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How Change Agents Worldwide Works out Loud in the Cloud


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Working with Enterprise Social Networks, companies who work in a network can fully employ transparency and the power of a new kind of organizational design to deliver value for customers. See this case study by Change Agents Worldwide to learn how a global team works without email.

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How Change Agents Worldwide Works out Loud in the Cloud

  1. 1. The Future of Work is Already Here – The CAWW Case Study. Socialcast and Change Agents Worldwide present a Webinar Learning Series JULY 2014 Twitter hashtag: #SCNow
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Susan Scrupski Susan Scrupski is the founder of Change Agents Worldwide, an organization dedicated to changing the world of work. She’s been tracking the social phenomenon since 2006 as a blogger, researcher, and industry observer. She also founded The 2.0 Adoption Council which was one of the first communities established to help early adopters introduce social collaboration concepts and technologies to their Global 2000 organizations. Susan Scrupski CEO & Founder, CAWW
  3. 3. Our conversation today ● Introduction: A recap of our Series ● Foundation for the Future of Work: Elements and Ideology ● Agile Processes: Work in Perpetual Beta ● Culture of Innovation: Pushing the Envelope with Socialcast
  4. 4. What is Change Agents Worldwide?
  5. 5. Fact Sheet on CAWW Today, July 2014, the network has 66 Active Members across 6 time zones and 10 countries: ●44 Active Network Change Agents ○ 22 Enterprise ○ 22 Solo ●20 External Contributors (Clients, Partners, Advisors) Launched the business January 2013 Registered business March 2013 Started with 6 founders First customer October 2013
  6. 6. Elements and Ideology: INFLUENCES
  7. 7. Elements and Ideology: CORE VALUES
  8. 8. Elements and Ideology: WORK-OUT-LOUD Change Agents “Work out Loud” in the Cloud. The Socialcast Enterprise Social Network is our office.
  9. 9. Agile Processes: CORNERSTONES
  10. 10. Agile Processes: TEAM COMMUNICATION
  11. 11. Agile Processes: MEASUREMENT SCA = Solo Change Agent ECA = Enterprise Change Agent @celineschill
  12. 12. Innovation: STREAMFLOW
  13. 13. Innovation: WORKING PODS SCA = Solo Change Agent ECA = Enterprise Change Agent
  14. 14. Innovation: INTEGRATION Real-time integration where everyone is literally “on the same page.”
  15. 15. Innovation: GREEN ROOMS
  16. 16. Innovation: COOKIE JAR (Job Jar)
  17. 17. On sale now for £175 or you can sign up for the CAWW chapter on our web site. Innovation: “Smarter Innovation”
  18. 18. Innovation: SOCIALCAST! What is the ROI on Socialcast? In 18 months we built an innovative B2B collaborative economy business on the back of Socialcast. ●We are growing ●We have zero debt ●We control our destiny ●Our customers love us. What is the ROI on that?
  19. 19. Innovation: SOCIALCAST! And one more thing… “We have never, no never, emailed our global team. In fact, I don’t really know what their email addresses are.”
  20. 20. Questions? Art:KennyRandom
  21. 21. Credits Cast Speaker Susan Scrupski Crew VP Marketing, Socialcast Joan Bodensteiner Visual Lametta, CAWW Joachim Stroh Image Credits ●Harold Jarche’s Seeking Perpetual Beta ebook ● ●Niels Phlaeging Organizing for Complexity ●Work Out Loud ●The Connected Company (Pods) ● ●Smarter Innovation - the book ●Smarter Innovation – the chapter ●Change Agents Worldwide Slideshare (presentations) ●Socialcast’s webinars page ●What is Change Agents Worldwide? All CAWW slides are licensed under share-friendly Creative Commons BY 4.0 (i.e., "use at will").
  22. 22. About Change Agents Worldwide We are a network of progressive and passionate professionals, specializing in future work technologies and practices. We designed Change Agents Worldwide to function as a cooperative, where value is realized by every node in the network. As the network grows, the benefits compound exponentially. We believe change is coming fast to the enterprise. We believe in the principles that drive the evolving web: chief among those are transparency, sharing/collaboration, authenticity and trust. We are excited about new behaviors, structures and technologies that will fuel healthy, productive disruption to industrial-age beliefs, taxonomies and processes. We share a passion for introducing change to large institutions that results in a step change in productivity, higher engagement, and innovation. Visit