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Nicor Gas Summer Staycation Introduction


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The presentation gives Nicor Gas trade allies an introduction to the 2012 Summer Staycation promotion.

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Nicor Gas Summer Staycation Introduction

  1. 1. Nicor GasHome Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Summer Staycation
  2. 2. Our Challenge…• Participation in the Home EER program slows during the summer• Meanwhile, our program goals are increasing• We need to continue growing the program!
  3. 3. Our Thinking…• Market test new, higher-efficiency tiers of natural gas and air conditioning equipment• Expand upon rebate “bundling” that has proven successful with Complete System Replacement• Promote new measures such as programmable thermostats, pipe insulation, and windows• Revisit Nicor Gas customers who have already shown an interest in energy efficiency
  4. 4. Our Result…
  5. 5. Summer Staycation
  6. 6. Summer Staycation• Our most ambitious promotional package ever• Five NEW, limited-time rebate offerings• Takes place from July 1 – September 30• The biggest rebates you’ll see all year!
  7. 7. Introducing theHot Listof our FiveRebate Packages…
  8. 8. Summer Sauna Rebate Promo Code: SUMMERSAUNA• Introducing a new furnace rebate tier• Double your rebate for installing a furnace on the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient list (>97% AFUE) $500 rebate
  9. 9. Summer Sauna Rebate Promo Code: SUMMERSAUNAOther Details• Qualifying furnaces may be found at: $500 rebate
  10. 10. Spa Retreat Rebate Promo Code: SPARETREAT• Follow-up to Flue Season promotion in fall of 2011• Storage water heater rebate is normally $200• Limited-time 50% increased rebate on qualifying water heaters $300 rebate
  11. 11. Spa Retreat Rebate Promo Code: SPARETREATOther Details• Qualifying storage water heaters have >.67 EF; ENERGY STAR rating• Indirect water heaters and tankless water heaters are not eligible $300 rebate
  12. 12. Surf & Ski Rebate Promo Code: SURFSKI• Increased rebates for Complete System Replacement (furnace + central AC)• New ENERGY STAR Most Efficient furnace rebate tier is eligible Up to $750 rebate
  13. 13. Surf & Ski Rebate Promo Code: SURFSKI Three ways to participate, with increased rebates! TIER 1 TIER 2 TIER 3 >92% AFUE Furnace >95% AFUE Furnace >97% AFUE Furnace;>14.5 SEER Central AC >14.5 SEER Central AC ENERGY STAR Most Efficient >14.5 SEER Central AC$600 Rebate $650 Rebate $750 Rebate
  14. 14. Surf & Ski Rebate Promo Code: SURFSKIOther Details• Eligible customers must be residential delivery service customers of Nicor Gas AND ComEd• Heat pumps are not eligible• All Complete System Replacement program requirements apply Up to $750 rebate
  15. 15. All-Inclusive Vacation Rebate Promo Code: VACATION• Largest Home EER rebate ever!• Bundled incentives + bonus for multiple installations• Consumer must install qualifying furnace, water heater, central AC, pipe insulation and programmable thermostat over promo period Up to $1,500 rebate
  16. 16. All-Inclusive Vacation Rebate Promo Code: VACATION Our largest residential rebates…EVER! TIER 1 TIER 2 TIER 3• >92% AFUE Furnace • >95% AFUE Furnace • >97% AFUE Furnace;• >14.5 SEER Central AC • >14.5 SEER Central AC Most Efficient• >.67 EF Storage Water • >.67 EF Storage Water • >16 SEER Central AC; Heater Heater Most Efficient• >6’ Pipe Insulation • >6’ Pipe Insulation • >.67 EF Storage Water• Eligible programmable • Eligible programmable Heater thermostat thermostat • >6’ Pipe Insulation • Eligible programmable thermostat$1,000 Rebate $1,250 Rebate $1,500 Rebate
  17. 17. All-Inclusive Vacation RebateOther Details• Eligible residential customers must be residential delivery service customers of both Nicor Gas AND ComEd• All program requirements for Complete System Replacement must be met• Indirect water heaters, tankless water heaters, and heat pumps are Up to not eligible $1,500 rebate
  18. 18. Frequent Flyer Rebate• Our way of saying “Thanks” to past partners• Engages Home EER and HES participants• Can be combined with other Summer Staycation rebates and standard $100 rebate offerings! bonus rebate
  19. 19. Frequent Flyer RebateOther Details• Eligible customers must have participated in Home EER or HES by 6/30/12• Cannot be used with programmable thermostats, pipe insulation• If combined with another Staycation rebate, use only the FREQUENTFLYER promo code $100 bonus rebate
  20. 20. Other Important Info!• Eligible equipment must be purchased and installed between July 1 and September 30, 2012• Applications for Summer Staycation rebates must be submitted within 90 days, or by October 31, 2012, whichever comes first• Total rebate amount cannot exceed the total purchase price
  21. 21. Other Important Info!• Only the Frequent Flyer rebate may be combined with other Summer Staycation rebates• Use the normal paper or online application, and be sure to include the promo code• Instant Discounts may be applied for the full rebate amount• All other Home EER program requirements apply
  22. 22. Other Important Info!ENERGY STAR Most Efficient lists• Use to find eligible equipment for Summer Sauna and All-Inclusive Vacation rebates• Energystar.cov/mostefficient• Remember: heat pumps are not eligible
  23. 23. Trade Ally Support• Materials such as flyer pads, fact cards, and wholesaler posters• Ongoing outreach staff support• resources• Eblast reminders
  24. 24. Marketing Support• Newspaper advertorials• Facebook ads• Metra advertising• Community TV and radio• Radio spots (July, CSR)• Email blasts & Postcards• Website content• Nicor Gas and ComEd bill inserts• Chicago Fire games• Kane County Cougars games
  25. 25. Trade Ally Considerations• How will I communicate information on the Summer Staycation throughout my company?• How will I make my customers aware of the Summer Staycation?• How can I reach my customers who are eligible for the Frequent Flyer bonus rebate?• What added value can we bring to the Summer Staycation to sweeten the deal for our customers? How will we make the most of this opportunity?
  26. 26. Let’s Get to Work!