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Work-out-loud and love your job


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A collaborative project with SFDC, The Tremendousness Collective and Change Agents Worldwide.

Published in: Business

Work-out-loud and love your job

  1. 1. ? Zzz... ? ACCELERATE YOUR CAREERBE PRODUCTIVE WORK BETTER AS A TEAM MAKE YOUR IDEAS HEARD NO RESULTS FOUND INNOVATION STRATEGY · Join relevant Chatter groups—you’ll be more informed and engaged than ever. · Share what you’re working on—you never know who may have a tip or insight. · Bring meetings online—save time and enable everyone to follow the conversation, even afterward. · Share what you know—you never know who may be looking for your expertise. · Discover new assets—find valuable documents and experts, all suggested by Chatter. · Bring it all together—conversations and files center around projects and groups you work with every day. · Follow topics and experts—keep up to date on the subjects of most interest to you. · Bring people in—@mention colleagues to add them to a conversation they could add to or benefit from. · Create a feedback group—connect product teams with insights from the field. · Put up a poll—gather feedback and guide the future of your products and organization. · Follow your interests—find a group to discuss events and subjects you enjoy, you never know how valuable it might be. · Share your expertise and knowledge of the market—become known as the expert you are. Work smarter, not harder. · Create a group for your team—see where you can help, and be helped, every day. · Share a draft—multiple viewpoints save time and always create a better product. · Read your feed to stay in the know—learn new things and anticipate their impact. · Praise coworkers—create a culture of achievement and increase engagement. Shape the future of your company—and the world! Have 24/7 access to the right resources. Two (or 10) heads are better than one. Infographic by The Tremendousness Collective ? SOLUTION This is “Working out loud” A CHATTER PUBLIC POST YOU ROCK! CHATTER GROUP Q ‘Work out loud’ and love your job Feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated? Working out loud takes your work into the open where colleagues can help you take it to the next level. Whether we’re designing products, closing deals, or creating campaigns, we all have limited time and resources. To meet your goals without reaching the breaking point, you’ll need to embrace a better way of working: one that enables you to thrive in your job— not just survive. What useful knowledge already exists? Where can you find a quick answer? Who can give you relevant feedback or suggestions? Working out loud answers all these questions and more. Learn more at