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Social Fresh Charlotte - Brand Loyalty and Facebook


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The rise of social media and advancement in mobile devices has drastically changed how brands connect with consumers and influence customer behavior. Whether it is impacting decisions at the point of purchase or driving continuous engagement through direct interaction, brands are more involved than ever in the daily lives of their consumers. We will dive into case studies from Coca-Cola and Reese's as a couple examples on how to drive brand loyalty using exclusive content in Facebook.

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Social Fresh Charlotte - Brand Loyalty and Facebook

  1. 1. Impact of Social Media & Mobile on Brand Loyalty Social Fresh Charlotte Chad Elkins - @ratpack
  2. 2. Brand Loyalty vs Brand Advocacy • Brand Loyalty - about simply buying a product • Pros - repeat purchase behavior, open to additional purchases • Cons - no emotional connection, often tied to habitual buying • Brand Advocacy - strong emotional ties to a brand/product • Pros - referrals of others, extensions of themselves, defend your brand • Cons - not always tied to purchase, too much association could be harmful
  3. 3. The fundamentals of brand loyalty have not changedwith social media, but the volume at which it is heard has increased. image from the film: This is Spinal Tap
  4. 4. Being loyal to the customer first is the foundation uponwhich everything you do as a business should be built. image from the film: Empire Strikes Back
  5. 5. Brand Loyalty in Social• Discounts/Rewards• Company Values• Customer Service • Accessible & Personal • Listening• Product Co-Creation• Be Genuine & Authentic
  6. 6. Facebook and Discounts• 80% of People Prefer to Connect With Brands on Facebook• Discounts & Sweepstakes are Still the Key to Getting the “Like”
  7. 7. Discounts - Take Caution• Social and Mobile make delivery of discounts easier for brands • “Daily Deal” sites are NOT brand loyalty tools • When discounts are overused or used in a predictable manner it can lead to “Bed Bath & Beyondism” of your brand. • Loyal to the discount and not the product/service. • Delivery mechanism can alter the loyalty intent • Ex - Amex partnership with foursquare makes users loyal to 4sq & AMEX and not Sports Authority or Dunkin’ Donuts
  8. 8. Discounts - Leverage Social & Mobile• Right time. Right place.• LBS replacing the traditional “loyalty card” • tasti-D-lite connects foursquare, twitter, & FB • Placepunch & Local Response - Loyalty and response aggregation platforms that leverage social & mobile platforms• If possible try to leverage a program that combines Social, LBS, Native Apps, Loyalty System, & CRM into a unified experience
  9. 9. Case Studies• Reese’s• My Coke Rewards Both cases are based on the use of Facebook to drive brand loyalty using exclusive content.
  10. 10. Reese’sMinis Launch Campaign & WeReward Halloween Contest
  11. 11. Campaign Goals• Create a campaign for Minis launch• Generate buzz leading up to launch that can translate to awareness and sales at launch• Reward brand loyalists by letting them be the first to know
  12. 12. SOCIAL STORYTELLING • We designed a social storytelling platform using native Facebook functionality. • In ten posts and a tab we unveiled courtship milestones of two REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups and ultimately the birth of REESE’S Minis. !""#"$#%%%!%&(%)&*+%,*)%! !"#$%&#()*#%"#+,&"#&-./"#0(,#"/*#"$(# 1*%23"#43""*,#536&7#5%2#8(3# ,*9*9:*,#$/*2#8(3#+,&"#0*#0(,# ;<<=<>=#1*%23"#43""*,#536&?
  13. 13. A love story unfolds over theweeks leading up to launch...
  14. 14. QUANTITATIVE PERFORMANCE* TOTAL INTERACTIONS 67,417 TOTAL IMPRESSIONS 29,018,615 TOTAL LIKES TOTAL COMMENTS 45,113 8,259 AVG. LIKES AVG. COMMENTS AVG. % FEEDBACK 4101 750 .18%*Impression - The raw number of impressions that have been shown to users. These impressions can come froma user’s news feed, a visit to the Page, or through an Open Graph social plugin.
  15. 15. Reese’s Mobile Campaign GoalsPush the boundaries of social mediamarketing beyond Facebook byintroducing REESE’S into the mobile spacevia a Location Based Service partnership.Engage and reward REESE’S fans duringHalloween, the most important seasonaloccasion for the brand.
  16. 16. SOLUTIONWe teamed up with WeReward to create amulti-channel Halloween Costume Contest.Our fans were invited to take a picture(via mobile phone) of themselves enjoying aRESSE’S Peanut Butter Cup in their Halloweencostume for a chance to win points plus aloaded REESE’S Gift Basket.
  17. 17. RESULTSDrove over 1,100 user-generated photos.This contest marked The Hershey Company’s firstexposure to using a check-in mobile application in across-channel social marketing campaign.This successful pilot program set the stage forfurther explorations within new mediums for 2011.
  18. 18. Coca-Cola Summer 125Coke and Summer are perfectcompanions and have been for 125years. To celebrate, Engauge createdan interactive social campaign tomake the beloved summer seasonthat much better and desirable duringthose key summer moments.
  19. 19. Coca-Cola Summer 125The Assignment• Develop a social program that celebrates Coca-Cola and 125 years of refreshing summer fun.Program Goals• Drive sustained engagement through the program and encourage fans to come back multiple times.• Increase members entering PIN codes and reward spend in June-September.• Reward our fans and differentiate the social campaign by providing social exclusivity.Communication Insight• Meet consumers where they already are.• Highlight existing summer trends and behaviors through five bi-weekly themes: Flavors, Activities, Entertainment, Memories, Summer 125.
  20. 20. Coca-Cola Summer 125Five distinct themes which rotated biweeklycatered to known community interests andconsumer summer behaviors.Summer tips which varied by theme (ex. recipes)Commenting widget, offering a new question for fansduring each theme. Also featured Tweets with thehashtag #cokesummerFree downloads such as wallpapers, T-shirt iron onpatters and more.Fans unlocked exclusive discounts on popular catalogitems for fan growth.Toggle between previous themes.
  21. 21. Coca-Cola Summer 125Exclusivity• The Coke Summer campaign played on existing fan behaviors of creating rewarding relationships and delivering exclusive content.• New fan recruitment unlocked exclusive discounts on popular catalog rewards.• Engagement through these posts repeatedly earned 2X the average post feedback rate.
  22. 22. Coca-Cola Summer 125Fan recognition• The final summer theme included comments and submissions from fans shared throughout the campaign.• Fan suggestions were shared on the canvas app, within wall posts and within an ultimate summer playlist Facebook note.
  23. 23. Coca-Cola Summer 125Mobile• Building off of fan history of comments surrounding the desire for mobile, a QR code was tested to be delivered in wall.• Drives to a mobile wallpaper to download to a mobile device.• More than 1,000 total scans.
  24. 24. Takeaways• Loyalty to your customer should be the driver behind building brand loyalty• Building brand loyalty in social media is nothing new. Same principles existed before social media.• Talk less. Listen more. Build from learnings.• Discount with caution.• Exclusivity is key. image from the film: Office Space
  25. 25. Q&ATwitter - @ratpack