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Lifelogging & Personal Data Analytics


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A talk I recently gave on Lifelogging and the data-driven analytics opportunities for personal data...

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Lifelogging & Personal Data Analytics

  1. 1. PERSONAL DATA BEYOND FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM Cathal Gurrin (@cathal) Dublin City University & Insight Centre for Data Analytics 09th October 2015
  2. 2. Dr Cathal Gurrin Faculty: DCU & UiT Scientist: Insight Centre Lifelogger: It is what I do… Longest visual lifelog ever gathered. 70+ academic publications and one book in the area. Curiosity-driven scientist. Advisory Boards, etc… Interest in personal data, without an
  3. 3. INSIGHT CENTRE FOR DATA ANALYTICS 20/10/14 Slide 5 Healthier, safer and more productive world using data analytics. In this talk, I focus on Personal Data Analytics.
  4. 4. This used to be our personal data…
  5. 5. … Today’s Personal Data
  6. 6. The next step will change everything. New data but new expectations and challenges … Tomorrow…
  7. 7. Samantha…
  8. 8. Agenda 5mDATA IN MARKETING 10mPERSONAL DATA 15mPERSONAL DATA TOMORROW 10mPRIVACY & DATA GOVERNANCE The channels that we use today - Modern user attention data Data in Marketing (2015) Beyond Marketing - The data landscape today - Personal Sensor Data Personal Data (2015) Trends in personal data - The data controller - Next generation applications - Visual attention data Personal Data (2020+) The current situation for personal data - What is Privacy? - Likely data governance requirements Privacy & Data Governance
  9. 9. 5mDATA IN MARKETING What data? What channels? Agenda
  10. 10. Exploring the usual channels to try to connect with the customer. Hoping the customer will interact with us. Limited scope. Social Media Marketing Understanding the levels of engagement with the customer via Facebook/Instagram likes, Twitter stars and retweets, competitions, Google Analytics. etc… Measuring Engagement Finding the right marketing mix to communicate with your customer. Integration of old-media with new- media and some related measures of engagement. Physical-Digital Advertising Websites, Microsites, Blogs, etc… Informational sources that you hope a user will engage with. Not a standalone activity. Strategic Website Dev. In an attempt to be visible to the customer, engage an SEO organisation to do what you could easily do yourself. Search Engine Optimisation A digital marketing strategy is has many elements from creating content, communicating a message to measuring engagement. Digital Marketing
  11. 11. Internet marketing allows us to know the customer better and to deliver targeted communications.
  12. 12. Digital Marketing today is dominated by a set of online WWW services that gather data on behalf of customers and in an unspoken agreement provide services in exchange for the user’s attention data. We know the main services involved here, Facebook, Instagram, etc… The value of personal data is beginning to be understood by the users and the rise of ad blockers and tracking blockers is a growing trend. Today
  13. 13. Google Adwords (and all similar) works because both Google and the organisation both have a stake in
 reaching the correct customer and delivering a targeted message. But I am not going to talk about that…
  14. 14. There is a key problem with this model… there unspoken agreement is now subject to critical analysis. People know how much their data (?) is worth and they are concerned who can access it. My Facebook data is worth $382
  15. 15. Federico Zannier 70 websites, 500 screenshots, 500 webcam images; a recording of all of his mouse cursor movements, GPS location and an application log... $2,700.
  16. 16. How much is your data worth?
  17. 17. The Landscape of Personal Data Today 10mPERSONAL DATA Agenda
  18. 18. Desktop Computing 1980s. Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, etc… Portable Computing 1990s. Apple, Microsoft, Dell Mobile Computing 2000s. Apple, Samsung, Google Wearable Computing 2010s. Apple, Samsung, Google,… Who knows? 2030s. Apple, Alphabet, ??? Implanted Computing 2020s. Apple, Google, ??? Who knows? But it certainly will be very exciting 06 Implanted computing is the next logical step … intimate integration into body function. 05 Wearable computing is the big growth area now, providing information about us, to us. 04 Mobile computing saw the introduction of user sensors and tracking in the real-world. 03 Portable computing allowed us to access/create from anywhere with WIFI 0201 Desktop computing introduced the world to the idea of content creation 01 02 03 04 05 06
  19. 19. The iPhone 5 is 60,000 times more powerful than the computer that guided the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon. Increasingly Powerful
  20. 20. Data 01 06 02 05 03 04 There are many different types of user attention data that can be gathered now… User Attention Data 01. Search Engine Data 02. Communication Data 03. New sources of App-data 04. User Feedback 05. Purchasing Behaviour 06. Web Analytics
  21. 21. What we openly share, such as our social media postings and profiles that are for public consumption. Volunteered The actions of individuals from devices such as smartphones and accesses. Individual may not consider the implications. Observed The result of data analytics over these two sources of data.. what we can infer given sufficient data. Inferred
  22. 22. The Most Valuable Data Source Location Activity Movement Communications Photos Voice Who else can see?
  23. 23. Decide what you want to know. 01 Activity, fitness, heart rate, blood sugar, productivity, etc… Wear a device to get data. 02 Find the appropriate device (e.g. fitbit, smartphone, etc…) Extract value from the data. 03 Mine knowledge and understanding… sticky! BioHack04 Make changes in your life and self-improve Quantified Self The Key Driver…
  24. 24. The new opportunities
  25. 25. Narrative
  26. 26. Moves
  27. 27. Agenda 15mPERSONAL DATA TOMORROW Trends in personal data - The data controller - Next generation applications - Visual attention data Personal Data (2020+)
  28. 28. New types of personal data… maintained by the individual and giving insights into the individual.
  29. 29. The unrelated archives become one lifelong archive, owned by the individual and maintained by the individual.
  30. 30. According to the world economic forum, increasing the control that individuals have over the manner in which their personal data is collected, managed and shared will be key to spurring the development of new services and applications.
  31. 31. In the era of lifelogging, you will be able to summon up any memory or life experience… It will change the way we work and learn, improve our health, change relationships… It will provide an unprecedented level of detail about the activities of the individual
  32. 32. Using mobile/wearable devices and information loggers to automatically record everything you see, hear, learn and experience. Creates a complete and accurate record of an individual - a Lifelog, which is owned and controlled by the individual. Challenge is to extract value from this new data.
  33. 33. My Lifelog in Numbers 70+ Papers and 12 first generation prototypes 10 Years of location log, with millions of GPS points 80 Million: heartbeats, with GSR and activity 1 Year 
 of computer interactions (mouse, keyboard) 9 Years of lifelog, since 2006 16.5 Million wearable camera images Grows at about 1TB per year Secure Personal Lifelog
  34. 34. Data such as this…
  35. 35. or this….
  36. 36. or this….
  37. 37. Sense and analyse factors of interest through numbers to gain knowledge Using knowledge for self-improvement through experimentation Digitise as much as you can of life experience… for many reasons, mostly unknown… LifeloggingQuantified
 Self Biohacking Next Generation of Data
  38. 38. Why will an individual do this?
  39. 39. Quantified Self Enhanced Knowledge Power to Change Performance Enhancement Data for Empowerment New Insights Population-wide studies Healthcare Enhancement Enhancing Human Memory Upgraded Recall Assistive Technologies Enhanced Memory New Interactions Rich Sharing Data Partners/Carers Social Enhancement Why?To provide knowledge to empower and to maintain control of your data… Quantified-Self Memory
  40. 40. RECALL/RETRIEVAL REFLECTION REMINISCENCE Memory Enhancement Quantified-Self Analytics with Limitless Opportunities. REFLECTION A Search Engine for Life Experience. Never Forget. RECALL/RETRIEVAL Reliving Past Memories for Personal Uses or Sharing. REMINISCENCE
  41. 41. Recall / Retrieval - Prototype Search Engines
  42. 42. Reflecting on Life at a Glance - Colour of Life
  43. 43. Reminiscence Supporting Digital Memory
  44. 44. A Prototype Lifelog in 2006
  45. 45. Aiden Doherty, DCU, office setting, conversation, indoor,
 discussing CHI paper. “On Sept 23rd, I was in DCU discussing the CHI paper with Aiden at his desk” The challenge is to 
 automatically extract knowledge
 from the lifelog data to support
 recall/retrieval, reminiscence
 and reflection.
  46. 46. What about my experiences? Curiosity-driven science (Search Engine for Myself) Many positive experiences, such as…. 4 Billion miles… “Consider again that dot, that’s here, that’s home, that’s us…”
  47. 47. Why will an organisation do this?
  48. 48. Integrating AI - Deep Learning To understand what the user is seeing and doing
  49. 49. This is already happening for our image and video data… also for our emails, browsing data, activities, etc… Combine this with the Narrative Clip Camera and you have new sources of attention data.
  50. 50. ! ! Or large-scale tools to understand individuals and their activities… even on a societal level
  51. 51. Ideally we need a sensor that can record everything experience, in many dimensions…
  52. 52. However, there is a big overhead in generating this data. It is not an easy problem to solve. You could spend weeks looking at data from individuals, but this is not feasible. You need search tools, which convert image/video data into actionable information. Searching is based on data analytics and machine/deep learning to ‘understand’ the sensor data. Segmentation Find the unit of retrieval for many use- cases… there is no one correct unit Enrichment Automatically turn raw sensor data into meaningful information Search Engine To index the data Interfaces Supporting Applications
  53. 53. Agenda 10mPRIVACY & DATA GOVERNANCE The current situation for personal data - What is Privacy? - Likely data governance requirements Privacy & Data Governance
  54. 54. 8 Principles of Data Protection 01 Fair Obtaining Personal Data must be obtained and processed fairly. 02 Purpose Specification For one or more specified, explicit and legitimate purposes. 03 Purpose Limitation It may not be processed for other purposes. 04 Security Must be stored safely & securely with appropriate controls. 05 Accuracy Data must be accurate, complete and up to date. 06 Adequacy Data must be adequate for the purpose, relevant, not excessive. 07 Retention Not to be kept longer than necessary for purposes. 08 Access Data Subjects have right of access.
  55. 55. Everyone has the right to the protection of personal data concerning him or her. Such data must be processed fairly for specified purposes and on the basis of the consent of the person concerned or some other legitimate basis laid down by law. Everyone has the right of access to data which has been collected concerning him or her, and the right to have it rectified. Compliance with these rules shall be subject to control by an independent authority.” Article 8, EU Charter of Fundamental Rights EU View
  56. 56. Freedom of Information Requests . Data Access 70 times more private cameras than government. 70 x Private Security cameras are shown to reduce crime Crime Down Security cameras in the UK, or one per 15 people. Five Million Consider
  57. 57. SafeHarbour
  58. 58. What is Privacy? What is ‘My Data’? What is the long-term real impact of SafeHarbour? Questions ?
  59. 59. The unrelated archives become one lifelong archive, owned, maintained & monetised by, or on the behalf of, the individual. Lifelog
  60. 60. THANK YOU Cathal Gurrin @cathal Any Questions? Interested in working with us, let me know… “ L i f e l o g g i n g - P e r s o n a l B i g Data” from the Foundation and T r e n d s i n Information Retrieval s e r i e s . F r e e d o w n l o a d , a s k Google.