Build Stronger Customer Connections
Stronger Customer Connections

A travel marketers guide to successful lifecycle market...
Travel lifecycle marketing
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Travel lifecycle marketing


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62% of US TRAVELERS think it's beneficial that properties allow them to book via MOBILE

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Travel lifecycle marketing

  1. 1. Build Stronger Customer Connections Stronger Customer Connections A travel marketers guide to successful lifecycle marketing marketing travel marketer’s guide to successful lifecycle Today’s traveler is always connected. From booking online and checking in via smartphone to posting reviews on social networks, this crowd moves fluidly across all digital channels and from one city to the next. While your customer journey is unique, your objectives are the same: acquire new customers and drive current customers back for repeat purchases or visits. In this guide, we’ll show you the travel marketer’s journey to lifecycle marketing success—one stage at a time—and provide relevant statistics and tips along the way. ACQUIRE ONBOARD Acquire new subscribers and grow your subscriber list organically. Onboard your subscribers and make a favorable first impression. ENGAGE Engage subscribers with automated, personalized campaigns. RETAIN Retain your existing subscribers with targeted reengagement and win-back strategies. Ready to start your journey to lifecycle marketing success? Web opt-in of devices when PLANNING A TRIP PromotionAL of The success of your promotional email campaign hinges on two factors: frequency and relevancy. Which is more important? Think quality over quantity. Identify the utility of your message, and then frame your promotion around it. Use dynamic content to provide personalized loyalty point status in promotional emails. Welcome Series CONSUMERS move between multiple Your customer may be browsing your website from a laptop or tablet, but their phones are likely within arms’ reach. This is a perfect opportunity to cater to your customer’s crosschannel habits. In addition to collecting email addresses from your website, promote your mobile app and SMS opt-in program if you have them. US TRAVELERS say room discounts motivate THEM TO BUY Remember to: Welcome emails are highly anticipated, frequently opened, and—luckily for you—simple to automate! Use this opportunity to highlight popular vacation packages or other special offers. Include Facebook and Twitter icons in your welcome emails to help subscribers connect with your brand across channels. BIRTHDAY of PEOPLE Who doesn’t love a birthday getaway? Provide personalized offers based on what you know about each customer and encourage sharing! Whether it’s “Share this discount code with your friends and family for a birthday bonanza,” or “Make your Facebook friends jealous with this awesome trip!” make customers feel like the spotlight’s entirely on them for their big event. SMS to Email Inviting customers to text-in for more information via email—such as receiving a coupon or joining your loyalty program—is a win-win. You save on printing costs and have the opportunity to connect with your customer through a secondary channel, increasing your engagement. HAVE posted a Facebook status about an UPCOMING VACATION SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT sends exclusive, last-minute offers to travelers via mobile devices using ExactTarget Email and MobileConnect®. The result? Jackpot! 250% increase in revenue from mobile devices. PREFERENCE CENTER Try this : Encourage customers to update their preferences within your online preference center—and remind them why they should! Whether it’s prompting them to save their top 10 dream vacation spots or select their home airport, this data helps you send more relevant offers and gives them the deals they’re interested in. Another great way to quickly acquire new profile data about customers is to place a Facebook and Twitter login on your website, mobile app, or loyalty program sign-up form. of TRAVELERS Social opt-in If your email subscriber list has reached a plateau, you may be overlooking a captive audience: your fans and followers! Use a simple sign-up form to drive email opt-ins and collect customer information on Facebook—and cross-promote via Twitter too! use social media for vacation inspiration Purchase Recomendation Best practices: Instead of giving your customers an endless list of travel options to choose from, implement a guided selling tool to act as a virtual concierge on your website. Asking a few simple questions and synthesizing responses with the customer data you already have allows you to deliver product recommendations tailored to each individual. Know your most loyal customers and define a segment strategy that targets them first. After all, it’s easier to keep the customers you have than find new ones! POST-PURCHASE Best practices: Regardless of where a conversion occurred—in person, online, or via a mobile devicestrive to extend the interaction. Thank the customer for purchasing and cross-sell by adding personalized vacation product recommendations that may be of interest. Utilize the 80/20 rule. Sure, the message may be transactional, but according to CAN-SPAM law, up to 20% of the content in a transactional message may be promotional in nature. Seize this opportunity and utilize this space wisely. MOBILE ALERTS OF U.S. CONSUMERS Consumers often select a communication channel based on how quickly a message must be sent or received. Text messaging (SMS) tends to be the channel of choice when time is of the essence. If your message is imperative (such as notifying a customer of a flight delay) or offers a real-time convenience factor (such as letting a customer know when his or her room is ready for check-in) use mobile alerts to keep your customers in the loop. ABANDONED CART Cart abandonment campaigns are a great way to remind customers to complete their purchases. This type of campaign is easily automated and often consists of multiple email messages sent at a strategic cadence (e.g., one day and three days after cart abandonment). Win-back Win-back campaigns seek to reengage subscribers who haven’t made a purchase for an extended period of time, incentivizing them to renew their relationship with the company through targeted promotions. GEO-TARGETING Have a mobile app? Use geolocation data to send push messages or personalized SMS messages to customers when they’re near your location. Include an incentive to upsell or cross-sell—such as “Take 10% off a first class upgrade” or “ Extend your stay and receive 50% off.” Or use this data to tailor your mobile app content based on a customer’s location. would prefer to receive travel alerts via text messaging SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT Celebrity Cruises implemented an email remarketing campaign to draw website visitors back to trips they’d placed on 72-hour hold. As a result, the cruise line saw a 18-20% rise in conversion of “on-hold” trips to bookings. Best practices: Honesty. Be clear about why the subscriber is receiving the email (e.g., “We miss you” or “We value your loyalty”). Simplicity. Whether it’s “Set your preferences” or “View popular vacation packages,” make sure you’re only asking the subscriber to do one thing. of US TRAVELERS think it’s beneficial that properties allow them to book via MOBILE The above statistics, in order of appearance, were compiled from these original source materials: 1. 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