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Phots ideas


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Phots ideas

  1. 1. Below are some ideas for my photos on my front cover contents and double page spread.One idea I have is to have a large image in the centre of the page of somebody lookingstraight at the camera so that it would catch the audience’s eye and draw them into themagazine.Another idea is to have a large image in the centre of the page with smaller images around it.This will make the page look busier and the larger image will stand out.Another idea is to have lots of images overlapping each other on the front page, this willmake it look like a scrapbook, this will make the page look more exciting and gain theaudience’s attention.An idea for my contents page is to have a large taking up most of the page and then the listof everything onto of the page. This will make the list stand out.I could also have the list of what is inside the magazine in the centre of the page withimages dotted around the list.My double page spared I could have a large image in the centre of both pages so it is in thefold of the pages. This will gain attention as it would be the first thing the audience sees.Another idea is hot just have a large image on one of the pages and just have text to go withthe image. This is a much simpler idea and will still have the same effect as the other idea.I could also have a image behind the text so that the text is on top of the image, instead ofthe images standing out this technique will make the text stand out to the audience.