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Teacher handout

  1. 1. South American Animals, 2nd Grade Science TEKS: 2.9(A) identify the external characteristics of different kinds of plants and animals that allow their needs to be met 2.9(B) compare and give examples of the ways living organisms depend on each other and on their environments Language Arts/Reading TEKS: 2.7(B) read from a variety of genres for pleasure and to acquire information from both print and electronic sources 2.10 (B) demonstrate understanding of informational text in various ways such as through writing, illustrating, developing demonstrations, and using available technology 2.12(A) identify relevant questions for inquiry such as "Why do birds build different kinds of nests?" 2.12(D) use multiple sources, including print such as an encyclopedia, technology, and experts, to locate information that addresses questions 2.12 (F) locate and use important areas of the library media center 2.12(G) demonstrate learning through productions and displays such as murals, written and oral reports, and dramatizations Before Library: • Instruction about scientific terms such as: adaptation, habitat, rain forest, etc. (teacher) • Generate list of animals (librarian) • Students select animal – see attachment (teacher) In library: • Read aloud: FERNANDO’S GIFT (librarian) • Questions: physical description, habitat, food, adaptation (librarian) • Show example page about coatimundi (librarian) • Review procedures for library portal (librarian) • Explain note-taking sheet (librarian) Student Research: • Students use library portal to access databases • Students use library books • Students document 2-3 facts in each category: Physical description, Habitat, Food, Adaptation, Cool facts Student Product/Assessment: • Each student will make a page of a “guessing book” about their animal. CLOSED: OPEN: Physical Description Habitat Drawing Food Of Adaptation Animal Cool Fact Who am I? What to bring: • Student logins • Markers • Crayons • Glue
  2. 2. http://www.rainforestanimals.net/guide.html http://www.srl.caltech.edu/personnel/krubal/rainforest/serve_home.html http://www.enchantedlearning.com/coloring/southamer.shtml Black Caiman Anaconda Boa Constrictor Poison Dart Frog
  3. 3. Poison Arrow Frog Red Eyed Tree Frog Blue Morpho Butterfly Leaf Cutter Ant
  4. 4. Harpy Eagle Hoatzin Parrot Resplendent Quetzal Toucan
  5. 5. Capybara Jaguar Spider Monkey Manatee
  6. 6. Piranha Sloth Ocelot Golden Lion Tamarin Chinchilla
  7. 7. Nandu Basilisk Puma Rhinoceros Beetle