Creating Infographics for Powerful Handouts or Presentations


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According to the Visual Teaching Alliance, 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual, so why are many of our handouts and presentations primarily text-based? This presentation will introduce infographics, short for information graphics, and demonstrate how they can visually, and more easily, represent complex information and make your handouts and presentations more meaningful to your audience.

Some of the ideas for this presentation were borrowed from and

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Creating Infographics for Powerful Handouts or Presentations

  1. 1. Today’s agenda … 1. Define infographics 2. Find infographics 3. Create infographicsImage Source:
  2. 2. Infographics - Information Graphics, an umbrellaterm for illustrations and charts that instruct people,which otherwise would be difficult or impossible with only text. See ‘information visualization’ Source:
  3. 3. 4 out of 10 people quit their diets in 7 weeks!
  4. 4. Percentage of People on a Diet12010080604020 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
  5. 5. Source:
  6. 6. Which slide had the most impact?
  7. 7. Infographicshelp present complex information simply. Source:
  8. 8. Why an Infographic?Explain Current Evolution of aState of Affairs trend or idea Simplify the complex Compare A to B Sources: and
  9. 9. Evolution of aEvolution of a trend or idea trend or idea Source:
  10. 10. Evolution of aSimplify the complex idea trend or Source:
  11. 11. Evolution of aCompare A totrend or idea B Source:
  12. 12. Evolution of aExplain Current State of Affairs trend or idea Source:
  13. 13. Some places to find infographics Evolution of a trend or idea
  14. 14. Evolution of a trend or ideaCreating Infographics
  15. 15. Tips for creating good infographics• Keep it simple!• Have a point & make it clear• Decide on a color scheme• Research• Cite within the infographic• Think of it as a visual essay• Purpose: Convey meaning behind complex data• Break things down into digestible pieces• Show results and inspire action• Include your URL• Create interest in topic Source:
  16. 16. • Upload own data or use existingMany Eyes • Variety of visualization options(IBM Research) • Publish interactive visualizations to your own site Source:
  17. 17. Daytum• Collect, categorize, and communicate your data• Small data sets• iPhone App – visualization on the go Source:
  18. 18. $4.99 a month/2.99 for students/ Free Trial Available Source:
  19. 19. • Create interactive maps without Google• 3D maps• Add symbols, figures, characters Source:
  20. 20. • Click and Drag Graphics• WYSWYG Editor Source:
  21. 21. • showcase for infographics• community for publishers, designers, and researchers• create free custom infographics based on social media
  22. 22. Source:
  23. 23. Common Craft’s entertaining videos made complex ideas easy to understand.
  24. 24. DIY Tips/Tools• Carefully select Fonts and Colors• Photos – Creative Commons, – Dreamstime, – Open Clipart,• Photo editing software – Photoshop CS6 Beta is free, GIMP, Chrome Image Editor etc. – PowerPoint or other presentation software – Inkscape ( is an SVG graphics editor
  25. 25. Quick demos on … Intel Creately Inkscape
  26. 26. Let’s Hangout!