The Unofficial Official Study of Reach Since December 2nd


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September’s Reach was approximately 12.6%. In the week before the change, we were seeing Reach of about 9.5%. After the change, we’re seeing Reach of about 7.7% (a -19% change). So in the short term, we’re seeing a -19% change but from September to December, we saw a loss of -39%. The graph below shows that Reach fell from ~9.5% to about ~7.7%. Surprisingly, we did not see a drastic day in which a change was implemented—although many Admins reported seeing changes around 12/3.

The Unofficial Official Study of Reach Since December 2nd

  1. 1. The Unofficial Official Study of Reach Since News Feed Changes in November 2013
  2. 2. Reach Change Overview September Reach : 12.6% November Reach : 9.5% After December 2nd : 7.7%
  3. 3. Reach Difference Before and After Dec 2, 2013 Engagement per Fan : 0.29% to 0.26% Engagement per Fan for Links : 0.12% to 0.11% Engagement Rate All Content : 3.49% to 3.86% Engagement Rate for Links : 1.5% to 1.9% Clicks per Person Reached : 0.71% to 0.85% Clicks per Fan : 0.06% to 0.05%
  4. 4. Reach Difference Before and After Dec 2, 2013 From Facebook’s perspective, this is essentially a “win.” They were able to maintain roughly the same level of engagement while reducing the overall people Reached in the news feed. This frees up room for Facebook to make “quality” decisions, while also clearing up space for ads.
  5. 5. Organic Reach for Pages has decreased. Three out of four Pages were negatively impacted by the change, and some of these Pages were decimated. The competition to get into the news feed continues to rise. Pages that have unique content that drive engagement and clicks from the average Facebook user continue to prosper.
  6. 6. How Did We Study The Data? We examined over 30,000 posts over 11/25-12/9 from approximately 1,000 Pages General Metrics : Page data averages Aggregate Data : Page data median “Per fan” data : The metric divided by the number of fans for that Page on the day of posting