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Chad Collins Professional Resume


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Professional Resume of Chad Collins - business architect, technology consultant.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Chad Collins Professional Resume

  1. 1. CHAD L. COLLINS 806 Manhattan Court #1 ▪ San Diego, California 92109 ▪ Cell: (858) 349-6798 ▪ Website: ▪ Profile PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE Web-based independent consulting contracts where my expertise with developing advanced web and software applications, delivered through multi-modal interfaces including server and client based web applications, can help the company achieve strategic business objectives. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Over Twelve years of experience providing services as a Senior Information Architect, Lead Business Integration Specialist, Marketing Designer, Web Architect, User Interface Design and Developer, Flash Animator/Programmer and CD ROM Design Developer, and Senior Web Producer, Webmaster, Project Manager, and Art Director. * Extensive experience interacting, choreographing, understanding, and defining business case models for inclusion in solution roll outs that solve complex business needs efficiently and on time. * Expertise with programming and scripting languages, design and application software, operating systems and database servers, business case logic/cost analysis, .EXE applications, project management and training, artificial intelligence, mobile phone Automation and mobile client integration, large scale web application and multi-modal portals, E-commerce shopping applications, database driven web applications, and miscellaneous networks. * Highly knowledgeable computer application and development professional with a strong work ethic, impeccable integrity, and dedication to superior client service and job performance. * Creative solutions provider with strong communication experience, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Google Practice Engineer – Google Enterprise Applications, San Diego, California Google Applications Enterprise Google Apps Engineer at Extended Google Applications for Enterprise customers of Google Enterprise, Appirio, and – Served as Technical Engineer, Consulting expert offering User Interface Development, programming, scripting and new cloud based database connectors with Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, GTalk, Gmail Migration. Created custom migrations scripts utilizing Google’s Provisioning APIs. Designed and developed Enterprise Security Gadgets, Custom App Gadgets for Pay Role. Some key clients and executives that I interfaced with ranged from Harrahs Casino, Pepsi Bottling Co., Booz Allen Hamilton, General Electric, True-Value Hardware, and many other prestigious Google Customers. Languages and technologies used for development: Python, C#, Javascript, PHP, Advanced Flash UI w/ Flex Actionscript 3.0 LPL Financial, San Diego, California 03/07 – 03/08 Consultant - Web Architect, User Interface / Developer Served as technology lead in redesigning, the User Interface, the front-end and back-end code base and CMS selection and migration and extension of and for LPL Financial, the nation’s 5th largest broker dealer serving over 2,000,000 client portfolios. Working directly with Senior Executive Management, served as technical team lead creating the information architecture, programming source, c#, JavaScript, flash actionscript 2/3, xml and css menu systems and all portions of and ▪ Recreated LPL Financial’s recruiting and corporate website as the lead Web Architect. ▪ Efficiently achieved the business goals on the redesign, programming, architecture, and technology platform management and location of and (recruitment website), including integration into xslt driven content management systems used by LPL Financial. ▪ Interviewed users prior to design to create use cases, followed uniform modeling techniques, and created Wire-Frames to develop functional wireframes and ultimately to create the look, feel and design for as well as all of the programming source required to achieve the completed website(s).
  2. 2. ▪ Acted as the architect and advisor to the highest levels of management at LPL in guiding them in many areas of new outsourced hosting options, content management vendor choices, and ultimately to aid all companies and vendors involved in the final integration of the new table-less design and xslt template driven architecture. ▪ Employed Agile development during coding and design enhancement phases and used Adobe products (.Net Studio, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop) to create comps, graphics, animations, and advanced flash movies integrated with xml. ▪ Used advanced java scripting and dynamic cascading style sheet (css) techniques to achieve the most advanced and cross browser compatible experience, coding every menu system and/or interactivity on the entire website. National Finance Corporation, San Diego, California 03/06 – Present Outsourced Consultant Contractor Provide services as a Senior Information Architect, Lead Business Integration Specialist, Marketing Designer, and Coordinator for National Finance Corporation. Integral in developing the company’s business plan, business alliances and web software and client technologies for enterprise finance clients of NFC. ▪ Lead Senior System Architect responsible for new business contracts with organizations in the areas of advanced database driven web and client based business applications. ▪ Perform intelligent user interface design and animation using web technology skill sets. ▪ Grow systems for companies that enable sub partnered financial companies with integration and system enhancement services pertaining to linking through modal multi systems in web and software programming environments with National Finance Corporation’s Orion Systems. ▪ Adapt to rapidly changing environments using languages and software types including, .ASP, C# and .Net Server, IIS Admin and Linux skill sets, as well as JavaScript, Ajax and other leading edge technologies such as Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop. MForma Americas, San Diego, California 12/04 – 03/06 Senior Web Producer and Information Architect Architected, wrote, scripted, planned, and designed numerous creative and business driven projects in Flash and trained new .php programmers in techniques of Rapid Portal Application Development as the Senior Webmaster, Project Manager, and Art Director/Manager for MForma Americas. ▪ Wrote corporate strategies for and wrote business and technical integration and creation plans while creating an organically home grown team of designers, developers, and software testers. ▪ Directed a team that created multi-modal database driven web portals that operate throughout the world on disparate cached clustered web server systems, communicating to consumers in 10+ plus locales and languages around the world. ▪ Managed several marketing companies offering sales traffic and built an internal development team responsible for over 300 internationally known brands including WPT *World Poker Tour, Fantasy Football, Connect Four, Milton Bradley, and Marvel. ▪ Created a worldwide portal for marketing companies to utilize an integrated and secure Marketing Asset Repository. ▪ Interviewed, trained, and mentored a staff of 5 as the team lead and managed and integrated many large scale systems. ▪ Managed, integrated, upgraded and led major facets of deploying a large scale in-house team effort and contracted outside teams to aid in creating ▪ Internally scaled cached database copies of MForma’s Marketing Asset Repository to house terabytes of mobile phone game sku record set data. ▪ Created integrated flash applications connected directly to sku database systems so customers online can check their handset availability against existing carriers and serve up an SMS in real time embedded with the BUY Flow link that takes users directly to the carrier’s buy decks. Software Digital Corporation (S.D.C.), San Diego, California 2001 – 12/04
  3. 3. Information Architect, Senior Project Manager, and Senior Art Producer Founded S.D.C. with the plan of employing a long-term recurring revenue model and hired and planned for service offerings for this regionally based Application Service Provider. S.D.C. satisfied the electronic commerce needs of over 200 web-based businesses including the San Diego County Office of Education, Educational Loan Company, and Brandes Investment Partners. ▪ Led programming software designers responsible for creative design, flow, and information architecture of applications. ▪ Managed, designed and engineered the entire life cycle of customers signing up for software level agreements offering e-commerce engines and business case embedded logic in visually pleasing and customer enabled administrative panels for managed client and server applications. * Educational Loan Company: San Diego, California | SOFTWARE DIGITAL CORPORATION FEATURED CUSTOMER 2001 - Current From startup inception: Built, designed, developed IT systems, including database website portal with administrative and customer fulfillment front ends and back ends. Grew customer’s tools and offering well beyond that of ELCs heavily funded competitors to achieve a leading edge in the student loan origination and fulfillment. Public side of web site portal, carries registration user through 5 step process. In step 3 of process, website portal contacts and utilizes Software Digitals proprietary macro spider to remotely login to secured database systems in real time, and brings back registrant users loan history data from unmanaged web site systems. When the registering user reaches step 5, loan registration documents are pre-populated with their outstanding debt and auto filled in from ELCs database repository. Registering user is then greeted with the ability to E-Sign with their mouse, and draw a signature right on their loan consolidation document. The return on investment for ELC went way beyond customer acquisition. We took a 2 to 4 week process and shortened it to 3 minute completion. Also, the backend administration tools were custom built and tailored to the exact needs of their loan agents, sales support, processing department, marketing departments, including, call management, time card system, account tracking automatic lead assignments, advertising tracking for ad campaigns, and financial accounting. * Brandes Investment Partners: Del Mar, California | SOFTWARE DIGITAL CORPORATION FEATURED CUSTOMER 2001Instrumental in redesign and upgrade of existing 20,000 Dynamic/Static Intranet websites. Programmatically migrated all .asp, .html, files into a new and pleasing template driven and user managed Intranet application. Built 4 Collaborative database programs offering calendaring and scheduling, message posting, training services, and HR Employee and Management database websites via web based NT authenticated Admin Panels. Solved several internal problems with existing human resources database(s) and tracked down broken data replication macros. The Intranet we developed for Brandes is still in use after 3 years, and still a pride of their internal infrastructure. * SDSU Extended Studies: San Diego, California | CONTRACTED INSTRUCTOR – WEB AND MULTIMEDIA INSTRUCTOR – 2001 Web Development Instructor, in charge of day course geared at training class sizes of 25+ students learn the art of web technologies focused around programming and design theory, impacted course carried 240 hours, 9-5 of in classroom training with a focus on E-Commerce Systems. In this position, I deployed and aided in over 300 theoretical and practical shopping cart applications using perl, .asp, javascript, and other standards. * Printable Corporation: Carlsbad, California | CONTRACTED FLASH DEVELOPER 2000 -2001 Multimedia Web Developer hired to revamp and redesign printable's existing Java Tutorials into Macromedia Flash format. Worked closely with staff to port technologies into new user interface storing customers’ scores and places/bookmarks within the web based tutorial systems. NetHere Corporation, Ocean Beach, California 1997 – 2000 Executive Marketing Officer Executive Director of Web Technology and Senior Webmaster in Charge of WebHosting Founded the company and was responsible for building all methods of's brand, advertising endeavors, website development, staff hiring, and product set development. ▪ Performed server administration, network support, and signed up CD ROM software for connecting clients to the Company’s networks. ▪ Built out products such as wireless access, dedicated access, website hosting, dial-up and several others. ▪ Programmed and developed web hosting sign up applications and entire web presences.
  4. 4. EDUCATION ▪ Bachelor of Computer Science in Information Technology, with a focus on Applications Development, Capella University online, anticipated completion in 2009. ▪ Associate of Arts degree in General Studies, Pierce College, Los Angeles, California, 1997.