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OmniVent Motorized Diffuser


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This is world's first snd new patent pending Motorized Diffuser that can open and close automatically

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OmniVent Motorized Diffuser

  1. 1. Motorized Damper/Diffuser Tel. 82-2-523-5161~3
  2. 2. OvM Diffuser 2/24 Residential Buildings, Apartment Houses
  3. 3. OvM Diffuser 3/24 Office Buildings, Auditoriums, Libraries
  4. 4. OvM Diffuser 4/24 New Green Technology is Here!
  5. 5. Current Methods ㈜ 옴니벤트 5/24 Traditional Air Conditioning Method
  6. 6. Current Methods 6/24 1) Single Zone Air Conditioning System (One Zone Control) Air Return types: • Duct Return • Room Space + Duct Return • Ceiling Space + Duct Return No Independent Zone Control → Constant Energy Consumption
  7. 7. Current Methods ㈜ 옴니벤트 7/24 2) Multi Split System (Multi Zone Control) Independent Zone Control ↔ High Installation Cost
  8. 8. Current Methods ㈜ 옴니벤트 8/24 3) Individual Multi Duct System (Multi Zone Control) Variation A Independent Zone Control ↔ Unrealistic Ceiling Space Management
  9. 9. Current Methods 9/24 3) Individual Multi Duct System (Multi Zone Control) Variation B Utilizing Ceiling space as return path Independent Zone Control, Low Install Cost ↔ Inefficient Air Flow Management
  10. 10. Current Methods 10/24 Characteristic of Multi Zone Systems Merits Demerits • Independent • High Install Cost MULTI SPLITs zone control • Difficult to fix • Does not refrigerants leaking need high ceiling space • Need Additional Vent system • Independent • Inefficient Air Flow ALL AIR MULTI DUCT SYSTEM Variation B zone control Control Detail • Less • Low Cooling Efficiency Construction due to common air cost vs. return (variation B) Multi Split • Need High • Ventilation Ceiling Space can be integrated
  11. 11. Current Methods 11/24 Current Multi Zone Systems WHAT to improve to meet the consumer needs ? Independent Zone control with • Less Installation cost • Ease of Maintenance • Less Energy Consumption Solution OmniVent Motorized Diffuser
  12. 12. New Concept / New Technology 12/24 Introduction to New Technology Economical & Practical Independent Zone Control System with mni- ent otorized
  13. 13. New Concept / New Technology 13/24 What is ? All in One Damper & Diffuser with Automatic On/Off Control Air Balancing
  14. 14. New Concept / New Technology 14/24 OvM Diffuser Switch on Only Where you need, < All Cost Minimization > •Minimal Installation Cost •Easy and low Maintenance •Automatic Air Balancing •Low Electricity Consumption
  15. 15. New Concept / New Technology 15/24 Concept of OmniVent Independent Zone Control
  16. 16. New Concept / New Technology 16/24 Concept drawings utilizing OvM Diffuser [ Installed with return air duct ] [ Ceiling space to return air ]
  17. 17. New Concept / New Technology 17/24 Applications where Independent Zone control is needed  Spot cooling in Large Open Area  to VAV System
  18. 18. OvM Diffuser 18/24 Facts about OvM Diffuser  Install & Maint. Friendly  High Credibility  Significant cost saving  Incremental Adjust. w/ vs. Multi Split complete turn off control  Easy Air Balancing  User Friendly  Super Easy Operation  Neat Ceiling Finish  Easy to check any problem  Environment Friendly  Less Energy Consumption
  19. 19. OvM Diffuser ㈜ 옴니벤트 19/24 Facts about OvM Diffuser Air Volume vs. Opening Rates PB Damper OvM Diffuser Linear Air Vol. Control OB Damper 150 Ø Neck AK: 130 cm2
  20. 20. OvM Diffuser ㈜ 옴니벤트 20/24 Facts about OvM Diffuser Automatic Air Flow Control Ventilation / Cooling Horizontal Spreads Heating Vertical Discharge
  21. 21. OvM Diffuser ㈜ 옴니벤트 21/24 Facts about OvM Diffuser Reliability of Component (Motor) Supplied by “Reili” Low Noise, Low Vibe. Stepping Motor Major Supply to Korean Companies: Exporting to LG Electronics 25 Million per Annum (yr 2008) Worldwide (inc. US) Samsung 20 Million Ungjin Korway 30 Million Swing Louver of Multi Split, Bidet, Micro Wave, Application Washer drain control, Hot water distributor… Error Rates 200 PPM (0.02%) 1% Additional Parts Supply
  22. 22. OvM Diffuser ㈜ 옴니벤트 22/24 Facts about OvM Diffuser Comparison with other technology OvMd Diffuser Similar Idea Other Idea Appearance & Inner Structure Japan:6-011177(Mitsubishi) Patent 10-2009-0004403 U.S.: 6,176,777 (E.H.Price) No Patent Placement of Motorized Damper Inside Diffuser Cone Upper Outside of Dish Motor inside Duct Maintenance Easy Difficult Difficult Pressure Big, due to Motor facing Big, due to additional Very small Loss air flow Damper Initial Cost 100% 300% ~ 400% 160% Ease of Can apply ONLY in huge Very Easy Not Practical Installation Duct system 
  23. 23. OvM Diffuser ㈜ 옴니벤트 23/24 Facts about OvM Diffuser Comparison with other technology Diffusers using Wax OvM Diffuser • Variable Air Volume control using • Precise & Responsive Air Wax Discharge control • No Air Blocking (complete closing) • Self Opening rate control function • Complete Closure Mode • High Priced • Durability & Credibility
  24. 24. S Y S T E M
  25. 25. Attach Current Methods ㈜ 옴니벤트 #1 Air Flow Management for Multi Duct System Back Variation B Air Flow & Cooling Efficiency  Air supply ducts block ceiling space (return path)  resulting in inefficient energy control Pressure Difference between Rooms  Makes door operation difficult Air Volume Control  Large Control Variation of the conventional dampers makes Air volume control inefficient Diffuser Balancing  Not possible when independent ventilation activated