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Social technology professionals, such as journalists, bloggers, marketers, publicists, and others, need a strong Code of Ethics to take their rightful place in the ranks of recognized, legitimate professions. This proposed Code of Ethics would help social technology professionals achieve that goal

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  • Code Of Ethics

    1. 1. Code of Ethics for Social Technology Professionals
    2. 2. Is social technology a profession?
    3. 3. Claiming our rightful place
    4. 4. Who is a social technology professional?
    5. 5. blogger journalist publicist marketer researcher
    6. 6. What does a code of ethics do?
    7. 7. Prescribes Behavior
    8. 8. Proscribes behavior
    9. 9. Identifies Values
    10. 10. The Code of Ethics for Social Technology Professionals
    11. 11. Introduction Social technology professionals have a responsibility to the public and to their profession to provide accurate information in a spirit of full disclosure.
    12. 12. Guiding Principles Strive to be accurate in the information you provide about yourself, organizations you represent, and others.
    13. 13. Guiding Principles Foster trust in social technology by engaging in behavior that encourages and enhances the open and free exchange of ideas.
    14. 14. Guiding Principles Avoid any action or inaction that could cause harm to others.
    15. 15. Standards of Behavior Accuracy Always present information in the most accurate, straightforward manner possible. Promptly correct any inaccurate information that you are responsible for disseminating. Promptly respond to any inaccurate comments about or inaccurate responses to information that you are responsible for disseminating.
    16. 16. Standards of Behavior Accuracy Always identify yourself and who you represent accurately, honestly, and transparently. Avoid any deceptive or misleading practices.
    17. 17. Standards of Behavior Fair Use Whenever possible, link to the work of others that you are quoting, commenting on, or using within the legal provisions of fair use. Always credit the sources of information that did not originate with you, unless the sources consent otherwise.
    18. 18. Standards of Behavior Fair Treatment Treat all members of the community with dignity and respect. Never single out individuals or groups for inequitable treatment based on an immutable characteristic, such as race, gender, nationality, age, disability or sexual orientation.
    19. 19. Standards of Behavior Transparency Disclose any commercial or personal relationships that you have with people or organizations relevant to content you create. Disclose any remuneration, including free or discounted products or services, that you receive in exchange for reviewing, discussing, or commenting on products or services, or their competition.
    20. 20. Standards of Behavior Transparency Avoid providing special treatment to sponsors or advertisers, and if special treatment is provided, clearly identify it as such. Clearly differentiate between advertising and editorial content.
    21. 21. Standards of Behavior Professionalism Always act in the best interest of your client, unless doing so would violate another standard in the Code of Ethics. Avoid any actions or relationships that could be perceived as presenting a conflict of interest or would be detrimental to free and fair decisionmaking.
    22. 22. Standards of Behavior Professionalism Accurately describe both the potential risks and potential benefits of any work that you do on behalf of a client. Always abide by both the spirit and letter of any laws and regulations that apply to your work.
    23. 23. Who will enforce the code?
    24. 24. Current infrastructure
    25. 25. Proposed infrastructure
    26. 26. Image Credits Ethics Resources The content of this presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 License