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Firstyearapp (1)


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Firstyearapp (1)

  1. 1. Columbia’sApplicationFor First-Year Admission2011–2012
  2. 2. Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Important Dates and Late March/Early April Locations Admissions: Admissions and financialDeadlines Office Of Undergraduate Admissions aid decisions released online to RegularNovember 1 Decision candidates and invitations 212 Hamilton HallAdmissions: Application deadline for mailed for on-campus and regionalEarly Decision candidates. programs for admitted students. Visitors Center 213 Low LibraryNovember 15 May 1Financial Aid: Early Decision candidates Admissions: Deposit deadline for Regular Office of Financial Aid & Educationalmust submit the CSS Profile and Decision admitted students. Financingparents’ 2010 Federal Tax Returns and, if 618 Alfred Lerner Hallapplicable, business/farm tax information May 15and their Non-Custodial Profile. Admissions: Deadline for requesting While actual locations are different for the deferral of admission. Office of Undergraduate Admissions andMid-December the Office of Financial Aid & EducationalAdmissions: Admissions decisions June 15 Financing, all correspondence may bereleased online to Early Decision Admissions: Final high school transcripts directed to:candidates. due for incoming students (or as soon as 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 your degree is conferred.) 1130 Amsterdam AvenueJanuary 1 New York, NY 10027Admissions: Application deadline for Late AugustRegular Decision candidates. New Student Orientation Program and academic year begin. Phone Numbers, E-mailJanuary 17 and WebsitesAdmissions: Deposit deadline for Early Please be advised that all deadlines listedDecision admitted students. above are postmark deadlines. Office Of Undergraduate Admissions 212-854-2522March 1 Fax: 212-854-3393Financial Aid: All aid candidates must E-mail: ugrad-ask@columbia.edusubmit copies of their own and their’ 2011 Federal Tax Returns, admissions/all schedules and W-2 forms. All aidcandidates who are U.S. citizens must Office Of Financial Aid & Educationalsubmit their FAFSAs. Regular Decision Financingcandidates must submit the CSS 212-854-3711Profile. If applicable, Regular Decision Fax: 212-854-5353candidates must also submit their Non- E-mail: cc-seas-aid@columbia.eduCustodial Profile and/or business/farm information. To track the status of your application for admission, please visit: admissions/applications/ To access Columbia course bulletins and other publications, go to: admissions/ 1
  3. 3. Application Instructions Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027We greatly appreciate your interestin Columbia and look forward to getting toknow you through your application.Please read our Application Instructionscarefully before beginning your application.Columbia participates in The Common After submitting an application, you Please note that Columbia reservesApplication and additionally requires the will receive an e-mail from Columbia the right to evaluate an application andColumbia Supplement to The Common officially acknowledging receipt of your render a final decision even if all pieces ofApplication. We strongly encourage application and providing a unique the application have not been received.students to apply online. Please use applicant ID number. (Columbia IDthe paper application only if you do not numbers begin with C00.) Please allow Columbia does not accept the Universalhave access to the Internet. up to 30 days after submitting your College Application.Visit www.studentaffairs.columbia. application to receive your Columbia to access The Please keep this e-mail and ID number forCommon Application and Supplement. your records; it will be used throughoutApplying electronically will expedite the admissions process.the processing and accuracy of yourcompleted application. Using your Columbia applicant ID, you should track the status of your application and the receipt of all required documents by using our online tracking system: admissions/applications/ You are responsible for the accurate completion and submission of your application and should periodically check this site to ensure that all required materials have been received and processed. 2
  4. 4. Application InstructionsContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027The Common Application Secondary School ReportThe Common Application provides your and Mid-Year Reportsimple autobiographical data and should The Secondary School Report, Mid-be submitted as early as possible. You Year Report and Final Report are themust submit The Common Application no documents your school will use tolater than November 1 for Early Decision report your academic achievements;and January 1 for Regular Decision. The they should be given to your guidanceapplication fee is $80. This fee covers counselor, principal or other appropriateprocessing costs and cannot be refunded school official. The Secondary Schoolor credited against later charges. Waivers Report must be returned to us byof the application fee are granted only November 1 for Early Decision andat the request of an appropriate school January 1 for Regular Decision. The Mid-official testifying to family financial Year Report, a summary of your academichardship. performance in the first part of this academic year, must be postmarked no later than February 1, or as soon as mid-Columbia Supplement to year grades are available. Your schoolthe Common Application may fax this form with your grades to 212-854-3393, though an official copyThe Columbia Supplement to The must also be mailed. (Note: If you haveCommon Application asks some required, already finished secondary school, thenColumbia-specific questions and is your your school may disregard the Mid-Yearchance to tell us more about yourself. Report.) School officials may also submitIn the Supplement, you must be sure these forms online. The Final Reportto indicate to which school you are should NOT be submitted until youapplying: Columbia College or The Fu have actually received your diploma orFoundation School of Engineering and equivalent credential.Applied Science (Columbia Engineering).You may not apply to both schoolssimultaneously. Your completed Teacher EvaluationsSupplement must be submitted byNovember 1 for Early Decision and Teacher Evaluations give two teachersJanuary 1 for Regular Decision. the opportunity to document your contributions in the classroom. Please select only teachers who instructed you in academic disciplines. If you are applying to Columbia Engineering, one evaluation must come from a mathematics or science teacher. Teacher Evaluations must be submitted by November 1 for Early Decision and January 1 for Regular Decision. Teachers may also submit these forms online. 3
  5. 5. Application InstructionsContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Required Standardized SAT Subject Tests Helpful Information In addition to the SAT or ACT, you must ● You must register with the appropriateTesting also take two SAT Subject Tests. For testing agency well in advance of yourStandardized tests are required for Columbia College, you may choose any desired test date.admission; all test scores must be two subjects; for The Fu Foundation ● You may register for the SAT and SATsubmitted directly to Columbia by the School of Engineering and Applied Subject Tests with the Educationaltesting agency. Columbia requires Science, you must take any mathematics Testing Service (ETS). For the ACT,students to submit scores from all test and either Physics or Chemistry. register with the American Collegetest dates. Students must submit all SAT Subject Testing Program. Test scores from all test dates. ● You must request that your scores beSAT Reasoning Test reported directly to Columbia everyThe SAT examination consists of three Additional Requirements time you take a standardized test.sections, each graded on an 800-point If your school does not use conventional ● For the SAT or SAT Subject Tests, thescale; if you take the test more than number or letter grades or if you are ETS code for both Columbia Collegeonce, you will be evaluated on the home-schooled, you must take two and The Fu Foundation School ofhighest score you receive in each additional SAT Subject Tests in disciplines Engineering and Applied Science issection. of your choice to supplement your 2116. application to either Columbia College or ● The ACT codes are 2717 for ColumbiaACT The Fu Foundation School of Engineering College and 2719 for ColumbiaYou may alternatively take the ACT and Applied Science. If you are a home- Engineering.Assessment, graded on a 36-point scale; schooled student, you must also submit ● Please note that scores reported toif you take the test more than once, The Common Application’s Home School Columbia’s School of General Studies,you will be evaluated on the highest Supplement to the Secondary School Columbia’s School of Continuingcomposite score you receive. The Report. Education or Barnard College willwriting component offered by the ACT not reach our office and will not beAssessment is mandatory for candidates evaluated. Columbia reserves the rightfor Columbia. Students must submit all not to evaluate a candidate whoseACT scores from all test dates, though scores are not reported directly by thestudents may submit only their highest testing agency.ACT composite score officially and self- ● Please do not utilize the “rush” servicereport other ACT scores in the Additional to send your test scores to Columbia.Information section of The Common Doing so does not expedite theApplication. While the College Board processing of your test scores.sends a cumulative record of all testing ● For more information about the Test offor one fee, the ACT charges a fee for English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)each test date; we do not want ACT or the International English Languagetakers to incur greater costs. Testing System exam (IELTS), see the Additional Information for Foreign and International Students section. 4
  6. 6. Application InstructionsContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Early Decision Program According to National Association Interviews for College Admission CounselingIf Columbia is your first choice and you guidelines, students may apply to other Interviews are not required for admission.are willing to make a binding commitment institutions, but may have only one Volunteer members of Columbia’sto attend if admitted, you may apply Early Decision application pending at Alumni Representative Committee (ARC)under the Early Decision program. All any time. While Columbia does not conduct interviews throughout the worldyour application documents must be encourage the filing of an Early Decision from October to February on behalf ofpostmarked by November 1 and you must (binding) application to Columbia and the Office of Undergraduate certain that your scores are reported one or more Early Action (non-binding) However, because we have a finitedirectly to Columbia by the testing applications to other colleges, we do number of alumni volunteers to interviewagency. Columbia typically receives not prohibit candidates from doing so. the many thousands of undergraduatetesting from the November test date in However, candidates should be aware candidates, we are unable to granttime for Early Decision review. Students that Columbia’s Early Decision program is interviews to all of our applicants and canshould indicate in their application that a binding agreement and a candidate will provide absolutely no guarantee that anthey are taking November tests; see the be expected to enroll, regardless of any interview will be available in any givenRequired Standardized Testing section pending applications (early or otherwise). area. Please note that interviews will beabove. In mid-December you will be offered only in the area where your highnotified of the results of your Early If you are offered admission under the school is located; if you are in an abroadDecision application. Early Decision plan, we expect you to program, if you have finished high school maintain the curriculum which you were and moved, or you are otherwise notYou must also submit The Common pursuing at the point of admission. You in residence near your high school, anApplication’s Early Decision Agreement must request permission from the Office interview will not be available.with your application. If you are admitted of Undergraduate Admissions should youunder the Early Decision program, you wish to make any non-elective course If the Alumni Representative Committeeare obligated to accept Columbia’s changes. Your school must submit the is able to offer you an interview, youoffer of admission. Only students who Mid-Year Report and eventually the Final will be contacted directly by an ARC(after consulting the Financial Aid Office) Report with your final transcript. Your member. Candidates who are not offeredcite financial reasons for not attending academic performance will be monitored an interview are not at any disadvantagewill be released from the Early Decision and evaluated through the end of your in the admissions process. As the Officeagreement. Once you accept Columbia’s senior year. If you are deferred under of Undergraduate Admissions does notoffer of admission, you may not apply to the Early Decision plan, it means a final assign interviews, we respectfully ask thatany other colleges and must withdraw decision on your candidacy will be made you do not call or write to inquire aboutany applications that have already been during the evaluation of Regular Decision receiving an interview; interviews are notsubmitted. applications, and you will be notified in conducted on campus. late March/early April. If you are denied under the Early Decision plan, you may Please note that both The Common not apply to Columbia again in that year. Application and the Columbia Supplement to The Common Application must be submitted before an applicant can be contacted about an interview. 5
  7. 7. Application InstructionsContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Supplementary Credentials Creative and Performing Arts Visual Arts students who wish to If you are considering a major or submit artistic supplementary materialsand Materials concentration in Architecture, Creative should follow our online instructionsWhile we request that the submission Writing, Dance, Drama and Theatre Arts, on the Columbia Admissions website:of application supplements be kept to Film Studies, Jazz Studies, Music or Visual minimum, there may be occasions Arts, or if you wish to contribute to the admissions/applications/firstyear/when additional materials provide creative and performing arts community supplementarymaterials.information that the standard application at Columbia through extracurriculardoes not. If you plan to submit involvement, we welcome supplementary Architecture, Creative Writing, Dance,supplementary credentials, please credentials and materials that reflect your Drama and Theatre Arts and Filmfollow the instructions below instead artistic ability and commitment. Please Studies students are welcome to submitof those in The Common Application follow the directions below to submit professional résumés that list artisticArts Supplement. Applicants should the appropriate supplement for the achievement. Please do not send DVDsnot submit The Common Application appropriate interest. or hard copies of writing samples, as theyArts Supplement. Please note that we will not be reviewed. However, if samplesspecifically ask that you do not send Musical Performance Please of your work can be viewed online, pleasecollections of award certificates and the follow our online instructions on the clearly indicate the relevant links in thelike and explicitly direct that you refrain Columbia Admissions website: Additional Information section of Thefrom submitting your application in Common Application.binders or folders. admissions/applications/firstyear/ supplementarymaterials. Finally, please be advised thatScience and Engineering while we welcome the submissionIf you have been involved in scientific While we welcome music supplements, of supplementary credentials andresearch and you are interested in live auditions are not part of the materials—providing they follow thestudying engineering or the sciences at admissions process. Auditions for private directions online and outlined above—andColumbia, you may provide a one or two- lessons and selective ensembles are held we often request that our faculty evaluatepage scientific abstract for our review. for enrolled students at the start of each submitted supplements, we can provide academic year. no guarantee that all materials will be reviewed or evaluated, as they are not Candidates applying to the Columbia- required for the admissions process. Juilliard Exchange should submit musical materials to Columbia so that our Please also note that any submitted faculty as well as Juilliard’s may evaluate supplementary materials become part of your talent and potential. For more your file and are not able to be returned information on this program, please to you. refer to the Columbia-Juilliard Exchange section below. 6
  8. 8. Application InstructionsContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Columbia-Juilliard Combined Plan Programs Opportunity ProgramsExchange Columbia offers a five-year plan in The Higher Education OpportunityThe Columbia-Juilliard Exchange requires which you can attend Columbia College Program (HEOP) is sponsored anda separate application to The Juilliard for three years and The Fu Foundation supported by the New York StateSchool and an audition. Please visit School of Engineering and Applied Education Department to assist for an application and Science for two years; you then earn students to obtain higher education atadmissions requirements. Students should both the B.A. and B.S. degrees. If you private colleges and universities in theindicate on the Columbia Supplement that are interested in the “3-2 Program,” you State. Columbia College and Columbiathey are applying to the Columbia-Juilliard should proceed with your application as a Engineering have participated in theExchange; a concurrent application to candidate for Columbia College. program since 1970. In order to qualifyJuilliard is also due by December 1. Only for HEOP, students must be residentsColumbia College applicants are eligible Alternatively, the “4-1 Program” allows you of New York State, and their familyfor the Columbia-Juilliard Exchange. For to complete your four-year B.S. program resources must meet established low-more information on the Columbia-Juilliard in Columbia Engineering and then, with income guidelines. Students will beExchange, please visit the Columbia an additional year of study in Columbia automatically considered for HEOPAdmissions website: www.studentaffairs. College, to earn the B.A. degree as well. through normal application procedures; If you are interested in this five-year no additional application is necessary. Forfirstyear/juilliard. program, you should proceed with your more information on New York’s Higher application as a candidate for Columbia Education Opportunity Program, visit Engineering. Interested students apply for these programs in their junior or senior year of college. For more information The National Opportunity Program on the Combined Plan Programs, please (NOP) follows similar academic and visit: www.studentaffairs.columbia. economic guidelines and provides edu/admissions/engineering/ the same support services as HEOP, combined. described above. NOP, however, is open to students regardless of state of residence, provided they are citizens or Transfer Students permanent residents of the United States. Students will be automatically considered Both Columbia College and The Fu for NOP through normal application Foundation School of Engineering and procedures, and no additional application Applied Science welcome applications is necessary. For more information on from students who have attained a HEOP and NOP, please go to www. minimum of 24 credits of coursework for transfer admission. To secure programs. transfer information, please visit: admissions/ Please check our website for transfer admissions deadlines, and note that admission is granted only for the fall term. 7
  9. 9. Additional Information forForeign and International Students Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Please note the distinction between these IELTS (International English Language Housingtwo terms: You are a “foreign” student Testing System)if, regardless of your place of schooling, Please visit as soon as Campus housing is guaranteed foryou are neither a citizen nor a permanent possible for more information on this four years to all entering students. Asresident (“green card” holder) of the examination. A minimum score of 7.0 is an international student, you shouldUnited States and do not have refugee necessary for admission to Columbia. be aware that campus housing will bestatus; you are an “international” student if, Your score must be reported directly to available without interruption throughoutregardless of citizenship, you attend or have the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. the academic year and that studentscompleted secondary school outside the may also apply for summer on-campusUnited States. If you have scored 650 on either the housing. Critical Reading or the Writing section of the SAT, you are exempt from taking anEnglish Proficiency Testing English proficiency examination. Financial Aid for Foreign StudentsIf you are applying from overseas, you muststill complete the testing requirements Completing the Application Columbia has funding for foreignoutlined earlier in these instructions, students applying as first-years, butprovided these tests are available in your Social Security Number candidates for this funding should becountry. An English proficiency examination, Please make an entry in these boxes only aware that financial need is taken intoif required, is in addition to this mandatory if you have a U.S. Social Security number; account in our evaluations of thesetesting, not a substitute for it. You must please do not use an identification candidates for admission. You mustregister with the testing agency at least two number issued by any other government. indicate your request for Columbia’smonths in advance of the test date, keeping (Canadians, please do NOT use your need-based financial aid on The Commonin mind that the SAT and SAT Subject Tests SINs.) Columbia will issue you an Application forms. You cannot changecannot be taken on the same test date. identification number at a later time. your request after submitting your application.To be considered for admission to TelephoneColumbia, you must be comfortable with Enter your complete telephone number, If you are a foreign student admittedrapid and idiomatic spoken English. If your including the country and city codes to Columbia with financial aid, you willhome language is not English and if your required to reach the number from the continue to receive aid for each yearprimary language of instruction has not United States. that you demonstrate need; if you arebeen English for at least five years, you a foreign student admitted without aid,are required to take an English proficiency School Records then you are not eligible to receive need-examination. Both of the examinations listed If you attend a secondary school using based financial aid for the duration ofhere are given all over the world several a non-U.S. educational system, your your undergraduate studies at Columbia.times a year; you must take the examination school should also submit The Commonno later than December of the school year Application’s International Supplement toin which you are applying. the Secondary School Report. International Programs and ServicesTOEFL (Test of English as a ForeignLanguage) Visa services, social gatherings andPlease visit as soon as many other offerings are provided bypossible for more information on this Columbia’s International Students andexamination. A minimum score of 600 Scholars Office (ISSO). Columbia also has(paper-based test) or 100 (Internet- a variety of international student clubs,based test) is necessary for admission to including the Columbia InternationalColumbia. Your score must be reported Student Coalition. For more informationdirectly to Columbia by the testing service, please visit report code 2116. isso/. 8
  10. 10. University Policies Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Joint Statement for General Procedures plan. Coaches from other Ivy League All contacts with students by institutions are prohibited from having anyCandidates on Common representatives of Ivy institutions are recruiting contact with prospects whoIvy League Admission intended to provide assistance and have been accepted under this plan.Procedure information and should be free of any activity that applies undue pressure on A Single Choice Early Action Plan is offeredThe Ivy League is an association of the candidate. No information referring by Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Thiseight institutions of higher education, to the admission or financial-aid status of plan does not require a commitment toestablished in 1954 primarily for the an applicant to any Ivy institution may be matriculate, and students may apply topurpose of fostering amateurism in considered official unless it is received other colleges under those colleges’ regularathletics. Relations between the member directly from that institution’s admission or admission programs (spring notification ofinstitutions have grown over the years, financial aid office. final admission decision) but not to anotherand representatives of these institutions institution’s Early Action or Early Decisionnow meet regularly at a variety of levels Ivy institutions mail admission decision program. Students admitted under Earlyto discuss topics which range from the letters twice annually, in mid-December Action will be sent a financial aid offer whenpurely academic to the purely athletic and and late March/early April. Those who wish they receive their acceptance decision iffrom fundamental educational philosophy a decision in December must apply by they have completed all of the requiredto procedures in admissions. November 1. A student may not file more financial aid forms. than one early application within theEach member institution has its own Ivy League. Students are urged to consult theidentity and character and protects admission literature available at eachits right to pursue its own educational December Notification Ivy institution for details concerning itsobjectives. Thus, although the Ivy League Under December Notification, an particular December Notification Plan.institutions are similar in many respects, applicant may be notified that he or sheeach member institution will continue has been granted or denied admission Common Notification Dateto make its own independent admission or that a final decision has been deferred On a common date, usually in late Marchdecisions according to its own particular until the late March/early April notification or early April, applicants to the Ivyadmissions policy. In recent years, date. Two plans are offered according to institutions will be notified of admissionhowever, it has become clear that the individual institutional policy: decisions and financial aid awards, unlesstransition between secondary school they have been notified earlier underand institutions of higher education has The College Board-approved Early Early Decision Plan or Early Action Planbecome increasingly complex and that Decision Plan, which is offered by Brown, procedures. (Letters are mailed beginninggreater efforts should be made to simplify Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and the in February for the Schools of Hotelthe process through more uniform University of Pennsylvania, requires Administration, and Industrial and Laboradmissions procedures. It is our hope a prior commitment to matriculate. Relations at Cornell, and beginningthat by outlining carefully the procedures Financial aid awards for those qualifying in February for the School of Nursingunder which we are operating and by for financial assistance will normally be at Penn.)clearly specifying the obligations of both announced in full detail at the same timethe applicant and the institution, we as the admission decisions. An applicantcan help students pursue their college receiving admission and an adequateinterests free of unnecessary confusion financial award under the Early Decisionand pressure. Plan will be required to accept that offer of admission and withdraw all applications to other colleges or universities. All Ivy institutions will honor any required commitment to matriculate that has been made to another college under this 9
  11. 11. University PoliciesContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Common Reply Date Statement ofExcept for those applicants admitted Non-Discriminationunder the College Board-approved EarlyDecision Plan, which requires a prior Columbia University admits students ofcommitment to matriculate, no candidate any race, color, national or ethnic originadmitted to any of the Ivy institutions to all the rights, privileges, programs, andwill be required to announce his or her activities generally accorded or madedecision to accept or decline an offer of available to students at the University.admission until the Common Reply Date of It does not discriminate on the basisMay 1. All such candidates may delay their of race, color, sex, gender, pregnancy,commitment to attend until May 1 without religion, creed, marital status, partnershipprejudice. By that date all admitted status, age, sexual orientation, nationalcandidates must affirm in writing their origin, disability, military status, orsingle choice. any other legally protected status in administration of its educational policies,The preceding paragraph does not admissions policies, scholarship andpreclude students from remaining on loan programs, and athletic and otheractive waiting lists and withdrawing University-sponsored programs.promptly from their original collegechoice upon receiving subsequent waitinglist acceptance to another institution.However, the Ivy institutions reserve theirright to rescind acceptance decisionsfrom candidates who make commitmentsto and who hold confirmed places at morethan one institution concurrently. Studentswho choose to remain on an active waitinglist after May 1 will receive a final responseno later than July 1.Participating InstitutionsBrown University Columbia UniversityCornell UniversityDartmouth CollegeHarvard UniversityPrinceton UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaYale University 10
  12. 12. Instructions for Need-Based Aid Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027General Information Types of Financial Aid Key Definitions All financial aid is awarded only toColumbia is committed to meeting students who demonstrate financial Need-Blindthe full demonstrated financial need need; in other words, we do not offer Columbia admits candidates solely onof all applicants admitted as first-year scholarships for academic merit, artistic the basis of academic and extracurricularundergraduate students. In our quest talent or athletic ability. Financial aid achievement and personal make Columbia affordable for all is awarded strictly on the basis of Financial need is not a factor instudents, the University has implemented demonstrated financial need, and we admission. EXCEPTION: Please refer tothe following financial aid enhancements: make every effort to help all admitted the Additional Information for ForeignThere are no student loans included students and their families find the and International Students section foras part of the financial aid package; all means to meet the cost of a Columbia Columbia’s policy on financial aid forstudents eligible for financial aid from education. foreign students.Columbia are packaged with grants andpossibly work; students from families Indicating Intention to Apply for Financial Needwith incomes below $60,000 do not Columbia Financial Aid Information reported on the financialhave a parent contribution; students from All financial aid applicants must check aid application forms is analyzed tofamilies with incomes between $60,000 “Yes” to the question “Do you intend determine financial need. Forms include:and $100,000 have a reduction in their to apply for need-based financial ● CSS Profileparent contribution. For more information aid?” on The Common Application. ● FAFSAplease visit: www.studentaffairs. Applicants who do not state at the time ● Complete 2011 Federal Income of application that they are applying Returns (including all schedules and for financial aid will not be considered W-2s) for Student, Custodial, and Non-Financial aid is available for all four for need-based institutional financial Custodial Parentsundergraduate years, providing the aid after admission unless they canstudent continues to demonstrate demonstrate extenuating circumstances Student/Parent Contributionfinancial need. Financial aid is awarded which resulted in a significant change in Columbia believes that the primarystrictly on the basis of demonstrated their family’s situation. responsibility for meeting the cost of afinancial need, and we make every effort college education lies with the studentto help all admitted students and their Social Security Number and his or her family. Depending on afamilies find the means to meet the cost While it is optional to include your family’s resources, parents are expectedof a Columbia education. Admission to Social Security Number on The to contribute to the extent that they areColumbia is need-blind for all candidates Common Application and the Columbia capable, and students are expected towho are not defined as foreign students; Supplement, please note that the FAFSA use a portion of their assets, such asforeign students are eligible to apply for requires United States citizens and bank accounts or trust funds, and toneed-based financial aid but must be permanent residents to submit their work during each summer to help coveraware that their need will be considered Social Security Numbers. U.S. Citizens educational costs.when they are evaluated for admission. or Permanent Residents planning to apply for Columbia financial aid must provide their Social Security Numbers on all applications materials in order for Columbia to process their financial aid applications. Online Forms All Columbia financial aid forms can be found at: www.studentaffairs.columbia. edu/finaid/ 11
  13. 13. Instructions for Need-Based AidContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Forms IDOC is a service provided by the College Instructions for Early Board which we use to collect and scanCSS Profile Decision Applicants documents. Applicants who fill out theCollege Scholarship Service. Apply online CSS Profile form are contacted by the By November 15at using College Board with instructions on how 1. CSS Profile: Complete your CSS Profilea secure browser. You will need a credit to submit taxes and other relevant forms online at: Questions: Call 1-305-829-9793 to IDOC. The 2011 tax returns should Ensure that the Social Security Number(TTY 1-800-915-9990) or e-mail help@ be submitted to IDOC as soon as they you submit on the CSS Profile Columbia’s code number are complete. If 2011 taxes cannot be the Social Security Number submittedis 2116. completed before March 1, send copies on The Common Application and the of 2010 taxes and 2011 W-2s to Columbia. Columbia Supplement.FAFSA If your parents will not file a 2011 FederalFree Application for Federal Student Tax Return, they must submit the Parent 2. Non-Custodial Profile & Taxes: IfAid. To get a copy of the FAFSA, call Tax Non-Filer certification (available on your natural parents are divorced or1-800-4FEDAID; from outside the U.S., our website). If you will not file a 2011 separated (or if they never married),you must call 1-319-337-5665. Complete Federal Tax Return, you must submit the non-custodial parent must submit athe FAFSA online: the Student Tax Non-Filer certification Non-Custodial Profile online at: www.Columbia’s code number is 002707. (available on our website). The non- custodial parent must also submit a copyTax Returns & IDOC Helpful Information of his or her Federal Income Tax Return. IfSigned copies of parent and student ● Be sure to meet all deadlines. you think there will be difficulty meeting2011 Federal Income Tax Returns and Need-based institutional aid can be the deadlines listed below, you mustW-2 forms are required for verification guaranteed only to students who meet contact the financial aid office to discussof the information that you report on the deadlines for all forms. your extenuating aid application forms. ● Keep copies of all submitted documents. Related Links To download forms, track documents or contact us, please visit our website: finaid/Financial Aid Deadlines Early Decision Deadline Regular Decision DeadlineCSS Profile November 15, 2011 March 1, 2012FAFSA March 1, 2012 March 1, 2012Complete 2010 Tax Returns November 15, 2011 N/AComplete 2011 Tax Returns March 1, 2012 March 1, 2012Non-Custodial Profile* November 15, 2011 March 1, 2012Business/Farm Information* November 15, 2011 March 1, 2012* If applicable. 12
  14. 14. Instructions for Need-Based AidContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 100273. Business/Farm Information: If you By March 1 6. 2011 Federal Income Tax Returnsor your parents own all or part of one Early Decision applicants who are offered and W-2s: Signed copies of parentor more businesses, corporations, admission or who are deferred to the and student 2011 Federal Income Taxpartnerships and/or farms, FAX Regular Decision process need to submit Returns and W-2s must be submitted to(preferred method: 212-854-5353) or additional documentation by March 1. verify the information that you reportmail to Columbia a complete copy of on your financial aid application forms.the most recent business tax returns 5. FAFSA: Complete the FAFSA online Submit 2011 tax returns as soon as they(including all pages and all schedules). at: Ensure that the are completed, preferably no later thanSole proprietors must submit Schedule C Social Security Number you submit March 1, directly to the College Boardand/or Schedule F (Farm). Corporations on the FAFSA matches the Social using their IDOC service: http://idoc.must submit K-1s as well as the complete Security Number submitted on The You will receive anFederal 1120/1120-S Income Tax Returns. Common Application and the Columbia e-mail with a cover sheet and detailedPartnerships must submit K-1s as well as Supplement. instructions from the College Board onthe complete federal 1065 returns. how to submit these documents. Please To sign your FAFSA electronically, use the allow up to two weeks processing time4. 2010 Tax Returns: Please FAX PIN numbers assigned to you and your on all documents submitted to IDOC.(preferred method: 212-854-5353) or parents. Alternatively, you may print and You must file a Financial Aid PROFILE tomail complete, signed copies of parent mail the FAFSA signature page when you receive an IDOC cover sheet. Columbiaand student 2010 Federal Income Tax submit your form online. Please note that strongly encourages you and yourReturns directly to Columbia. Include all applying online expedites the processing parents to complete your 2011 Federalschedules and W-2s. of your application. Income Taxes in February.Admitted Early Decision candidates If you and/or your parents have not yet If your parents will not file a 2011 Federalwill receive an estimated financial aid completed 2011 tax returns when you Tax Return, they must submit thepackage in December based on the complete the FAFSA, you should estimate Parent Tax Non-Filer Certification. If youCSS Profile and 2010 tax returns. The your 2011 income data to the best of will not file a 2011 Federal Tax Return,estimated financial aid package will be your ability. you must submit the Student Taxupdated in April after 2011 tax returns and Non-Filer Certification. Both forms arethe FAFSA have been submitted. Please available online at:note: Only 2011 taxes should be sent the College Board IDOC service (by finaid/.March 1). 13
  15. 15. Instructions for Need-Based AidContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Instructions for Regular 4. FAFSA: Complete the FAFSA online Columbia strongly encourages you and at: Ensure that the your parents to complete your 2011Decision Applicants Social Security Number you submit Federal Income Taxes in February.By March 1 on the FAFSA matches the Social1. CSS Profile: Complete your CSS Profile Security Number submitted on The If your parents will not file a 2011 Federalonline at: Common Application and the Columbia Tax Return, they must submit the Parentprofile. Ensure that the Social Security Supplement. Tax Non-Filer Certification. If you willNumber you submit on the CSS Profile not file a 2011 Federal Tax Return, youmatches the Social Security Number To sign your FAFSA electronically, use the must submit the Student Tax Non-Filersubmitted on The Common Application PIN numbers assigned to you and your Certification. Both forms are availableand the Columbia Supplement. parents. Alternatively, you may print and online at: www.studentaffairs.columbia. mail the FAFSA signature page when you edu/finaid/.2. Non-Custodial Profile & Taxes: If submit your form online. Please note thatyour natural parents are divorced or applying online expedites the processing Columbia University financial aid awardseparated (or if they never married), of your application. letters mailed with offers of admissionthe non-custodial parent must submit are not final until Columbia receivesa Non-Custodial Profile online at: www. If you and/or your parents have not yet your FAFSA and has verified it using The non- completed 2011 tax returns when you appropriate Federal Income Tax Returns.custodial parent must also submit a complete the FAFSA, you should estimatecopy of his or her Federal Income Tax your 2011 income data to the best ofReturn. If you think there will be difficulty your ability.meeting this deadline, you must contactthe financial aid office to discuss your 5. 2011 Federal Income Tax Returnsextenuating circumstances. and W-2s: Signed copies of parent and student 2011 Federal Income Tax3. Business/Farm Information: If you returns and W-2s must be submitted toor your parents own all or part of one verify the information that you reportor more businesses, corporations, on your financial aid application forms.partnerships and/or farms, FAX Submit 2011 tax returns as soon as they(preferred method: 212-854-5353) or are completed, preferably no later thanmail to Columbia a complete copy of March 1, directly to the College Boardthe most recent business tax returns using their IDOC service: http://idoc.(including all pages and all schedules). You will receive anSole proprietors must submit Schedule C e-mail with a cover sheet and detailedand/or Schedule F (Farm). Corporations instructions from the College Board onmust submit K-1s as well as the complete how to submit these documents. PleaseFederal 1120/1120-S Income Tax Returns. allow up to two weeks processing timePartnerships must submit K-1s as well as on all documents submitted to IDOC.the complete federal 1065 returns. You must file a Financial Aid PROFILE to receive an IDOC cover sheet. If 2011 tax returns cannot be submitted to IDOC before March 1, send copies of 2010 taxes and 2011 W-2s via FAX (preferred method: 212-854-5353) or mail directly to Columbia. You will be required to submit the 2011 tax returns to IDOC when they are available. 14
  16. 16. Instructions for Need-Based AidContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Instructions for Foreign and By March 1 (Regular Decision Applicants)International Students 1. CSS Profile: Foreign students shouldPlease see the Additional Information complete the CSS Profile online at: www.for Foreign and International Students (Columbia’son page 8. Admission to Columbia is CSS Profile code: 2116).not need-blind for foreign students.Financial need is taken into consideration 2. Income Tax Returns: Copies of yourat the time of admission. family’s most recent, completed Income Tax Returns (all pages and attachments)Application Deadlines should be FAXed (preferred method: 212-854-5353) or mailed to Columbia. IfBy November 15 tax returns are not filed in your country,(Early Decision Applicants) please submit current statements of1. CSS Profile: Foreign students should earnings from your parents’ employerscomplete the CSS Profile online at: www. showing their yearly earnings. All tax/ (Columbia’s income documents (if not already inCSS Profile code: 2116). English) should be officially translated into English. Clearly print your name and2. Income Tax Returns: Copies of your Columbia ID Number at the top of allfamily’s most recent, completed Income documents to ensure proper filing.Tax Returns (all pages and attachments)should be FAXed (preferred method:212-854-5353) or mailed to Columbia. Iftax returns are not filed in your country,please submit current statements ofearnings from your parents’ employersshowing their yearly earnings. All tax/income documents (if not already inEnglish) should be officially translatedinto English. Clearly print your name andColumbia ID Number at the top of alldocuments to ensure proper filing. 15
  17. 17. Application Codes Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027You will be required to select three possible areasof interest on the Columbia Supplement toThe Common Application. Please use the codesbelow. Columbia College applicants must selectonly from the Columbia College list; ColumbiaEngineering applicants must select onlyfrom The Fu Foundation School of Engineeringand Applied Science list.Columbia College CodesAfrican-American Studies Dance CCDANC French & Francophone Studies Philosophy CCPHIL CCAFAS Drama and Theatre Arts CCFRFR Physics CCPHYSAfrican Studies CCAFRS CCTHDR German Literature & Cultural Political Science CCPOLSAmerican Studies CCAMST Earth Science CCERTS History CCGLCH Political Science-StatisticsAncient Studies CCANST East Asian Studies CCEAST Hispanic Studies CCHISP CCPOSTAnthropology CCANTH Ecology and Evolution History CCHIST Portuguese CNPORTApplied Mathematics CKECEV History and Theory of Psychology CCPSYC CCAPMA Economics CCECON Architecture CCHIAR Regional Studies-East/CentralArchaeology CCARCY Economics-Mathematics Human Rights CNHRTS Europe CCECEArchitecture CCARCH CCECMA Information Science CCINFS Religion CCRELIArt History CCAHIS Economics-Philosophy Italian Cultural Studies Russian Language and CultureArt History and Visual Arts CCECPH CCITCU CCRLAC CCAHVA Economics-Political Science Italian Literature CCITAL Russian Literature and CultureAstronomy CCASTR CCECPO Jazz Studies CNJAZZ CCRLICAstrophysics CCASPH Economics-Statistics CCECST Latin American and Caribbean Slavic Literature and CultureBiochemistry CCBICH Education CCEDUC Studies CCLACS CCSTLLBiology CCBIOL English CCENGL Linguistics CCLING Slavic Studies CCSLSTBiophysics CCBIOP Environmental Biology Mathematics CCMATH Sociology CCSOCIBusiness Management CCEBIO Mathematics-Statistics Statistics CCSTAT CNBUMG Environmental Chemistry CCMAST Sustainable DevelopmentChemical Physics CCCHPH CCENCH Medieval and Renaissance CCSUDVChemistry CCCHEM Environmental Science Studies CNMERS Urban Studies CCURBSClassical Studies CCCLST CCENVS Middle East and Asian Visual Arts CCVIARClassics CCCLAS Ethnicity and Race Studies Languages and Cultures Women’s and Gender StudiesComparative Literature & CCETRS CCMELC CCWMST Society CCCOLI Evolutionary Biology of the Modern Greek Studies Yiddish Studies CCYIDDComputer Science CCCOMS Human Species CCEBHS CNGRKM Undecided CCUNDCComputer Science- Film Studies CCFMST Music CCMUSI Mathematics CCCOMA Financial Economics CCFNEC Neuroscience and BehaviorCreative Writing CCCREA French CCFREN CCNEUR 16
  18. 18. Application CodesContinued Office of Undergraduate Admissions 212 Hamilton Hall, MC 2807 1130 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027Columbia Engineering CodesApplied Mathematics ENAPMA Computer Engineering Engineering and Management Materials Science andApplied Physics ENAPPH ENCOEN Systems ENENMS Engineering ENMSAEBiomedical Engineering Computer Science ENCOMS Engineering Mechanics Mechanical Engineering ENBIOE Earth and Environmental ENENME ENMECEChemical Engineering Engineering ENEAEE Financial Engineering ENFINE Operations Research ENOPRE ENCHEN Electrical Engineering ENELEN Industrial Engineering ENINEN Undecided ENUNDCivil Engineering ENCIENYou will be required to list up to threeextracurricular activities which you wish topursue in college on the Columbia Supplement.Please use the codes below.Extracurricular Activity Codes78 Academic/Quiz Bowl 82 Entrepreneurship 37 Mock Trial 83 Science and Engineering86 Academic Journals 20 Environmental Activism 38 Model Congress 50 Skiing/Snowboarding03 Archery 21 Fencing 39 Model United Nations 51 Soccer04 Art 22 Field Hockey 36 Multiculturalism 52 Softball79 Badminton 23 Film/Filmmaking 97 Music Composition 53 Squash05 Band 24 Football 40 Newspaper 54 Student Government06 Baseball 32 Foreign Language 81 Orchestra/Chamber 55 Swimming/Diving07 Basketball 25 Frisbee Music 56 Table Tennis/Ping Pong08 Bowling 27 Golf 41 Peer Counseling 57 Tennis10 Cheerleading 28 Gymnastics 42 Photography 58 Theatre/Improv11 Chess 77 Hiking/Outdoor Adventure 43 Piano 65 Tour Guide/Campus80 Chorus/A Capella 30 Ice Hockey 44 Political Activism Ambassador13 Community Service 68 Jazz 45 Racquetball 59 Track/Cross Country15 Crew 31 Lacrosse 46 Radio/TV/Video 61 Volleyball16 Cricket 26 LGBT Activism 47 Religious 62 Water Polo17 Cycling 33 Literary Magazine 85 Robotics/FIRST Robotics 63 Wrestling18 Dance 34 Martial Arts 48 Rugby 64 Yearbook19 Debate/Forensics 84 Math 49 Sailing 17
  19. 19. 2011–12 First-year Application For Spring 2012 or Fall 2012 Enrollment ApplicantLegal Name Last/Family/Sur (Enter name exactly as it appears on official documents.) First/Given Middle (complete) Jr., etc.Preferred name, if not first name (only one) Former last name(s) Birth Date p Female p Male US Social Security Number, if any mm/dd/yyyy Required for US Citizens and Permanent Residents applying for financial aid via FAFSAPreferred Telephone p Home p Cell Home ( ) Cell ( ) Area/Country/City Code Area/Country/City CodeE-mail Address IM Address Permanent home address Number Street Apartment # City/Town County or Parish State/Province Country ZIP/Postal CodeIf different from above, please give your current mailing address for all admission correspondence. (from to ) (mm/dd/yyyy) (mm/dd/yyyy)Current mailing address Number Street Apartment # City/Town County or Parish State/Province Country ZIP/Postal CodeIf your current mailing address is a boarding school, include name of school here: Future PlansYour answers to these questions will vary for different colleges. If the online system did not ask you to answer some of the questions you see in this section, thiscollege chose not to ask that question of its applicants.College Deadline mm/dd/yyyyEntry Term: p Fall (Jul-Dec) p Spring (Jan-Jun) Do you intend to apply for need-based financial aid? p Yes p NoDecision Plan Do you intend to apply for merit-based scholarships? p Yes p NoAcademic Interests Do you intend to be a full-time student? p Yes p No Do you intend to enroll in a degree program your first year? p Yes p No Do you intend to live in college housing? Career Interest What is the highest degree you intend to earn? DemographicsCitizenship Status 1. Are you Hispanic/Latino?Non-US Citizenship p Yes, Hispanic or Latino (including Spain) p No If yes, please describe your background. Birthplace 2. Regardless of your answer to the prior question, please indicate how you City/Town State/Province Country identify yourself. (Check one or more and describe your background.)Years lived in the US? Years lived outside the US? p merican Indian or Alaska Native (including all Original Peoples of the Americas) A Are you Enrolled? p Yes p No If yes, please enter Tribal Enrollment Number Language Proficiency (Check all that apply.)S(Speak) R(Read) W(Write) F(First Language) H(Spoken at Home) S R W F H p p p p p p Asian (including Indian subcontinent and Philippines) p p p p p p p p p p p Black or African American (including Africa and Caribbean) p Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (Original Peoples) Optional The items with a gray background are optional. No information you provide will be used in a discriminatory manner. Religious Preference p White (including Middle Eastern) US Armed Services veteran status © 2011 The Common Application, Inc. AP-1/2011-12
  20. 20. FamilyPlease list both parents below, even if one or more is deceased or no longer has legal responsibilities toward you. Many colleges collect this information fordemographic purposes even if you are an adult or an emancipated minor. If you are a minor with a legal guardian (an individual or government entity), then pleaselist that information below as well. If you wish, you may list step-parents and/or other adults with whom you reside, or who otherwise care for you, in the AdditionalInformation section.HouseholdParents’ marital status (relative to each other): p Never Married p Married p Civil Union/Domestic Partners p Widowed p Separated p Divorced (date ) mm/yyyyWith whom do you make your permanent home? p Parent 1 p Parent 2 p Both p Legal Guardian p Ward of the Court/State p OtherParent 1: p Mother p Father p Unknown Parent 2: p Mother p Father p UnknownIs Parent 1 living? p Yes p No (Date Deceased ) Is Parent 2 living? p Yes p No (Date Deceased ) mm/yyyy mm/yyyy Last/Family/Sur First/Given Middle Title (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr.) Last/Family/Sur First/Given Middle Title (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr.)Country of birth Country of birth Home address if different from yours Home address if different from yours Preferred Telephone: p Home p Cell p Work ( ) Preferred Telephone: p Home p Cell p Work ( ) Area/Country/City Code Area/Country/City CodeE-mail E-mail Occupation Occupation Employer Employer College (if any) CEEB College (if any) CEEB Degree Year Degree Year Graduate School (if any) CEEB Graduate School (if any) CEEB Degree Year Degree Year Legal Guardian (if other than a parent) SiblingsRelationship to you Please give names and ages of your brothers or sisters. If they are enrolled in grades K-12 (or international equivalent), list their grade levels. If they have attended or are currently attending college, give the names of the undergraduateLast/Family/Sur First/Given Middle Title (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr.) institution, degree earned, and approximate dates of attendance. If more thanCountry of birth three siblings, please list them in the Additional Information section.Home address if different from yours Name Age Grade Relationship College Attended CEEB Degree earned Dates or expected mm/yyyy – mm/yyyyPreferred Telephone: p Home p Cell p Work ( ) Area/Country/City Code E-mail Name Age Grade RelationshipOccupation College Attended CEEB Employer Degree earned Dates College (if any) CEEB or expected mm/yyyy – mm/yyyyDegree Year Graduate School (if any) CEEB Name Age Grade RelationshipDegree Year College Attended CEEB Degree earned Dates or expected mm/yyyy – mm/yyyySpouse/Child College Attended CEEB Marital Status Degree Earned/Expected Dates mm/yyyy – mm/yyyySpouse’s Name If you have children, how many? © 2011 The Common Application, Inc. AP-2/2011-12