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Internet Project


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Internet Project

  1. 1. An in depth presentation on my IP project’s execution. By Chad Spurlock
  2. 2.  Students will learn about many different threatened, endangered, and extinct species and how humans interactions have become problematic. Learn how to create and use a website. Learn how to find and properly cite online sources. Understand the difference between threatened, endangered, and extinct.
  3. 3.  Students will pick and conduct research on one threatened, endangered, or extinct animal. They will then create a website using that will contain a picture of their animal, details about its habitat, why it is endangered, what is being done to stop it from becoming extinct, and what they can do to help either directly or indirectly. One week will be given to do their research and one week to put together their website. At the end of the project each student will present their animal website to the class.
  4. 4.  A computer with internet access www.Weebly .com A projector or Promethean board for students to display completed websites
  5. 5. This project is aimed for a time period where the following 8th Grade Science TEKS are being covered: (4) (A)  use appropriate tools to collect, record, and analyze information, including lab journals/notebooks, beakers, meter sticks, graduated cylinders, anemometers, psychrometers, hot plates, test tubes, spring scales, balances, microscopes, thermometers, calculators, computers, spectroscopes, timing devices, and other equipment as needed to teach the curriculum; 11(C)  explore how short- and long-term environmental changes affect organisms and traits in subsequent populations;
  6. 6.  This project will be a two week assignment and require extensive research outside the classroom. The first week will be dedicated to researching. The second week will be dedicated to putting together the website.
  7. 7.  Approximately five class periods will be dedicated to this project. The first class period – Discussion and introduction to the topic and project.  Start off handing out a KWL style sheet  Have an open discussion as a sort of pre-assessment to finding out what prior knowledge the students currently hold. Have students fill out K portion of KWL sheet.  Introduce vocabulary pertinent to the topic and pass out hands outs.  Introduce the project and journal requirements and have students fill out W portion of KWL sheet.  Continue discussing the topic of how certain animals have escaped extinction by adapting to certain environmental changes brought on by humans.
  8. 8.  The second class period – Midway checkpoint  Open discussion on progress and how easy/hard the research portion has been so far.  Have students write down some main points of what they’ve learned so far through their research on KWL sheet.  Walk through the use of and show an example of a completed webpage.  Hand out grading rubric so students know what is expected for the website.
  9. 9.  Third and fourth class period – Student presentations and discussions.  Students will present their research through their website. Each student will be given 5 minutes to explain and show off their website. The class will be required to come up with one question per student. Fifth class period – Continue presentations and essay.  Finish up final presentations  Have students write an essay on how humans compete with animals for resources such as water and why this is the sole factor leading to the animals status to close up the lesson and projects.