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Internet Tools & Services to Enhance Learning & Inspire Participation


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Web 2.0 tools and services clearly have matured and are nearing ubiquity for most 21st-century computer users. They present technologies accompanied by an ever-increasing wave of information, leaving many of us overwhelmed. So, how can libraries add measurable value to what is consumed via the internet while enhancing lifelong learning and inspiring involvement in our new and fascinating “Age of Participation?” Mairn demonstrates interactively a variety of internet tools and services that can be incorporated anywhere online and/or in physical library spaces and highlights strategies to help provide more visibility to library resources. He discusses ways to help generate practical ideas for adding value, including creating useful Twitter backchannels to inspire participation before, during, and after a presentation; starting Google Waves to communicate and share ideas; having actual voice conversations with groups in social networks; sharing your desktop screen so that you can show off your library’s online tools over the internet; hosting live music concerts, gaming activities, and other library events; affixing QR (Quick Response) codes to book spines, ID badges, and doors to help guide mobile library users in your physical spaces to come visit your digital library space; and more.

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Internet Tools & Services to Enhance Learning & Inspire Participation

  1. 1. Presented October 27, 2010 at Slides are available at: Twitter hashtag is #intlib10 Chad Mairn’s Twitter handle is @cmairn The Facebook page for this presentation can be found at Experimenting with
  2. 2. Objectives  Highlight ways that librarians are adding measurable value for their communities by … – using social media, – providing free programs like concerts, gaming events, and more. Discuss as a group what librarians can do to continue enhancing learning and inspiring participation. We can continue the discussion in Facebook and Twitter! Offer strategies and practical ideas to help provide more visibility to library resources and services.
  3. 3. Has the simplicity and ubiquity of helped to make your library a center of learning and a hub for participation?
  4. 4. Google Wave May 2009 – August 2010 Bloglines June 2003 - November 1, 2010 Vox October 2006 - September 30, 2010
  5. 5. Social Media
  6. 6. According to Wikipedia, “Social media is a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and interaction between people online.” Sharing is a huge component!
  7. 7. Libraries ARE social networks! And librarians are (or should be) like circuit boards connecting users to high- quality information while providing a social space for users to consume, repurpose, and to share content.
  8. 8. Reply! Use Facebook to reach out to your users and share your library.
  9. 9. Talk to your users within Facebook!
  10. 10. Share your location. Offer incentives for users to check-in to your library and make it worthwhile for them!
  11. 11. How can you use Twitter?
  12. 12. Promote the library and share new items!
  13. 13. Link to the catalog record where users can write reviews, tag and more!
  14. 14. Add a Twitter widget and have tweets automatically appear in a variety of places.
  15. 15. Using Twitter for class conversations Extra credit: Ask students to use Twitter. DM @cmairn
  16. 16. Integrated Twitter Feedback © SAP 2009 / Page 19
  17. 17. Be an advocate for all of your readers no matter how or what they chose to read!
  18. 18. Discovery!
  19. 19. Uploaded to Flickr on November 8, 2007 by Travelin' Librarian
  20. 20. QR (Quick Response) codes can help guide mobile users in your physical spaces come visit your digital library spaces.
  21. 21. Jazz in the Stacks April is Jazz Appreciation Month and we always plan a couple live events in the library. For example,
  22. 22. Be available to help your users when they need it!
  23. 23. After 3 minutes of no activity this window displays on our website.
  24. 24. Measurable Value? • Improved access to information via sharing tools. • Marketing services and resources to help provide more visibility. • Instant and inexpensive (oftentimes free) communication with staff and patrons. • Interaction • Enhanced learning?
  25. 25. Plans for 2011 • Have LIS 1002 Honors students create a wiki textbook. • Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) students showcasing their CD in the library. • Start an ‘app band’ and jam in the library. • Look to other industries for ideas for libraries. • Make a difference, lead, and connect with others.
  26. 26. Share what you are doing to help enhance learning and inspire participation in your library.
  27. 27. Contact Information (727) 341.7181 + 1 (727) 537.6405 With your phone take a quick photo of this code and you’ll be directed to my mobile contact page. For the software, visit @cmairn