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Learn about several web-based presentation applications and how they can bring a punch to your next presentation. Many web-based applications, like Prezi, Google Docs, and SlideRocket, can provide you with new and exciting ways to present and publish information. Many of the applications mentioned above are free or low-cost and offer a wide range of functionality to help you break free of PowerPoint. Learn how in this webinar!

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Beyond PowerPoint

  1. 1. Beyond PowerPoint
  2. 2. @cmairn
  3. 3. Beyond PowerPoint?!So, why is he using PowerPoint for this presentation?
  4. 4. PowerPoint is a presentationapplication that helps you “tell apowerful story and share your slideson the web.” However …
  5. 5. Live Demo Now switchingthis presentation to Google Docs.
  6. 6. Google Docs Demo Recap1. Created a new presentation2. Selected a theme3. Added title/sub-title, selected text, and changed formatting4. Added new slide with shapes/images/WordArt/Video5. Imported slides6. Changed transitions7. Added speaker notes (Note: Any presentation collaborator with viewaccess to the presentation will be able to view these notes. Anypresentation collaborator with edit access to the presentation will be ableto view and edit these notes.)8. Started Presentation (Note: To view speaker notes in presentation mode:click on gear icon then Open speaker notes. If you’d like to keep thesenotes private while you’re presenting, make sure that you project only thepresentation slides.9. Showed HTML View10. Download as PDF and published it to the Web.
  7. 7. Presentation software that helps you create & sharepresentations; gain powerful insights with high security.
  8. 8. Live DemoNow switching this presentation to Sliderocket.
  9. 9. Sliderocket Demo Recap1. Get inspiration. Get a copy of Fireworks.2. Click on “Presentations.”3. Play around with different changes.4. Show how to add pictures, video, flash, shapes etc.5. Add New slide (lower left-hand corner). Show how to add audio.6. Click on plugin and add cmairn twitter feed.7. Can have shared slides, media, and themes. Collaboration.8. View presentation. Close preview.9. Share, Collaborate, Analytics, Tags, History, Download10. Export11. Close Fireworks presentation by File: Return to Library12. Go back to “Presentations” and click on “New”. Pick template.
  10. 10. A cloud-based presentation software andstorytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Live Demo Now switchingthis presentation to Prezi
  13. 13. Prezi Demo Recap1. Explore the Learn tab. The Cheat Sheets are great!2. Create new Prezi (Show templates, navigating the canvas)3. Insert an image (resize, position)4. Insert a YouTube video5. Insert PowerPoint slides6. Click + sign then start editing by clicking on green check mark,Add text (resize, position)7. Click on path, then select image, the video, then the PowerPointslides8. Rearrange Path Points9. Change theme10. Once you add anything to the canvas, click once on it to bring upthe zebra, which will allow you to move, scale, and rotate anycontent you have selected.
  14. 14. Zipcast
  15. 15. What is your favoritepresentation application?
  16. 16. Virtual Petting Zoo Google Plus Hangout
  17. 17. @cmairn
  18. 18. Contact Information Let’s Hangout!