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Brooks Brothers


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The work HZDG did for Brooks Brothers.

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Brooks Brothers

  1. 1. Brooks Brothers + UMUC 07.20.12
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  6. 6. 17 THTHETHE ROAD HOLE – THE OLD COURSEPossibly the most demanding hole in all of golf, the Road Hole, a 495-yardpar 4, begins with a blind tee shot over a building that houses some of thehotel’s workers. Players are advised to drive over the “O” in “Hotel” on thebuilding’s sign—reading “Old Course Hotel”—to clear the dogleg.Unfortunately, for players, the tee shot is just the beginning of their ordealand the mishaps that ensue are legendary. But taking your lumps at TheRoad Hole is one of golf’s rites of passage. And every golfer includes it ontheir “must play” list. What’s your favorite golf course? Join the conversation on Facebook. 6
  7. 7. T OP F I V E S A I L I N G DE S T I N AT ION S TOP SAIL 2 THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t nd the prospect of cutting through turquoise waters an alluring idea. The British Virgin Islands offers islands and anchorages all a short distance from each other. Two of our favorites are Anegada and OUR FIVE FAVORITE Jost Van Dyke. SAILING DESTINATIONS. Jost Van Dyke coordinates: 18°27´N 64°44´W Distance from New York Harbor: 1,420.45 nautical miles One of the joys of sailing is discovery. These are some of our favorite places to poke around. Some are well traveled, others less so. FRENCH POLYNESIA 1 THE CHESAPEAKE BAY French Polynesia, with its barrier reefs ringing tranquil blue lagoons, is almost the very de nition of “exotic.” And with the Marquesas a This is America’s largest estuary and offers 11,600 little over a week’s sail away and Tuamotu Island chain nearby, for miles of shoreline to explore. Try historic Oxford and those that fashion themselves a latter-day Captain Cook, this area Chestertown. Visit Smith Island in the lower bay offers the perfect destination. to get a taste of an authentic waterman’s lifestyle. Island of Tahiti coordinates: 17°38´S 149°27´W Distance from New York Harbor: 5,403.10 nautical miles Or nd a sheltered cove, put out your crab pot, and prepare your own crab feast. Oxford, Maryland coordinates: 38°41´12˝ N 76°10´15˝ W Distance from New York Harbor: 152.22 nautical miles What’s your favorite sailing destination? Join the conversation on Facebook. 7
  8. 8. PERFECTPAIRINGS. “A MEAL WITHOUT WINE IS LIKE A DAY WITHOUT SUNSHINE.” –Louis Vaudable 1 CA L I F OR N I A wine: Chardonnay cheese: Cheddar or a similar aged semi-hard cheese try it with: Guacamole, grilled shrimp 2 I TA LY If you’re putting together your wine: Bellini cocktail (Prosecco + peach purée) own pairings, just remember cheese: these basic rules: Crosta di Pane: an Italian soft-rind Brie best served at room temperature Pair a salty cheese with a sweet wine try it with: Fruity or sweet wines have a tendency to Proscuitto, smoked salmon go with a wider range of cheese flavors Pungent cheeses generally go better with red wines Creamy cheeses usually call for 3 F R A NC E a crisp, white wine wine: Pinot Noir If you like it, include it. Rules like these are made to be broken cheese: Abbaye de Belloc: a hard cheese from the Pays Basque region in France try it with: Crusty French bread, mushrooms 4 NEW ZEALAND wine: Sauvignon Blanc cheese: A goat cheese from the North Island’s Hamilton region try it with: Tomatoes, artichokesMaking sure you’re properly stocked with the right provisions while attending an outdoor sporting event iscrucial. But deciding on what to put in your picnic basket can be vexing. We’ve found that, to help us narrowthings down, it’s fun to ll a basket with wines and cheeses that all come from a certain country or region. 8 What’s your favorite wine and cheese pairing? Join the conversation on Facebook.
  9. 9. The Louisiana C r aw f i s h B o i l . Another great backyard affair is the crawfish boil. There’s something about it that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Maybe it’s the spices. In Louisiana, they like their crawfish spicy, and we mean spicy. And while you’re at it, pop in a zydeco CD to add to the Cajun atmosphere. Like Justin Wilson, the celebrity Cajun chef used to say, we “gar-on-tee” a good time. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: (Be sure to ask your supplier for “purged” crawfish. Just trust us.) HOW TO DO IT:LO CALF l av o rSET YOUR GUEST LIST. IT’S TIME TO PLAN YOUR SUMMER PARTY.You look the part. But can you cook the part? Throwing an authentic regional bash fullof summer flavor is something your friends will look forward to as much as the firstcannonball off the dock. And seafood suppliers will ship next-day, coast-to-coast, sohaving a crawfish boil in Boston or a crab feast in Los Angeles is more than doable. 9
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