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50 Social Media Tactics for Businesses


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Presented at the Greater Charleston Business and Technology Summit , 50 Social Media Tactics for Businesses is a set of ideas that can help companies meet their social media objectives.

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  • Great presentation!

    I would like to follow this suggestion and will notice the benefits if I will get. You have describe many tools and how to manage them etc. I will recommend every one to at least have a look over it.
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  • I think this is great work, the only addition i'd make would be to ensure that your list of clients/suppliers/staff etc. on twitter is private. An increasing number of companies are generating distribution lists based on the companies twitter lists that represent their current client base in a hope to steal some business.

    A very enjoyable read!
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50 Social Media Tactics for Businesses

  1. Presenter Social Media Tactics 22 for Businesses 50 2 3 6 7 13 19 21 24 27 26 29 31 41 46 39 34 49 37 44 17 22 11 5 18 1
  2. So, you’ve got a social media plan, right? <ul><li>* From Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff's book Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies </li></ul>P = People Who are you trying to engage? O = Objectives What are you trying to achieve? S = Strategies What will it look like when you're done? T = Technologies What are the tools you plan to use? The P.O.S.T. method* is a great way to develop you social media program. Today, T is for “Tactics”
  3. 1 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a custom Twitter background that reflects your business's brand.
  4. 2 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC List the Twitter handles of the staff contributing to your company’s feed.
  5. 3 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a Twitter List of your company's staff, clients, or partners.
  6. SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC 4 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use to connect with the top 50 tweeters in your city.
  7. 5 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Monitor your city’s Twitter hashtag for relevant information (#chs #nyc #dc).
  8. 6 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Build real relationships by replying, retweeting, engaging your market.
  9. 7 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Recruit for open positions via Twitter.
  10. 8 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Monitor your organization's name on
  11. 9 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Piggyback on Twitter's trending topics to reach a wider audience.
  12. 10 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Bring Twitter content onto your website and blogs.
  13. 11 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Track the reach of your tweets with Tweet Reach.
  14. Save your tweets forever with Twapperkeeper. 12 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC
  15. 13 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Analyze collected tweets with What The Trend.
  16. 14 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use widgets to bring Twitter content onto your website.
  17. 15 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Sponsor a fan-determined giveaway in the community.
  18. 16 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Get creative with Twitter avatars
  19. 17 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Organize a Tweetup.
  20. 18 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use Twitpic to share photos.
  21. 19 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use CoTweet or HootSuite to manage company’s tweeting.
  22. 20 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Track and benchmark key Twitter stats.
  23. 21 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use short URLs to track link performance (,
  24. 22 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use to mashup Google Analytics with Twitter visitors.
  25. 23 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Reflect your brand on your Facebook page.
  26. 24 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a Facebook landing page.
  27. 25 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Promote your Facebook page with a Like Box.
  28. 26 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Open up your Facebook page by allowing fans to post on wall updates, photos, videos, and discussions.
  29. 27 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Add your blog’s feed to your fan page wall via the Notes application.
  30. 28 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Integrate other channels via Facebook fan page tabs.
  31. 29 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Promote your events on your Facebook fan page.
  32. 30 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Ask your Facebook fans a question and participate in the conversation.
  33. 31 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Ask Facebook fans to upload videos featuring your offerings.
  34. 32 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Leverage contests by hosting or joining one.
  35. 33 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Integrate your CRM with Facebook fan activity.
  36. 34 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use the Facebook Insights to get activity & demographic data.
  37. 35 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use graphic overlays on YouTube for calls to action.
  38. 36 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Make a funny or compelling video, not a serious one.
  39. 37 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Thanks your customers with video.
  40. 38 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Encourage customers to upload video responses.
  41. 39 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Upgrade to a Flickr Pro account .
  42. 40 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Submit your photos to Flickr Groups.
  43. 41 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Integrate customer-sourced photos with existing communication channels.
  44. 42 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a Flickr group that promotes your brand, company, or products.
  45. 43 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use Foursquare to attract customers and reward loyalty.
  46. 44 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use Groupon to increase sales and new customers.
  47. 45 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Submit key blog posts & articles to social news sites.
  48. 46 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use Yammer to share ideas within your company.
  49. 47 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use a &quot;Share This&quot; widget on blog posts, web pages, etc.
  50. 48 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Promote your social media channels via websites, emails, footers, etc.
  51. 49 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Display RSS feeds from a blog or Twitter account on your website.
  52. 50 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a social media listening dashboard with iGoogle.
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