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Sfm brochure


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Sfm brochure

  1. 1. GloTech has designed and developed a Self-ServiceFinancial Machine (SFM) that provides multiple revenue streams forretail locations including:1. Check Cashing 4. Bill Payment2. Cash Withdrawal 5. Money Transfer3. Prepaid Visa/Master Card 6. Cellular Minutes RefillAll of the above listed Alternate Financial Services (AFS) target the 68 millionunbanked/under-banked adults in the US. These services are uniquelycombined in a single bilingual machine, saving premium floor space at eachlocation and servicing both English and Spanish speaking customers.Why Own an SFM?Owning a kiosk with a variety of services, rather than just one, translatesinto more profit for the SFM owner and store owner. All these services areregularly used and variety is the key to volume. Some of the locations mayrequire multiple units to meet the high traffic demand.Key buyer benefits include:1. Multiple revenue streams from a single machine2. Able to generate revenue from a variety of locations due to multipleservices offered3. For store owner, increased traffic due to multiple services offered4. For store owner, increased revenue from small floor space5. Increased revenue without interrupting day-to-day operations; turnkeybusiness model© 2013 GloTech Inc. All rights reserved.All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners. You may not disclose, copy or redistribute anypart of these materials without the express written consent of GloTech Inc.Product InfoSFM2000
  2. 2. The Need is ClearNearly 68 million Americans are unbanked or underbanked and GloTech is committed to servicing theneeds of these customers 24/7 through integratedfinancial services provided in their SFM. All thesepeople have a pressing need to cash their checks,pay bills, transfer money, get prepaid cards, and addcellular minutes to their mobile phones.Machines have been dispersed in convenience storesin the Atlanta market since July 2012, demonstratingexcellent and consistent growth in transactions.While this machine is quite complex in composition,its not difficult to use; customers have recognizedand appreciated the user-friendly application for eachfeature.Designed & Assembled in USAThousands of hours of research and developmenthave led to the creation of the SFM. GloTech hasthoroughly tested multiple vendor modules todetermine what changes would be necessary tomeet not only the needs of their clients but theircompanys high standards for quality. Throughimplementation of state-of-the-art technology, highefficiency parts, and proprietary software developedby their in-house software team, GloTech hasachieved its goals-longevity, enhanced performance,and user-friendliness. They are the sole owner andmanufacturer of these kiosks of which all assemblyand testing occurs in Atlanta, Georgia.In addition, GloTech has partnered with variousindustry leaders to integrate best practices in theirSFM; they have created a partnership with theirsuppliers in order to raise the bar on quality.introductionProduct WarrantyGloTech provides a 12 month warranty for parts andlabor from the date of delivery.Service and MaintenanceGloTech provides all maintenance & repair ofhardware plus software upgrades for all SFMsplaced in service by GloTech.Turnkey Business ModelGloTech is offering the buyer a completely hands-offbusiness model to include:• Managing the placement of the SFMs• Managing operations• Providing maintenance & repairs• Providing third party interface with serviceproviders• Integrating software• Providing customer service• Collecting revenue and paying all partiesinvolved in this business model• Providing online reporting tools to view alltransactions and earnings from their SFMs.Revenue SharingGloTech provides revenue sharing to the buyer fromthe following multiple income streams:1. Check Cashing2. Bill Payment3. Cash Withdrawal4. Money Transfer5. Prepaid Visa/Master Card6. Cellular Minutes Refillproduct overview
  3. 3. Who owns the machine after purchase andinstallation?Buyer owns the machine after purchased.How is the buyer protected so that the kiosksthey own will stay in service?There is a 5 year contract signed with the retailer.This contract is renewable upon expiration.Who fills the machine with money and whocollects the cash and checks from machine?All filling of cash and collection of cash and checks ishandled through our partnership with a topinternational money handling company.What is in place to deter theft of this machine?Each machine weighs approximately 1,000+pounds. Cash is enclosed in a metal safe. (Since thesafe is custom designed, the design knowledge isnot publically available). The safe is bolted in theground. Optional alarms include heat or tear-offalarms.If the SFM is stolen, who is responsible/liable?The owner can purchase insurance that will coverphysical damage to the SFM as well as loss.How long does it take to receive the SFM afterpurchased?Once payment is received, it takes about 14 to 18weeks.Who selects the location?GloTech allows the buyer to select the retaillocation(s) if the property owner allows. Allnegotiations with the property owner are conductedby the buyer. If, however, the buyer prefers GloTechto handle these negotiations, then they will selectthe location.FAQGloTech has been in the software developmentbusiness since January 2000. Clients include largeenterprises such as Delta Airlines, The NationalAssociation for the Education of Young Children(NAEYC), and many more. In addition, their softwaredevelopment has extended into the check cashingindustry beginning in 2006.In 2010, GloTech expanded into developinginnovative products that combine hardware andsoftware. Both the above Check Cashing Kiosk aswell as their Patient Registration/Check-in Kiosk fordoctors offices and hospitals are among the first.GloTech is dedicated to the changing face oftechnology. Their products focus on both existingand future demands, creating not just a product buta complete solution. All products are designed witha turnkey model and ability to generate a handsomeprofit for all involved.ABOUT GLOTECH