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Using Social Media for Strategic Friend and Fundraising for Nonprofits


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Delivered at the 2012 No More Homeless Pets National Conference, this presentation covers the state of social media, developing a strategy, platforms, audiences, and several tactics to implement.

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Using Social Media for Strategic Friend and Fundraising for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Making Sense of Social Media Part II Friend- and Fund-raising in the Digital Age#NMHPsm Chad Norman, Director of Marketing, SPARC October 25, 2012
  2. 2. 100%of people (and pets) need real relationships in their lives.
  3. 3. 1billion total monthlyFacebook usersworldwide
  4. 4. 55% of 12-year-olds have admitted to their parentsthey are using Facebook. Wall Street Journal
  5. 5. But really it’s all about…
  6. 6. The Spectrum of Communication
  7. 7. The Social Part of theSpectrum is Interactive
  8. 8. 90%of people trust peerrecommendations, whileonly 14% trustadvertisements. Erik Qualman, Socialnomics
  9. 9. MAKE WUFFIE!Whuffie is the culmination of yourreputation, influence, bridging andbonding capital, current andpotential assess to ideas, talentand resources, saved-up favors,and accomplishments.The Whuffie Factor by Tara
  10. 10. photosblog posts infographics events newsletters reportssurveys videos
  11. 11. 55%of people search forinformation first onsocial media.
  12. 12. 70%of the people’s minds are made up before they are asked.
  13. 13. Our Social Media Honey Pot
  14. 14. Let’s take anawwwwwwww break.
  15. 15. thod* P.O.S .T. meThe e: Who? P= Peo p l : G o a ls ? ctives ? O= O b je c om e s ie s: Out S =S trateg : Tools? o lo g ie s T= Techn : dswell book Groun ies g hBernoffs cial Technolo nd Jos y So ne Li a ansformed b Charle r * From in a World T g Winnin
  16. 16.
  17. 17. 17 2830 1510
  18. 18. search website & seo advertisingsocial emailmedia marketing public internal relations comm events direct marketing
  19. 19. Align your strategic marketingobjectives with your organization’s. Organizational Goals Marketing Goals Social Media Goals
  20. 20. Measure your social media goals against your organization’s. Organizational Goals Marketing Goals Social Media Goals
  21. 21. search website & seo advertisingsocial emailmedia marketing public internal relations comm events direct marketing
  22. 22. Key Findings from the2012 Nonprofit Social NetworkBenchmark Report… 73% of nonprofits allocate half of a full-time employee to manage social media activities.43% budget $0 for their social media activities. The top 3 factors for success are: strategy, prioritization, dedicated staff.
  23. 23. WHO? Customers, friends, fans - people with an affinity People 45 and older make up 46% of Facebook users. 2nd most visited site behind Google.
  24. 24. WHO? Acquaintances mixed in, along with prospects, press, and influencers28% of black & 14% of Hispanic Internet users vs. 12% white. 18-29 demographic makes up 29 percent of users.
  25. 25. WHO? 18 - 34 is sweet spot at 35%3rd most visited site behind Facebook. 2 billion views per DAY.
  26. 26. WHO? Professionals, educated adults, recruiters, and businesses Gender too close to call. 150+ million users.
  27. 27. WHO? Your wife, sister, girlfriend, mom,daughter, crafters, DIY-ers, and foodies. 80% are women. 50% of users have kids.
  28. 28. WHO? Young, techie men hang out here. Dominated by men (71%) and early adopters.About 50% of Google+ users are 24 or younger.
  29. 29. 1% of social media users -- belong to all major networks high call-to-action ratio -- can help achieve goals
  30. 30. 5% of social media users -- belong to all major networksgenerate 80% of content -- contribute to your reach
  31. 31. 45% of social media users -- presence on at least 2 networksrarely influence others socially -- use specific calls to action
  32. 32. 49% of social-media users -- consume info on one network influenced by friends and family
  33. 33. Let’s take anotherawwwwwwww break.
  34. 34. TACTIC 11Use Commenting Tools thatUse Commenting Tools thatAuthenticate with Social AccountsAuthenticate with Social Accounts
  35. 35. TACTIC 16Publish Photos Under aPublish Photos Under aCreative Commons LicenseCreative Commons License
  36. 36. TACTIC 103Boost Your SEOBoost Your SEORankings withRankings withGoogle+Google+
  37. 37. TACTIC 104Sign up for NonprofitSign up for NonprofitProgramsPrograms
  38. 38. TACTIC 21Connect with the TopConnect with the TopTweeters in Your AreaTweeters in Your Area
  39. 39. TACTIC 26Start, Join, & OrganizeStart, Join, & OrganizeConversations with HashtagsConversations with Hashtags
  40. 40. TACTIC 33Use Social Plug-Use Social Plug-ins on Your Siteins on Your Site
  41. 41. TACTIC 37Integrate SupporterIntegrate SupporterPhotos with OtherPhotos with OtherChannelsChannels
  42. 42. TACTIC 43LivestreamLivestreamKey EventsKey Events
  43. 43. TACTIC 105Integrating &Integrating &Organizing SocialOrganizing SocialCommunications withCommunications withan Editorial Calendaran Editorial Calendar
  44. 44. TACTIC 106Optimizing CommunicationOptimizing CommunicationStyle & Content for EachStyle & Content for EachSocial ChannelSocial Channel
  45. 45. TACTIC 47EncourageEncourageAction onAction onFacebook withFacebook witha Custom Appa Custom App
  46. 46. TACTIC 49Launch a LikeLaunch a LikeCampaignCampaign
  47. 47. TACTIC 54EmpowerEmpowerSupporters toSupporters toTake SocialTake SocialActionAction
  48. 48. TACTIC 57Engage the BloggingEngage the BloggingCommunityCommunity
  49. 49. TACTIC 60Organize a TweetupOrganize a Tweetup
  50. 50. TACTIC 69Create a FlickrCreate a FlickrGroup toGroup toSupport YourSupport YourMissionMission
  51. 51. TACTIC 62Add Mission-RelatedAdd Mission-RelatedTips on FoursquareTips on Foursquare
  52. 52. TACTIC 77Encourage SupportersEncourage Supportersto Make a Wishto Make a Wish
  53. 53. TACTIC 83Use Video AnnotationsUse Video Annotationsas Calls to Actionas Calls to Action
  54. 54. TACTIC 86Participate in SocialParticipate in SocialBuying PlatformsBuying Platforms
  55. 55. TACTIC 88Ask Supporters toAsk Supporters toPledge Social ActionsPledge Social Actions
  56. 56. TACTIC 102Use Pinterest to DriveUse Pinterest to DriveSocial CommerceSocial Commerce
  57. 57. TACTIC 102Share Your Pets That AreShare Your Pets That AreAvailable for AdoptionAvailable for Adoption
  58. 58. TACTIC 110Reach Specific Market SegmentsReach Specific Market Segmentswith Social Advertisingwith Social Advertising
  59. 59. TACTIC 91AnalyzeAnalyzeFacebookFacebookActivity withActivity withInsightsInsights
  60. 60. TACTIC 93Track Referrals fromTrack Referrals fromSocial SitesSocial Sites
  61. 61. TACTIC 94Measure New VisitorsMeasure New Visitorsfrom Social Channelsfrom Social Channels
  62. 62. TACTIC 99Create a Social MediaCreate a Social MediaListening DashboardListening Dashboard
  63. 63. Listen Up! Monitor Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, google, etc. Workshop
  64. 64. Use your ears, but open your mouth too! Reply – Retweet – Reach Out
  65. 65. Advertise onFacebook & Twitter
  66. 66. Hijack the NewsKeep on your toes, and become the“2nd paragraph” of a breaking news story.
  67. 67. Measure It! Google Analytics Facebook Insights Flickr Pro Account YouTube Insights Twittercounter.comPhoto via pinksherbet:
  68. 68. What’s Next?
  69. 69. ?QUESTIONS
  70. 70. Thank You!Let’s keep the conversation going: @chadnorman