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Two sides to the same coin                                        people, themes and regions. It answers the question: Who...
CGMap: The CGIAR Medium                                         CGMap Ongoing Research:
Term Research Plans               ...
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CGMap and Ongoing Research: Putting CGIAR Research on the Map


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Brochure presenting CGMap and CGMap Ongoing Research, two CGIAR project information systems

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CGMap and Ongoing Research: Putting CGIAR Research on the Map

  1. 1. Two sides to the same coin people, themes and regions. It answers the question: Who is doing what, where and with whom? Complementary Maps Presently, CGMap Ongoing Research provides a map of CGMap and Ongoing Research provide two research carried out in Africa, the result of a collaborative complementary views of CGIAR research information, effort involving the CGIAR’s Regional Plan for Collective but with a different focus. While CGMap’s medium-term Action in Eastern and Southern Africa, the ICT-KM Program, research plans provide the official umbrellas under which CGIAR Centers and hundreds of scientists who have projects in the field are going to be implemented, Ongoing contributed their research information. Research contains information about the research projects through which these plans are being implemented. CGMap CGIAR scientists who have chosen to contribute are united focuses on Center and Program research plans over three- by a strong desire to increase the impact of agricultural year terms, and Ongoing Research focuses on who is doing research. Contributors can demonstrate collective action what now, where and with whom. and rich collaboration networks, and provide contacts to the key players in the region and links to related information. Heads, you win! Thanks to these contributors, CGMap Ongoing Research CGMap consolidates research plan data from across the offers unique information about the current work of CGIAR CGIAR and makes it available via an easy-to-use interface. scientists. The system provides a ‘map’ that allows users to navigate through the research plans that the CGIAR Centers and Scalability Challenge Programs publish in their Medium Term Plans CGMap Ongoing Research is based on a scalable (MTPs). management system that can be adapted to cover other regions and themes. Our vision is to simplify access to core CGMap can help answer questions about the rationale research information by supporting networks of scientists in of research, planned deliverables in a certain year, making their information available, visible and findable online. budgeted funds, target regions and more. Are you: CGMap is the only research plan repository in the CGIAR n a CGIAR scientist, information manager, research going back to 2003. A comprehensive archive, it provides manager and want to find out how to contribute your ongoing complete coverage of the Centers and Challenge Programs, research activities to CGMap Ongoing Research? including financial and scientific planning information sourced n Interested in creating new thematic and regional maps or from institutional processes, making it a unique repository publishing your research project information? and analysis tool for a wide audience: donors, partners, Contact us at scientists, research managers, evaluators and members of the CGIAR. Putting CGIAR Research CGMap Follow our blogs and Tails, you win too! ICT-KM Program of the CGIAR: on the Map CGMap Ongoing Research CGMap Ongoing Research provides a detailed on-the- CGIAR Collective Action in Eastern and Southern Africa: are developed by the ICT-KM Program of the CGIAR ground view of current research activities with a focus on
  2. 2. CGMap: The CGIAR Medium CGMap Ongoing Research: Term Research Plans Who is doing what now Focus on the research plans of Centers and Focus on implementation, regions, themes Programs over three-year terms and people n Browse the map to find CGIAR medium term n The Africa Map is the first map available: the system is research plans flexible enough to be extended to new regions and themes n Select Center/Program and three-year term. n Filter by research area, lead center, timeline. The Refine by countries where research is planned or by enhanced classification gives you an overview of the work potential beneficiary countries that is currently being carried out in a range of agricultural n Click on the placeholder to get the list of projects in the research areas. country n Size of the placeholders anticipates the number of n Prefer text? Switch to the list view for a quick-to-scan projects in countries list of projects. Ongoing Research fact sheet: jumpstart your search CGMap fact sheets: key project information n Where: project map at a glance n When: start and end date n Target regions n Who: project coordinator and scientists n Maps n What: overview, keywords, related links and CGMap n Financing sources plans n Project overview and rationale n With whom: partners classified by type n Downloads of full project text and source n Search for more: click on research areas, scientists, Medium Term Plan partners and keywords to search across CGIAR online n Rich details on research and deliverables on the project resources logical framework n Contact the Project Coordinator via the online form Search across CGIAR resources n Use the box to search across research plan documents, Ongoing Research, archives and a broad selection of CGIAR Web sites