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ICT4D course 2013 - OLPC deployments


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Published in: Technology
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ICT4D course 2013 - OLPC deployments

  1. 1. ICT4DChristophe Guéret (@cgueret) OLPC Deployments
  2. 2. Global remark● An OLPC deployment is a complex project● Several challenges ○ Logistic ○ Technical ○ Energetic ○ Human● Wont be done in one go; iterative and incremental process on the long run.
  3. 3. Keep in mind that● Its an education project, not a laptop project ○ Sugar is no more than a tool for the teaching ○ The XO is no more than a tool to run Sugar● Focus on the education ○ Educate the kids ○ Educate the educators
  4. 4. About the infrastructure ...● Dont focus too much on Internet access ○ Lack of relevant content● Pay attention to electricity● Look at the transport of all the material that is/will be needed
  5. 5. What you can use here● 10 XO-1 from 2007 + accessories
  6. 6. Lot of them are broken● During prolonged storage, the battery in charge of keeping the clock ticking dies out● Instructions to repair the XOs ○ ○● Were looking for volunteers to help us with that ;-)
  7. 7. What you can use online● The definitive guide about deployments: ○● There are a lot of videos and wiki pages (a bit messy though) about OLPC deployments● Relevant to do some testing : ○
  8. 8. OLPCMap●
  9. 9. Nosy Komba (Madagascar)● 160 XO, see and
  10. 10. Long range Wifi
  11. 11. Kinston (Jamaica)● 115 XOs deployed in 2011● More deployment in this country
  12. 12. OLPC Australia●
  13. 13. OLPC Haiti - Solar Panels● Deployment in Lascahobas, Haiti
  14. 14. Plan Ceibal (Uruguay) ● National scale: 450.000 laptops (saturation)