Spinal Cord Injury BC


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Presentation made at SCI 5 meetup on Tuesday Feb 5, 2013.

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Spinal Cord Injury BC

  1. 1. SCI BC Resource Centres - Information Services T 604.324.3611 F 604.326.1229 InfoLine 1.800.689.2477 E info@sci-bc.ca 780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7 www.sci-bc.ca
  2. 2. Our Services• InfoLine• Spinal Cord Injury Information Database [SCIID]• Accessible Housing BC• Accessible Employment BC• Swap N Shop http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  3. 3. InfoLine How does it work?• Anyone can call our toll free line• 1-800-689-2477• Hours of operation Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm• The service is an information line not a crisis line• Callers to InfoLine may remain anonymous http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  4. 4. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  5. 5. Who Calls?• People with spinal cord injuries• People with related disabilities• Family and friends of those above• Health and Community service providers• Policy Makers http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  6. 6. A year of stats stacked up http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  7. 7. Why do they call?• People call for information and resources on the most frequently asked questions about living with a spinal cord injury or related disability http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  8. 8. Examples of Call Topics• Which local parks are accessible• Enquiry about lift in SNS• Designer of a stroller for w/c was in SPIN and she requested a hard copy of spin(Sweden)• Son listed vehicle in SNS and she couldnt access, please change price for her• Van with lift for sale• Request for lawyer• intro to job board• Remove from HLOV http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  9. 9. More of why folks call…• Request to be added to HLOV• Traveling and not sure where to rent equipment• New housing listings• Copy of Life Interrupted in pdf form• Mayor’s office looking for rec and sport opportunities• Is there was a Sensual Solutions on Vancouver Island. Saw article in Spin• Remove from Spin list, husband died• Employment program offered at Richmond DRC http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  10. 10. There are other reasons but too many to list…• Would like to connect with peers• Toll exemption when receiving CPP instead of PWD• brother listed vehicle in SNS and now he is taking over it and needs to make changes but brother forgot password• Has MVX Ranger 3 yrs old for sale wanted approx price and where to sell• Moved to BC recently -health equipment supports? http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  11. 11. Wow, people call for lot’s of different reasons!• Has a job posting and looking for someone with SCI to work from home• New HLOV listing• Client has young son with sci currently living on second floor and is looking for a three bedroom one floor apt or house• Received notice of housing and job Boards and had questions• Father is 66 year old para who lives alone but has been falling during transfers lately and is unable to take care of his home http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  12. 12. Ok enough already!• looking for w/c accessible van to rent• individual has multiple issues• want to do further research with people who completed SCI Community Survey• new injury looking for support and information but lives in California• looking for accessible condo in Maui• funding for car hand controls• looking for hand cycle rental http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  13. 13. Where do people call from?• Mostly Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  14. 14. We have received calls from around the world!• A lady wanted us to help her get a visa and move to Canada. Heres an excerpt from her email…. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  15. 15. “Welkome. I have request, will you kindly help disabled on carriage depart on course english/spanich for job in CANADA, USA. Make display drawing in USA. - San Francysci Calofornia. I entreat make invitation for realization idea in my head..." http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  16. 16. Inquiries from around the worldNew ZealandAustraliaSouth AfricaIndiaLiberiaRomaniaKenyaJordanYemenIsraelQatarEnglandUSA http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  17. 17. Information Service Agent vs Information Resource Specialist What’s the difference? http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  18. 18. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  19. 19. Just Kidding..we’re a little easier to chat with as long as we have had our coffee• Information Service Agent – Handles inquiries which can typically be handled within a one call episode. For example, where is the local wheelchair accessible saloon in my town? http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  20. 20. Information Resource SpecialistHandles inquires that are more complex in nature. For example, a nuclear strike has been mistakenly launched against another super power which could cause a global conflagration…….any suggestions? http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  21. 21. Spinal Cord Injury Information Database• This free, online database contains hundreds (801) of resources relevant for people with a SCI. The database can be searched for information on topic areas such as advocacy, building and universal design, education, employment, funding, health, recreation and leisure, accessible transportation amongst others. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  22. 22. Look for us at: sci-bc-database.ca http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  23. 23. Swap N Shop• This is a free, online classified service for the exchange of disability related goods and services akin to craigslist and other online classified services. The physical disability focus of this service is unique to BC. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  24. 24. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  25. 25. Accessible Housing BC http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  26. 26. Find us at sci-bc-housing.ca Post your propertiesCheck out housing resources For housing seekers For housing providers http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  27. 27. Accessible Employment BC http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  28. 28. Why an Employment Board?• Employment remains a high priority for our members• Employers are looking for people with disabilities to join their workforces• We will help facilitate employment for our membership through the creation of an online Job Board, which, similar to the Housing Board, will be created to match job opportunities with job seekers• These online services will help facilitate a bridge between job seekers and job providers http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  29. 29. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  30. 30. Examples of our Important Employment Resources http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  31. 31. Things NOT to Do During a First Date Interview• Forget who your date is (unprepared)• Look different than your profile picture (lie/exaggerate about qualifications)• Play too hard to get (act like you don’t want to job)• Bad mouth exes (previous employers)• Give a monologue (long winded answers)• Play shy (avoid answering questions)• Check out other guys (not paying attention to questions)• Talk dirty (inappropriate language)• Show your baggage (list of demands)• Cry http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  32. 32. How to Lose a Guy Job in 10 Ways• Insult his friends (be rude to the assistant)• Look for a commitment too soon (asking for a promotion before proving yourself)• Use him for his money (asking for too much or for a raise)• Take him for granted (stop caring about the job)• Picking fights about nothing (complaining to your boss)• Embarrass him in public (hating your job on social media)• Flirt with other guys (obviously search for other work)• Playing games (surfing web and personal calls during work)• Stand him up (miss too much work)• Poor hygiene (self explanatory either way) http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  33. 33. Physical Resource Centres within SCI BC offices• These one-of-a-kind resource centres offer people with a spinal cord injury (or related physical disability), and their families, a place to go for• Information and advice,• Peer support from experienced Peer Coordinators,• Fun Peer events.• Visitors to the centre can also make use of an accessible computer workstation• Web conferencing facilities to connect them to Peers and partner services across the province.• Centres will be located in Prince George, Vancouver (GF Strong Rehab Centre and Blusson Spinal Cord Centre), and Victoria, Special events, such as Peer movie nights and special topic information sessions, will be held from time to time in the evenings or on weekends. http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/
  34. 34. We are full of useful information.Call us any time at 1-800-689-2477 or email info@sci-bc.ca http://sci-bc.ca/we-can-help/info-services/