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Presentation1 david

  1. 1. What is distribution   Distribution of a film is the process where the movie is made available to watch to the audience by the film distributor's. This can be done in many ways for example with theatrical release, a home entertainment release 9in which the movie is made available on dvd or Blue-ray disc and many include digital distribution.
  2. 2.   A large distributive company is 20th century which is a well known studio therefore if producers go to the studio they have a high chance of having their film noticed by a lot more audience.  As for low budget films as they go to cheat studio’s that don’t have much audience would find it hard for their film to be in cinema.
  3. 3.   The film we have produced is a teen drama movie based in a college. The distributor has produced a lot of teen movies like teen wolf and mean girls. However this film is similar as the involve schools and they would be interested in this film as it has a different approach to the others. It has a different approach to the audience as it is British and most of the movies they produce are American.
  4. 4.   This movie is meant to appeal to U.K audience mainly as it’s a drama located I the U.K and has a lot more U.K features. However as the movie is based on 3 different characters that have different appeals and life’s highlights the movie is not just unique and shows the life of each character through out. The characters spoilt bradz, geeks and the street hood character.
  5. 5. Strategies   For my film, I would release a trailer and the trailer would be shown in cinemas and on T.V. advertisements, as these would be the places that you would expect to see a film of this genre.
  6. 6. Self distribution   Pro’s: distribute your film nationally, qualify for your film for an Oscar, market your film to foreign countries, gives you a highly skilled publicist to set up press screenings, promote the film, submit you film to major digital platforms  Cons: it’s a full time job, as it can take very long to do, you need to be legally savvy, it may limit your sales.
  7. 7.