
  23. 23. All Rights
  24. 24. Maintenance & Accounting DuesMaintenance Dues & RemindersSafe Repository of Maintenance DuesNotification, Payment Status & RemindersReporting & Archiving
  25. 25. All Rights
  26. 26. CommiteeMember Admin can add a committee member and assign moderator rights to themPropertyManager &Staffaccess Committee members can add staff eg: Estate managers and assign tasks and monitor them. Directory of all Domestic Staff –Maids, Drivers, Cooks etc. Details such as Badge Number, Phone number, Email, Address, Photograph can be stored for each staff member
  27. 27. Management All Rights
  28. 28. All Rights
  29. 29. VendorManagement1. To help you Manage your Vendors . • Who are currently Serving you, have served you in the past or sent you a proposal • Manage the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) due dates and Contracts. • List of communities where the vendor is serving • Maintain Notes by outgoing committee about a vendor2. To provide a Comprehensive Vendor list and Request for Quote • See the list of all vendors in your city • Request quotation for services in your community • Know how many communities the vendor is serving
  30. 30. All Rights Confidential
  31. 31. Online ResourcesProvides essential Documents, Articles, government guidelines,forms and processes to run their communities smoothly
  32. 32. All Rights Confidential
  33. 33. CommonFloor is Absolutely FREE
  34. 34. How does Commonfloor generate revenue if the service is FREE? We make money by: 1. Advertisements in various sections of the portal, email and SMS. 2. Connecting customers to service providers 3. Facilitating promotions for advertisers in apartment communities 4. Helping you find real estate professionals to rent or sell your property. Commonfloor serves its users for "All things Home ".
  36. 36. IN NEWS Connecting apartment residents Among 25 Hot Web-Startups online (May 2009)Meet your neighbors, online! Digital life on a Common Floor Knitting People Together Online space for apartments
  37. 37. Call us for a Demo/ Contact us Chain Singh: +91 8095177740 Parvish: +919620246903 CommonFloor.commaxHeap Technologies Pvt Ltd