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Activity book


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Activity book

  1. 1. How doesexercisinghelpus? Whichsystemsor organsof the bodyare affectedbyexercises??
  2. 2. What are the componentsof the cardiovascularsystem? What isthe functionof the cardiovascularsystem?
  3. 3. Name the parts Put arrowsalongthe course of bloodflow
  4. 4. Explainwhatdoyou understandby Heart rate Stroke volume Cardiac output Bloodpressure
  5. 5. Nowwhatto your understandby Heart rate Stroke volume Cardiac output Bloodpressure
  6. 6. What do youthinkhappenstothe cardiovascularsystemduringexercise? What do youthinkare the benefitsof exerciseinthe longterm?
  7. 7. Afterthe activity What are the acute effectof exercisesoncardiovascularsystem? What are the longtermeffectsof exercising?
  8. 8. What isrespirationandwhatcontrolsit?? Classifythe respiratorytractand describe theirfunctions
  9. 9. What musclesact duringthe processof respiration